Third Energy - KM8 - Application

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It has been 'pressed' that the much awaited 'fracking application' from Third Energy - a test frack at its KM8 well - was to be submitted to the NYMNPA this week,

However, reports of the 'submission' are 'vanishing' - either a digital glitch or a willbewas?

Hmmm - taken down by the BBC Radio York ... 'this story no longer exists' - "Third Energy Application to Frack submitted to National Park Authority Today" (23/05/15)

Here's a drip from Drill or Drop :

Frack Free Ryedale: “It’s important for people to realise that if this application for a test-frack is approved, it will open the door to widespread commercial fracking all across Ryedale. Third Energy have already announced that they are planning 19 well-sites with between 10 and 50 wells on each site, and all the HGV traffic, related infrastructure, pollution concerns and noise this would entail. This would lead to the industrialisation of the countryside – and it all starts with just one well.”

After attending one of Third's previous public consultation exercises, personally am looking forward this 'test' to take place.  Be there?  Mind you at 9000 ft down, thats a long way down, the much awaited 'can they can't they', 'will they won't they', 'is there isn't there' would soon be over .... no pain no gain.

On the negative side,  a mini - earthquake could shake the core foundations of either the NYMNPA or indeed the Vale of Pickering and indeed send the Flamingo Land flumes into hyperdrive ...

On the positive side, the test 'frack' could help set us all free ...  ah yes freedom? 

Will check out the NYMNPA laters, ironically, tis the SBC's Planning & Development induction training all day long, so erm bear wiv :-) wriggle

One of me faves :

Now about the Lady Vanishes ... tonights viewing ;-)

PS: As it 'appens, I checked out Third's new website last nite and no mention - but plenty on the new offshore dsicovery, PEDL's etc etc - the Southern North Sea - thats off our coast I believe, but can't quite fathom exactly where ... anyone got a map?

Ooops. Now where did I leave the Batmobile ... 








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SN confirm Third's KM8 is in ...


"In a statement this morning, Third Energy revealed it has sent plans to North Yorkshire County Council to “hydraulically stimulate and test various geological formations at the existing well KM8 at Kirby Misperton.”

Operations director John Dewar said: “Submitting this application is an important milestone in the project to establish the potential to produce gas from the ‘Bowland’ strata beneath North Yorkshire.

“We know that the gas is present but it is only by actually hydraulically stimulating the rock that we can understand the potential of the gas to flow and the likely volumes that can be produced.

“We are proud of our 20 year history of safe and low key operations in North Yorkshire and this project is designed to continue in the same way.”

If the tests prove successful, Third Energy say they will be followed by the production of gas from one or more of the formations into its existing production facilities Knapton for the generation of electricity."


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Third's KM8 - Unvalidated

The Application for KM8 to NYCC had yet to be validated, NYCC planning portal is pretty naff but Third have promised to post details on their website:

Press Release:

22 May 2015 - Third Energy Submits Planning Application for Hydraulic Stimulation

Third Energy can announce that it will today submit a planning application to North Yorkshire County Council to hydraulically stimulate and test various geological formations, at the existing Well KM8 at Kirby Misperton. If successful, these tests will be followed by the production of gas from one or moreof these formations into the existing production facilities for the generation of electricity. The prospective nature of the formations was identified during the KM8 drilling operation in 2013 and subsequent analysis of well data.

The work involved in the proposed development will consist of five principal phases: pre-Stimulation Workover; Hydraulic Fracture Stimulation and Well Test; Production Test; Production; and the eventual site restoration.

The company is also applying to the Environment Agency for the necessary permits for the proposed project. These include a bespoke mining waste operation permit, including a non-hazardous mining waste facility, a bespoke radioactive substances permit and a bespoke groundwater activity permit.

Commenting on the application John Dewar, Operations Director said “Submitting this application is an important milestone in the project to establish the potential to produce gas from the ‘Bowland’ strata beneath North Yorkshire. We know that the gas is present but it is only by actually hydraulically stimulating the rock that we can understand the potential of the gas to flow and the likely volumes that can be produced”. He continued: “We are proud of our 20 year history of safe and low key operations in North Yorkshire and this project is designed to continue in the same way.”

Once the application has been validated by North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC), the documents will be available on the planning section of NYCC website.

That is here: - nope ca'nt see it blind as a bat ...

Anyhow their NYMNPA app got thrown out (deferred) cos of a refusal to submit ....

oops mental block.... no minutes yet ;-/

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Third Energy restart Public Consultation

via Yorkshire Post :

next Tuesday? today or ... from Frack Free : "THIRD ENERGY APPLY FOR ENVIRONMENT AGENCY PERMITS Third Energy today applied for the necessary EA permits they would require to frack at Kirby Misperton, as reported in the Yorkshire Post. THERE WILL ALSO BE A PUBLIC CONSULTATION ON TUESDAY 16TH JUNE FROM 12.00 TO 8.00 PM AT KIRBY MISPERTON VILLAGE HALL.
The EA permits will be subject to a public consultation procedure, and people can make comments on this from 10th June to 10th July. As with the application for NYCC, we will be going through these applications carefully, and then posting guidelines on how to object on our website, so we would advise people to wait for that before posting their own objections. As with all planning objections, ones that raise material concerns carry much more weight than those that just say 'I am opposed to fracking'. Watch this space for more info as we have it. And of course, please try to go to the consultation at Kirby Misperton on Tuesday 16th June."


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Third stays Un-validated

Third Energy are told to revise their planning application by NYCC :

"AN energy firm which aims to begin fracking operations before the end of the year has had its proposals rejected by planners at the first hurdle.

North Yorkshire County Council said it had asked Third Energy for clarity and had not validated the controversial scheme to hydraulically stimulate and test various geological formations at Kirby Misperton, North Yorkshire.

If the tests reveal commercial quantities of gas, the firm would start producing gas from up to five formations into the production facilities it has run at the site for about 20 years for the generation of electricity.

A council spokesman declined to detail what its issues with the planning application had been.

He said: "We haven't yet validated the application, so as it is not a public document the matter is between the council and the applicant.

"The ball is back in Third Energy's court, so we don't know how long it will take for the firm to resubmit the application."

Third Energy, which submitted an application to the Environment Agency for permits to frack this week, said it had decided to withdraw the council application after reviewing feedback.

"John Dewar, the firm's director of operations, said: “Whilst the individual reasons for not validating the application are not difficult to address, we have decided that the simplest course of action is to resubmit the revised documents as a new application.”

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Third 's App goes in again ...

So it said on Look North last night but nothing to back it up ... public consultations are ongoing.

Not on here:

or here:

Following a well attended FrackFree meet in Scarborough tis amazing how much disinformation is circling.   The bottom line is until  they 'test' how will they know?   9000ft is rather a long long way down .... 

Look North - CNP & Andy Wilson on 40% Cuts to the NYMNPA @ 11.50 -

& @ 4.46

nope, didn't feel a thing ... erm here we go :-)

"Third Energy has submitted a new application to carry out hydraulic fracturing at its existing gas well at Kirby Misperton, after an original version failed to pass North Yorkshire County Council’s validation process last month.

Last week, Lancashire County Council councillors refused two fracking applications by rival firm Cuadrilla - one against officers' advice.

A statement from Third Energy said: ""We are surprised and disappointed that Lancashire County Council’s development control committee has denied planning consent for Cuadrilla’s application to explore for shale gas at Preston New Road, particularly as their decision follows a positive recommendation by the council’s planning officers.

"However, Third Energy remains very confident about its proposed hydraulic fracturing project at Kirby Misperton."

The company is applying to hydraulically stimulate and test geological formations in five separate zones between 2,000m and 3,000m below ground level.

At the time of going to press, nobody from the council was able to confirm the reasons that the original application failed to pass the validation process.

A spokesman for Third Energy told Planning that the revisions to the plan were only minor, including amending the spelling of a road name, and the flow rate of the proposed gas pipelines.

He said that he expected the new application to be validated by the council within two weeks."

& congrats to Guy Coulson & Clive Pearson on becomng SBC's new members of the NYMNPA.

Third's App is with NYCC btw, not NYMNPA. 



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Anti-Frackers - A Sting or Stung? Honing In

with Frack Free promoting this campaign :

Mebbe they should be reminded that the campaign is orchestrated by the CPRE -via CPN via *****

see here:

& here:

Erm, Hornets v Honeybees ... ?  

pmsl ;-)

wall, head, bang ...

Mind you if it wasn't for the CPRE threats of  PI, Sirius wouldn't have the funds to start the Groundworks £30mil and as for all that BB & McA  carp ... erm, Pycroft? Mace? £43mil in .... get a grip :-)

"Conserve and enhance the natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage"

"to preserve and enhance for future generations"



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Thirds KM8 - Frack Free Ryedale

On the case ...


Part One of the NYCC letter relates to the failures in filling in the application form, most of which does not appear to have been filled in at all. Sections that were not filled in include the following:

  • planning permissions for minerals development (p2, point 1)
  • how much gas the company planned to produce. Instead, Third Energy simply wrote ‘N/A’ … yes, seriously! (p2, pt 2)
  • details of the time period in which permission in sought (p2/3, pt 3). More on this point below.
  • information on the amount of gas they expect to produce per day, per annum, the total reserve and life of the well (p3, pt 4)
  • any plans, drawings or other supporting information. Instead the company simply included a reference saying ‘Please see Planning Statement’, which the NYCC said ‘has the potential for confusion and leads to an absence of any definitive answer as to precisely what comprises the application documents.’ (p3, pt 5)
  • the equipment and method used, again incorrectly referring people to the Planning Statement (p3, pt 6)
  • the hours of operation (p3/4, pt 7). On this point, the NYCC comments “an interested person should be able to glean the basics of the application from the form alone with necessarily referring to a number of separate documents.”
  • the hours of use of items of plant such as generators and pumps (p4, pt 7)
  • how many people would be employed to do the work (p4, pt 8)
  • misleading information on Trees and Hedges, where the NYCC says that the information on the application form is in conflict with that on the Landscape & Visual Assessment document.
  • missing information on the amount and type of Trade Effluent (p4, pt 10)
  • wrong address of the site owner (here is where they misspelt the road name – so at least they were telling the truth about that!)
  • insufficient information on Voluntary Agreement and Planning Obligations (p4, pt 12)
  • insufficient information regarding display of public notification of the planned development, where the NYCC says, “There is no accompanying text to declare that the Notice has been displayed on the application site.” (p4, pt 13)


Nope, am saying now't. ('cos its all been said before) and never you mind to hoo hoo....

If they don't test how would they know?

Mebbe, Third could do wiv some little 'elp ... Elfs

Anyhoos hot local news today Dalby Offshore have been  parked in the 'disabled' space (thats their  fancy private 'cruiser' btw not a working vessel, in the Scarboro Harbo  since the Power Boat Racing and not paying any Harbour Dues ... erm,  fair? Cough Up or cruise out.... posers !!!

And Wham Bam - thats Nutall to you n me, been trying to contact us about the 'pilin' test ...  piling shake rattle n roll ... now they is on the 'real' (slipway) ... never felt a thing. "no probs get on with it."  Nice of them to ask tho ... Bam Nutall .. they is the best ... updates soon ... izzy bizzy. :-))

Yo Ok laying it on thick ;-0  pmsl





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Third's Application - Validated by NYCC

Progress :- )

AN APPLICATION to carry out fracking in a Ryedale village has been validated by North Yorkshire County Council. NY/2015/0233/ENV

The application by Third Energy is to hydraulically fracture five zones at the company’s KM8 well site in Kirby Misperton. If the application is granted and the test fracks successful, gas would be produced from one or more of the tested formations and sent to Third Energy’s Knapton generating station.

The application had previously failed the validation process twice before. 

A spokesman for North Yorkshire County Council said: "The planning application by Third Energy relating to ‘fracking’ at Kirby Misperton has now been validated. At this stage, it is impossible to give you any meaningful guidance on the timescale for processing the application."

Details of the application can be viewed at:



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Third's 'Frack' - Fact or Fiction

Five hours of 'fracking' over six weeks ....

See Appendix 5: -)

"Once the workover rig has been de-mobilised from the KMA wellsite, the hydraulic fracturing equipment, coil tubing unit and well testing equipment will be rigged up and commissioned. It is anticipated that the majority of the equipment required for the hydraulic fracture stimulation will be delivered to site during the workover phase and within the first two weeks of the hydraulic fracture phase, reducing the number of peak traffic movements.

Each discrete zone will be hydraulically stimulated in turn, starting from Zone E at the bottom by fully opening the sliding sleeve using wireline or coil tubing and pumping the designed stimulation treatment for that particular interval down the wellbore, through the perforated interval and into the targeted formation. Once the fluid has been pumped, coil tubing will be run back down the wellbore to the stimulated zone in order to circulate out any material from the wellbore. A coil tubing drillable bridge plug will then be run and set above the opened sliding sleeve, effectively isolating Zone E.

Each stage will be similar in sequence to the last and will consist of fully opening the sliding sleeve using coil tubing and pumping stimulation fluids. The stimulation fluids are a mixture of water and fracture additives to which sand will be added.

Each hydraulic stimulation, from beginning to end, is anticipated to take approximately five hours to complete and be undertaken during daylight hours, however, preparation times, including rigging up and rigging down the equipment, extends the overall duration of operation to approximately 6 weeks.

A percentage of the hydraulic fracture fluid used in each of the five (5) fracture treatments will be returned to surface and treated making it suitable for reuse in the next zone being hydraulically stimulated. The percentage returned is anticipated to be circa 30% with the maximum of 50% having
been recorded in previous hydraulic fracturing operations. Waste water treatment may include electrocoagulation and UV screening equipment.

Cleaning waste fluids in this manner reduces the volume of waste water needing to be transported offsite for treatment and/or disposal and reduces water requirement for the subsequent zones being hydraulically fractured.

On completion of the fifth hydraulic fracture  treatment, all flowback water will be diverted to storage tanks on site, where it is held for  subsequent offsite treatment and/or disposal at an Environment Agency permitted facility.

In an attempt to reduce the duration and impact of the operation, all the flowback water may be diverted directly to storage tanks on site, where it is held for subsequent offsite treatment and/or disposal at an Environment Agency permitted waste treatment facility.

Once all five (5) zones have been hydraulically stimulated and cleaned out, the hydraulic fracturing equipment will be de-mobilised from site."

... just pump the gas out ... ;-)

Fascinating, absolutely fascinating ...


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Third - Gets NYCC Approval

They say NYCC have approved Third's test frack :-)

Not so fast:

Kirby Misperton water monitoring wells approved


Plans to drill boreholes at a site where a company wants to frack for shale gas have been approved by county councillors.

The five boreholes, at Kirby Misperton, North Yorkshire, would be used to monitor groundwater.

Third Energy has applied to fracture a well at the site to test if shale gas could be extracted commercially.

"Results from the boreholes would be used as a baseline to check for water contamination.

Fracking is a technique for extracting gas or oil trapped between layers of rock by forcing the layers open using water under high pressure.

Third Energy's application to frack at the site was submitted in May and a public consultation is currently underway.

North Yorkshire County Council said the approval of the boreholes did not "predetermine" any future decisions with regard the company's fracking application."


Not quite approval to 'frack' is it ?

Facts: The consultation period ends on 14th October with the 16 week pa period ending on 18th November 2015.

Meanwhile, naughty naughty ;-/

So the gals gets 1% and the guys 3% !!!! hmpftks

Unison's regional organiser Leonie Sharp said the union was "forced" to take strike action after the company offered staff a three-year pay deal with a cap of 1% in the first year and 2% for years two and three.

"Our members are predominantly female employees with longstanding service to this company and have been treated with contempt through this offer," she said.

"In the meantime the predominantly male employees in industrial and technical areas, engineers, etc have been offered far in excess of this, with 2.7% to 3% pay increases."




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Fracking Greens

"Minister of State for Energy and Climate Change Andrea Leadsom gives her view on the shale gas debate ....

There has been speculation over the last fortnight about the changes announced to planning applications for fracking - suggestions that the Government intends to bypass local democracy and autonomy to force the shale industry on an unwilling public. This is just not true.

First and foremost, you will continue to have a say about whether or not fracking takes place in your area. The new licences announced by the Oil and Gas Authority last week are not “fracking licences” and they do not grant permission to frack.

They only give companies exclusivity over an area of land on which they need to make further applications to undertake conventional or unconventional drilling. Any company that wants to explore for shale in Lancashire must apply to the council for planning consent.

There is no bypassing this, and local residents and businesses will continue to have the opportunity to make their representations and influence that decision.

If the local authority then say no, as they did in Lancashire, the company has the right to appeal, but that is their decision, not the Government’s.

What we do need is to avoid any unnecessary delays to planning applications. They don’t help anybody – not the companies making applications or the local people affected by the result.

The Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government has now said that he will actively consider calling in planning applications, especially where the local authority takes longer than 16 weeks to come to a decision. This would be judged on a case by case basis, taking into full account the reasons behind the delay."


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As Old as Coal

"Drive along the M62 from Leeds to Goole and you can't fail to notice the trail of power stations; Ferrybridge, Eggborough, Drax - decades of energy production, fired in the main by coal.

It was perhaps inevitable that Eggborough would come to this point.

Eighteen months ago it generated headlines after it failed in its bid to get government help to begin conversion to biomass.

Closure was discussed but then dismissed and in November a new buyer stepped in.

But when Ferrybridge announced its closure earlier this year many wondered how Eggborough's new owners could surf the rising cost of burning coal. Today they announced they cannot.

By March this little strip of Yorkshire could see the loss of two its three burning giants - another indication that in this country at least the age of coal is past."

Erm, so can we chuck potash ont fire then? Oh yeah its just for growing things..... does it work on trees? Pulp fiction ... paper work.

Urggh ... its canabilisation coal is made from dead plants ... so I could be cooking me spinach with dead pieces of spinach .... eeeeek, stop I want to get off I could end up carboniferous.

Coal soup?





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Fracking - Barclays & Seismicity

from Frack Free Scarborough :

"Dear Stakeholder

Thank you for your interest in Barclays and its position on “fracking”.

One of Barclays’ subsidiaries, Barclays Natural Resources Investments (BNRI), has a majority stake in Third Energy. This is a British business with a history of investment and good corporate citizenship in North Yorkshire, and this is set to continue into the future. We have worked closely with Third Energy as they go through the planning process, to ensure that their plans are compatible with our Purpose & Values, and summarise their position on each of the major issues in turn below:

Risks to health

Thorough research into shale gas and hydraulic fracturing by leading scientific and industry experts, including the Royal Society, the Royal Academy of Engineering, the Geological Society, the British Geological Survey, WaterUK, the Chartered Institute of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM), Public Health England and Durham University has concluded that any potential risks associated with hydraulic fracturing are low and can be managed in a properly regulated industry.

Risks to the local economy

Third Energy has been drilling, developing and producing gas in North Yorkshire for over 20 years with an excellent environmental and safety record. To date, the operations have had no discernible effect on agriculture, tourism and fishing in North Yorkshire. There is no reason to believe that this will change in the future.

Risks to ground and surface water

Third Energy plans and operates its wells in accordance with the UK’s robust regulatory regime. The chemicals used, in addition to water and sand, in fracking fluid (usually less than 1% of the total volume) must be approved as “non-hazardous” to groundwater by the Environment Agency (EA). In addition, the flow back water will be sent for safe disposal to an Environment Agency permitted waste facility. The integrity of the fracking well is critical in ensuring that any risk of leakage is minimised and very close attention is paid to the design, construction and monitoring of Third Energy’s wells. There is consequently very low risk of ground and surface water pollution.

Risks to the community from increased traffic levels and noise

As with all construction and engineering projects, Third Energy’s programme will create a small amount of traffic and noise. However, the company will keep the amount of traffic to an absolute minimum and constant monitoring during operations will ensure that noise levels do not exceed the limits set out in the National Planning Practice Guidance. A traffic management plan has been developed with the Highways Authority, taking into account local community feedback.

Risks to the global climate

Fuel produced from shale gas exploration is seen by many - including the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change - as providing an alternative to other fossil fuels, such as coal, while more efficient renewables can be developed to enable the UK to meet both its carbon reduction targets and energy requirements. The UK Government, including the Department for Energy and Climate Change, the Treasury and the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee have backed shale gas exploration, using modern technology and practices to minimise adverse impacts. Any extraction activity is, of course, subject to the full planning process, including environmental assessment and public consultation. We take the concerns of local communities and other groups seriously and will continue to monitor our activities to ensure that potential environmental and community impacts are minimised.

Kind Regards

Barclays Citizenship Team"

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Ryedale MP's Fracking Report

Face to Face with fracking in Pennsylvania

don't spose they do fracking in Transylvania ...

Oh they got ribbons :-0

Ah so they still have peasants ... (Citizens & Peasants)  Best bites - "I watch as a team of workers prepare a hole with dynamite a few metres from the village football pitch." ...

“The bishops say it is not the role of a priest to get involved in community affairs.” He pauses, a flash in his eyes, almost thinking aloud, “We thought they had come to rebuild the playground – then the earthquake happened, shaking the houses here, causing cracks and breaking ornaments inside the houses. The people were scared. Nobody asked us permission, they didn't even tell us what they were doing.”

Oh ok its not funni tis in one of Europes largest 'National Parks' .... dated 2013 and Romgaz hold there AGM on Hallows ... almost.

"If they start fracking in Transylvania, they can frack everywhere"

NB Chevron suspended their activities in Tranylsvannia in 2013

Peasants, Pheasants & Peers.... must be a phonetic silent order ...

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SN - the 'F' word ...

Hmmm not quite .... 'F' ? 


Nope, I'd rather not.

Fracking Around The World – Stories from Communities Facing Fracking – Briefing for Councillors will take place at 3.30pm on Monday 12th October at Kirby Misperton Village Hall, YO17 6XL.

The format of the event will be short presentations from two speakers followed by a Q&A session:

Dr Mariann Lloyd Smith, a former member of a United Nations expert panel on chemicals and pollution, who has worked extensively with communities in Queensland and New South Wales affected by fracking.

Rt Reverend Graham Cray, Honorary Assistant Bishop in the Diocese of York and resident of Kirby Misperton. Bishop Cray has just returned from a lecture trip in Pennsylvania where he met people affected by fracking.

The meeting will close at 4.30pm.

There will also be a public event on Monday evening from 8pm.



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Hi Honies am Home

and effing fuming....

Went along to Kirby Misperton ... about 6 other Cllrs made it .. along with Friends of the Earth.  Some great stuff from Professor PHD 'Chemical Claptrap' (forgive me she is concerned over public health) but apart from that where were the facts? There are none...    So here we are in Scarbados surrounded by 'fracking', oil n gas companies all wanting a piece of our pie  .... erm where do you think Scardiborgagos gets its income from !!!! Am so glad them potash pepes turned up,   otherwise we'd all be fracked to hell, meanwhile south and north and to the east they is erm 'up to no good' ... I did point out that until they actually 'frack' km8 ... how will the facts be known?   The evidence tabled is subjective, non/applicable.  But for all that what really gets my goat is the more ya dig into this 'gas n oil' biz the more ya realise ya just can't trust any of them.   Applause to the few Cllrs that turned up ... the rest of them don't want to know, think they know or just don't give a sh*t. 

So I say to FoE .... about energy costs - tell that to the 1700 people in Redcar about to lose their jobs.

He says, Energy costs won't be reduced. 

Oh won't they?  And I accept he is right cos lets face it half our energy costs are being invested in renewable energy ... so on the drive home, I think to mesen just a minute, George Osborne has just cut the subsidies to renewable energy and erm, who is paying for renewable energy? We are, Joe flaming Public !!!

Dear Mr Osborne, (And you oil & gas companies) Please can we have our money back?  

All of it.  

And. That includes you Jim 'Showoff' Radcliffe ... this ain't Blackpool, nor Liverpool nor Manchester this is Great Yorkshire and if you think ya gonna muddy our waters wiv your 'no experience' tin tindustry  I'm gonna come over there and do something nasty to ya 'F' ing cheese.


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Raking Rings Around Fracking

Yep, when it comes to 'fracking' who do you trust? 

No one.

Hi Ho ... Tis all the rage ;-)

"Mr Hollinrake said there was a good deal of mistrust among the public about the motives of the industry and the Government. ... I am here to represent Thirsk and Malton in Westminster not Westminster in Thirsk and Malton,”

"A spokesman for NYCC said: “The provisional date identified for the county council’s determination of the Third Energy KM8 application is November 2.

"However, this date will be kept under review as it is dependent on the progress of the application.”

Confused? You will be ....

Councillor John Clark, who proposed the moratorium, said: "This issue is massive. It's not only massive in terms of Ryedale, Kirby Misperton, Yorkshire and the UK, it could be massive in terms of the planet as well."

Best not mention geopoliticals....

Back to the Rake:

He added: “I am confident we have the right regulators who will tell us the truth and act transparently."

Ya right. Thats the problem ... all those cuts ... whose gonna do the regulations?

About the EU files ...


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Lords Rebel over Cuts to Renewable Subsidies

Was half cut n can't find it, was on Ch4 news, meanwhile:

Vlad (Romanovsky) ....  "Drunken Forests"

Drunken forest


Lords - The Bourne Legacy ?

"Decisions to close power stations are taken by their owners based on market conditions. The owners of coal plants with a combined capacity of 5.8GW have announced their intention to stop generating by March 2016. We are not currently aware of any other coal fired power stations planning to close between 2015 and 2020.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) produces detailed assessments of global and regional energy trends. The IEA’s latest World Energy Outlook projects that of the 1404 GW cumulative increase in generating capacity in Asia between 2014 and 2025, 471 GW will be coal-fired. Renewables are projected to grow by 666 GW. This is against a background of rapidly rising demand for electricity in the region, with consumption expected to grow by more than 40% between 2012 and 2020."

Here ya go :

CH4 Catch UP 21/10/15 "Peers take on government over on-share wind" science editor Tom Clark ....

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KM8 v FFR - Some Nitty Gritty

"The planning application consists of five separate phases:

1 Pre-stimulation Workover This is the preparation stage, where they get the existing KM8 well ready for fracking. Duration: 2 weeks (working 24 hours a day)

2 Hydraulic Fracture Stimulation/Well Test This is a ‘test-frac’, or ‘flow-test’, which involves fracking at five different depths to see if the Bowland Shale will produce gas in commercially viable quantities. Duration: 2 weeks (working 24 hours a day)

3 Production Test This will check gas flows over a longer period of time (up to 90 days), with the gas piped to Knapton Generating Station. Duration: 13 weeks (working 24 hours a day)

4 Production If the production test is successful, the KM8 well will be permanently hooked up to the existing production equipment and commercially produce gas. Duration: up to nine years.

5 Well Abandonment and Restoration When the well reaches the end of its life, it will be decommissioned and restored. Duration: 6 weeks "

Ah, so, the testing stage is indeed when the 'frack' event 'appens .... Igas could have told us that yonks ago ... but didn't.



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KM8 - 21 Day Delay

It has been confirmed that the NYCC has deferred a decision on Third's  KM8 application to frack at Kirbymisperton:

It was also said that the NYCC want to issue a 10 year Moratorium on Fracking in North Yorkshire but this has yet to be confirmed ... not that it makes any difference... in league with Ryedale's 5 years ...

Here is the NYCC website ... not very friendly :

The application is now expected to be decided in January 2016 ... tho it could be over the Silly Season when many of the Counts could just not bother to turn out, probably all in Lapland or somin.

Try again :

Meeting 11/11/2015 Reports Item 14 Andrew Backhouse: 

"As reported in my previous update, our Committee has agreed to set aside its meeting in January to investigate the environmental impacts of fracking, including the safeguards that should be put in place. The meeting will be a joint meeting with the Scrutiny of Health Committee and will be held on Friday 22 January 2016. A range of external witnesses have agreed to attend including regulators, the UK Onshore Operators Group and Friends of the Earth."

Jim Clark: "We will be holding a joint meeting with the Transport, Economy and Environment Overview and Scrutiny Committee on Friday 22 January 2016 to look at this matter in detail. The objective of the meeting will be to agree policy advice to the Executive with a view to informing publication of the North Yorkshire Minerals and Waste Plan where it deals with issues which relate to Fracking.
In preparation for that meeting we have already met with an independent Public Health expert with a view to informing the lines of enquiry we might pursue in January."

Chris Metcalfe "With regard to Third Energy’s planning application, a formal letter of request for further information was issued to the applicant on 11 October 2015.
With regard to the number of representations including those in objection and those in support, the County Council had, up to 22 October 2015, received 3,938 representations.
The County Council has received responses from 24 of those with whom the County Council consulted and has yet to hear from at least 10 more.
Having received an interim report on the application on Tuesday 20 October, Members of the County Council’s Planning & Regulatory Functions Committee resolved, firstly, to accept an invitation to receive training on Monday 2 November and, secondly, to undertake a formal Committee site visit on a date to be arranged."

Yep, it mustav been the Meeting on 2nd Nov when they all got their heads together ... cos confirmed by one of those present on't Tuesday.

Oh how time flies ...

Mortal Mindy's picture

Frack On - 'Flick' Yorks Post Letters

"From: Lorraine Allanson, Rains Farm Holidays, Allerston, Pickering.

Mr Scott missed the irony of his letter (The Yorkshire Post, December 29) on fracking. He actually confirmed what I stated originally that the anti-fracking movement use dramatic language to scaremonger. He used many dramatic words with the ‘potential’ to create fear.

As for Mr Scott stating that 4,000 people objected to the planning application by Third Energy to hydraulically fracture an existing well at Kirby Misperton, that is hardly a majority out of 52,000 residents in Ryedale. Especially when many who objected were from outside the district.

The last time I checked less than half a per cent of the 800 people who live in the closest villages had written to object. I recently attended a Kirby Misperton Parish council meeting which was to discuss the planning application. Nine locals attended, the clerk, myself and partner. Ryedale has many decades of a working gas industry that has had no issues. What Mr Scott and many others who are opposed to the gas industry fail to acknowledge is without doubt we need the gas, we need energy security for the UK and we need a vibrant economy that encourages business investment and creates jobs. What we don’t need is to import ever growing amounts of gas, nor to support the fracking industry and jobs abroad.

We cannot live without natural gas, not now, and not for many decades. It is time people woke up to that fact. Any government would be failing its population if it allowed a resource that we have under our feet to go un-utilised. Only then to import the same commodity which has been fracked, using lower standards for the environment and workforce from another country.

What alternative for energy does the anti-fracking movement offer? They claim wind and solar will do the trick. Obviously Mr Scott and others who lead the campaign against fracking must live where there is 24/7 sunshine and perfect wind conditions. Presumably they don’t think any other sources of energy would industrialise our countryside? Do fairies drop wind turbines and solar panels into position – do they not need any HGV’ and infrastructure? They cannot be screened like a small well pad can. There is one big flaw in their opposition to gas and fossil fuels. They offer no viable alternative to feasibly provide the UK’s energy needs at the flick of a switch.

It is a sad state of affairs to ignore the possibilities and security of shale gas. The alternative is uncertain and very bleak."

Hmmm ... Flick n Pick makes some very powerful points about energy security.  No mention of safety & risks, problem is if the Gov continue making cuts to EA & other Regulatory bodies how can the public have confidence that it is safe.  As proved by the recent flooding ... no guarantees.  Mebbe they should ringfence or quarantine EA,Defra,HSE etc budgets, with enforcement powers, ensure independence or alternatively just nationalise the entire UK Energy industry.... or somin.  

"is notable for its far-flung locales" MS


Benefitz Betty's picture

KM8 - Fields of Dreams

"The Environment Agency has granted energy firm Third Energy a permit to frack at a site in North Yorkshire.

Third Energy wants to extract shale gas near Kirby Misperton, in Ryedale. It still needs planning permission."

More from Ruth :

Captain Qahn's picture

KM8: Ryedale Hydro

"Third Energy's application to frack is now in its final stages, with North Yorkshire County Council deciding later this month whether or not to grant planning permission.

Martin Christmas, environment manager for North Yorkshire, said: "After completing a thorough assessment of Third Energy’s application and all of the responses to our public consultations, we are confident that these environmental permits set out the right conditions to ensure that people and the environment are protected. 

"Should Third Energy receive the appropriate planning permission and begin the permitted activities, we will stringently enforce the conditions of the permits to ensure that waste is managed properly and local groundwater is protected."

The permits cover mining waste and groundwater activities and radioactive substances activity."

Captain Qahn's picture

KM8 - Recommended for Approval

"If the scheme is finally approved approved it is likely to be the first well to be fracked in the UK since May 2011...."

"Permission, if granted, would allow Third Energy to frack five sections of the well down to a maximum depth of 3,043m. It also includes a production test for 90 days and production up to nine years.

The planners have recommended conditions covering issues such as smell, traffic, working hours, noise, lighting, air and water quality. Flaring will be prevented."

Benefitz Betty's picture

KM8 - Anti's at Large

FrackFreeRydale "No Social Licence":

"According to the NYCC Chief Planning Officer’s report, which recommended approval of Third Energy’s application to frack at their KM8 well-site in Kirby Misperton, only 32 letters or e-mails supported the application, compared to 3,907 representations that opposed it."


FrackFreeScarborough will also be attending.

DrillorDrop will be reporting live:

Wot no FrackFreeWhitby?

Oh Well:

Benefitz Betty's picture

KM8: Tocking Tick

Benefitz Betty's picture

KM8: Crane Attack

Ooh la ... OMW ... he's back ;-)

Latest estimates are that 7000 people are expected to attend ...

With cakes?

Erm ... hasn't the notice of referendum just been issued?  (Tueday)

Are such huge political decisions allowed to be taken in a period of purrdom...

Crane may come across as cute n cuddly to some ... but nope I is not a fan :-/

Crane's underbelly:

Captain Qahn's picture

EU: Notice of Purrdom

Correction: The notice of Referendum will be issued 23rd June.

However with regards to purrdom :

"Purdah is a long standing convention whereby governments refrain from making any major announcements in the run-up to general elections or other polls to avoid influencing their outcome.

The existing rules were set out in legislation passed in 2000. They prevent ministers, departments and local authorities from publishing any "promotional material" arguing for or against any particular outcome or referring to any of the issues involved in the referendum.

The rules, which apply to the 28 days up to polling day, do not preclude ministers from issuing press notices or responding to specific requests for information from members of the public."

With regards to the '11' decision makers:

Captain Qahn's picture

KM8: YP - In a 'Frenzy'

"Although this small community lies far from the Harrogate district towards the top end of North Yorkshire, the decision may set a precedent for much of the county, if not the entire country.

Work on the site, believed to hold the second-largest gas shale reserves in England, moved a step closer recently with a report by North Yorkshire county council recommending permission be granted to the UK firm for testing on deposits first identified in the area by Third Energy in 2013."

I guess 'Frenzy' is the only word Yorkshire Post could find to describe the female of the species ;-) 

Still I spose tis better than 'emotional' or 'hysterical', best not get 'upset'.  Passionate.

Mind, with a Blue 'super' Moon & Mars at its closest to Earth in a decade, anything could be on the horizon :

Mebbe, some Martians are expected too?

"“If there was ever a mission which had a good chance of making a discovery regarding possible life on Mars then ExoMars is it,” said Dr Vago.

“The majority of methane on Earth comes from organisms which are alive or those that once were alive and died under certain conditions, so it is a good indication that life exists.

“What we are looking for are patterns and repetitions of methane production which seem to be coming from living sources, rather than volcanic activity.

“If there is life on Mars today it will not be anywhere close to the surface. But if you drill for oil in the North Sea and go down a couple of kilometres you will find all kinds of little beasties living there."

No sh*t Sherlock, obviously been crawling under the wrong rock ;-)

tis all getting a bit Third Rock ;-)

Orange Lines.

Ah, ao, eh, u ;-)

Oh. OK:


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KM8: BBC - Considered

BBC airtime coverage - wot no donuts : New bits:

"All we want to do is test whether gas will flow from an existing well using hydraulic fracturing', says Rasik Valand, chief executive of Third Energy.

"What we are planning is safe. There is no risk to the environment or the public."...

"Others are concerned about the impact on the local economy as Kirby Misperton is also home to "Flamingo Land", one of Yorkshire's top tourists attractions.

"This place is beautiful", says retired Vicar Graham Cray who lives in the village. "The economy is based on tourism and agriculture. Tourists don't come to a gas field and that is what we will turn into if we get the scale of fracking that is intended"...

"The Third Energy application involves an existing site that has produced gas since the 1990's.

The well has already been drilled.

The shale gas produced will also be sent through a network of pipes to a nearby power station. That will avoid air pollution caused by flaring gas.

So the company expects the fracking activity to be completed within 8 weeks.

The council's planning officer has recommended that the application be approved. But it's now down to the 11 councillors on the planning committee to take the final decision.

That decision may not come until Monday due to the number of people who have registered to speak at the meeting.

If approved, fracking could start by the end of the year.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change refused to comment on Third Energy's application head of the council meeting.

But in a statement it said "Shale gas is a fantastic opportunity which will create jobs, boost our economy and strengthen our energy security.

"There is tough regulation in place to ensure that fracking can take place safely - now is the time to start exploration and find out just how much shale gas is there and how much we can get out of the ground."

Oh, well :

Captain Qahn's picture

GU: Ego Egan 'losing at patience'

"The backers of fracking in the UK do not have “limitless patience” for planning delays, according to a leading industry boss.

Francis Egan, chief executive of Cuadrilla, warned that despite the government’s promise to fast track fracking, the planning process remains a slow lane. The comments come just ahead of a planning decision in Yorkshire on Third Energy’s application for shale gas exploration..."

Propagate hmmmm ...

Tut Tut.

Widgets ...

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KM8 - NYCC Live Link

Ah, so ...

Kripes: John Ashton 10.03 to 10.26  - makes it sound like a contest between North Sea Oil V Shale Gas and North v South ...

"Red Light" ... ....

Steve Pears of Great Barugh :-) 

it seems local speakers get 3 mins whilst others get 20 mins or so .... Hmmm

Sir Richard Storey quotes The Cat ... (he could go on all day .... ) Stretch.



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KM8 - NE & NYP facilitate 'peaceful protest'

Good O. No sightings of Crane.

Some very impassioned pleas from the local  Antis ....  too many parachuted Professor clap traps to number, referencing USA and AUS but some great speaks from real locals and good shouts by Gunn and Kathy from S'boro ...  Cake time.