Dear Marge,


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The Other side of Awl

Dear Marge, Your not the Marge I was expecting, when I said blue, t'was hair, and hoping for Marge Simpson ... Ooops ... how is hell? Must be getting kinda full by now .... is there a waiting room? Still, dead is a long time... "If you want anything said, ask a man ... if you want anything done ask a woman." Nowt's changed.  So erm, Marge, hows Winston "if your going through hell keep going"? 

Oooer, (don't mention Coventry),  I seem to have got me sen in a bit of hot bovver ... and wiv friends like mine who needs enemies ... Twonks?  Yep, sounds better than Tory Tw*ts... I just done the Equalities & Diversity training so erm, leaving the  Chaotic and Dysfunctional aside (for now) ... hey, you mustav missed out on all that 'political correctness' ... Tories, nasty word that ...shudders ...  'Twonks' far more playful and less perishable ... Now about our local Parish, thats whats on me mind.   Couldn't find me Parish so 'av ended up at Town Awl ... well it would be 'ALL' but it seem to be overun by some of yer 'offspring' ... bit jumpy and grumpy aren't they ... anyone would think they carried the plague ... rats aboard a sinking ship ...

"the problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other peoples money" - how prophetic?  Guess they mustav missed that one ...

Anyhow slight problem ... this webcasting thingy - yep it is wot it says. Spiders. Yawn.  Yep I know you is/was the Guv. of how to P*ss off the whole world ... obviously I have my own wee plan ... just one person a day will do ... Anyhow now I've got me seat int Awl, wos thinking of adding some form of erm 'ornamental' statue, or (whispers) voodoo dolls, or mebbe get some 'sponsorship' stickers, ya know like they do at footie, just to get in the swing of things...   hey now theres an idea, bit of bunting, (rope). That should brighten things up... (hangman)

Anyhow will be checking in again on all things 'Awl', just trying to find some Common ground ...hey, stuck in the  Eighties ... hmmm ... stuck in a rut? Nope. Valium? Nope never popped pills... never say never :-/

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Oh Dear, Don't take it personally

It is what it is,  a 'side-show' ... nothing more and nothing less, no need to be so touchy, now about that femine side ...

the Agenda - tomorrow tis the Lord Mayors 'inauguration', expect some fluff, followed by an evenings 'Ball'  (bluff 'n' fluff)   - it would be considered rude not to, one without the other,  hey ho a chance to iron out some wrinkles ... and 'turn it up' ;-/ (thats a crucial part of the job btw - turn up) ... now wheres the iron ...

Yep, its a mindmap too,  for the dis-functionally challenged :-) moving swiftly on ...



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The Nosferatu

Yeah but no but yeah ... oh heck.

"Time is running out to find extra space to bury Whitby’s dead – and your suggestions on a solution to the problem are welcome, says local councillor Joe Plant."

Erm? Wot they don't know .... Ssssh.

on the darkside:-/ .... volcanos hmftk

and there's more ;-)




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The Comet - Opening Up the Town Hall

Oh Dear,

& Chris Bourne on the Leisure Village:

Hmmm : copied for future reference: "

Comet (C): Although wanting to take one step at a time, if the planning application is passed on Thursday does it then pass to the full council for approval? What are the time-scales, and milestones, from that point moving forward?

Chris Bourne (CB): No, if planning permission is granted this week, then there is no requirement for it to go on to be approved by full Council. The next major project milestone is Sport England and Football Foundation grant applications being considered by their Boards in July/August 2015.

(C): It was noted in the full council meeting last week that an adjustment has had to be made to the disposal plan for the enabling sites due to the withdrawal of Persimmon Homes. Is this a major setback or is there flexibility within the plan to absorb the event?

(CB): Persimmon Homes had tendered to buy all of the Enabling Sites, but decided to withdraw from the purchase prior to entering into any contracts. However Wrenbridge were pro-active in quickly finding replacement purchasers so no significant delay was caused and the subsequent sales to Coventry University and the University Technical College are seen as a better strategic fit with the Council’s wider objectives and the educational needs of the Borough.

(C): There has been concern that the overarching planning proposals for the whole site are being presented “piecemeal” as 3 separate applications which appears to go against the recommendations of the 2011 Development Brief for the site. What is the rationale of this approach?

(CB): The reason is to comply with statutory planning legislation. Before deciding on a planning application against relevant local and government policy, there is an important point of principle which should be noted. Each application should only be assessed on its own merits without reference to other planning applications currently being considered. Whilst there are applications for Coventry University and the University Technical College (UTC) on the Weaponness Coach & Car Park itself, in addition to an application by Lidl on the former McCain Stadium on Seamer Road, these are not on this Committee agenda and are due to be considered at a later date. It was an aspiration (but not an obligation) of the Development Brief that applications for the 3 Leisure Village related sites would come forward at the same time. The University and UTC applications were submitted 7 weeks later than the Leisure Village by the applicants who are not the Council and are free to work to their own timescales. Government guidance states, "Once a planning application has been validated, the local planning authority should make a decision on the proposal as quickly as possible, and in any event within the statutory time limit unless a longer period is agreed in writing with the applicant." The Leisure Village application was validated 11 weeks before Committee date and the statutory time limit in this case is 13 weeks, whereas the consultation period is still ongoing on the University/UTC applications, making it impossible to legally consider their applications at the same meeting.)

(C): Residents have also voiced concerns about footfall through the locality to the football stadium. How will administration of the travel plan and utilising the park and ride facility, along with shuttle buses, alleviate these concerns?

(CB): It is recognised that transport and parking issues are the main ones that have been raised by a small minority (20%) of objectors. However no objections have been raised by the statutory authorities of NYCC and Highways England who are the technical experts on these matters who are satisfied that the numerous mitigation measures the developer has proposed are adequate.

(C): Much has been made of the apparent shift focus of the use of the residual land from suggested housing to educational facilities. Why wasn’t this potential usage covered in the 2011 Development Brief?

(CB): There has been no shift of focus on the residual land at Weaponness from residential development to educational facilities. The Weaponness Valley Development Brief which was publicly consulted on and adopted in November 2011 clearly states that Educational Facilities are suitable and complementary uses for the site.

(C): If successful will the developer be encouraged to engage and use local businesses where possible during construction?

(CB): Yes, it is a requirement of the Development Agreements that the developer, main contractor and sub-contractors will work with the Council’s Employment and Skills Team to deliver a Social Impact Action Plan for the project, which contains specified outputs for employment, training and business opportunities delivered during the construction works. Willmott Dixon are currently in the process of arranging a meet the buyer event which will be held in due course to engage with local businesses.

(C): Taking a hypothetical scenario whereby the Leisure Village development is approved but the residual educational development proposals are held up, or rejected, would this cause a delay in the funding for the construction of the Leisure Village?

(CB): Yes. The overarching principle behind the Development is that the Developer will sell the Council’s Enabling Sites, and the monies generated will be used to fund the costs associated with the design and construction of the Leisure Village with the exception of the swimming pool which will be separately funded directly by SBC.

(C): On a personal level, as someone who has been involved with the whole process right from the initial indicative programme back in 2010 does next week’s planning meeting feel like the culmination of several years’ hard work or does it represent one more hoop to jump though?

(CB): As you can imagine accessing the capital funding required to develop a £16.9m new leisure facility in the Borough is a huge challenge given the current financial climate of austerity and the unprecedented budget cuts that have to be achieved by Councils. Therefore whilst I share a lot of the frustrations over the time it has taken to get to this point, personally I am delighted that we have now reached this major milestone in the project. I am hopeful that planning permission will be obtained for the Leisure Village and all of the enabling sites and whilst there is still a lot more work to do, this is another step closer to delivering the fantastic sport and leisure facilities that the Borough deserves and needs.

(C): Given that there is, understandably, a lot of interest in next week’s meeting will it be available to watch via the new council webcast facility?

(CB): Our webcasting service currently only records our Cabinet and Full Council meetings. In the future we intend to roll out the service to cover more of our public meetings but this planning meeting will not be webcast. However the meeting is open to the public and I hope that people with an interest in the project will attend."

Hmmm ... rope... OK,  A sidewinder :-/

....Hallow Man ...

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Cinema Parked at 'Awl

 "... minutes after the meeting began four Labour members withdrew from the committee in protest at the speed at which the meeting was arranged, and that it had not been sent to the Resources Scrutiny Committee.

The councillors felt that any decision made by the Environment Committee would not be legal, something the council’s legal advisors disputed.

Cllr Siddons then spoke to say he was withdrawing his call-in from the meeting in order to resubmit it to the correct committee.

He said he also had concerns that the meeting had been flagged as ‘Urgent’ and had been arranged at less than three days notice.

A decision to ‘do nothing’ can go on forever, it is not ever urgent,” he said.

He added: “I did ask the chief executive and monitoring officer to check this committee has the power to consider the call-in and why the decision was suddenly urgent.

“I also sought independent advice.

“That independent advice suggests that any decision by the Environment and Economy Scrutiny Committee on this matter could not be relied on, would be ultra vires and would be open to judicial review.”

tut tut.

And then the Twonks moaned about their travelling expenses ... Erm ?

Silence  ... tis a skill :-)





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Social Engineering ...

So, why am I thinking out loud about stuff I don't quite understand?  Indeed, why are people messing with 'process', erm, natural selection? Tut tut.

Time & place.  Zzzzzzz

leo-pards ;-)


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Dear Marge, Erm ... Margo?

It would seem the Council's planning people have got their knickers in a twist over the proposal of a new supermarket:

Football ... can't stand the game, shopping uggg .. another sport ... best not mention M&S biddie  batterring events ... Anyhoos spose when it comes to 'sport' guys get football n gals get shopping... so all seems fair if you're into that sort of thing, sport.

Oh well each to our own, now about the 'sequential test' .... apples and pears, selling wares .... where?

Don't spose it would matter so much if it was Harvey Nicks .... wots in a name Lidl, shopping for the Idle in an Idyllic World .... Hmmmm - can concur with  that ;-/

Mudslinging ...  Mind, there was a public consultation: blink.

More mudslinging ...

slingshot?  :

Twonk Boy ... Ouch.

Hmmm ... OK enuff mud ... muggles eh?  Margo. Madge.  Mind you the SN 'tis not exactly Vogue ...

Vague. Yep, don't do snob. Now if they built the Lidl up South Cliff ... Hmmm

Work... Hi Ho.

Oh and what exactly is the point in Cricket? !!! idles !!! Airs n Graces, Mace. Knew I'd forgotten somin ...




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Squish Quash


Item 6: Refused:

Here we have a farmer who already has two windturbines and seeks to install a third to reduce his energy costs and keep his farm sustainable ....

"like Turkeys voting for Christmas" claims Member to a supportive Speaker on behalf of the applicant  opposes Windturbines carte blanche,  with the officers report siting the View would cause Harm and taking into consideration the Communities (in this case Muston Parish Council ?) objection. 

Meanwhile: Item 7: Granted:

The KFC (formerly Pykes independent retail sports shop) .... problems with ventilation & odours .... lists the business community (independents) who have experienced 'harm' from the odours .... the EHO Officer together with the PO "we can measure vibration & noise but not odours" ... technical jargon

"Waffle", we object to that word!! . Oh OK. But we can describe Speakers as Turkeys ...  Best not describe the new roof-top ventilation extractor unit as something akin to  Thunderbirds ...  in a conservation area I might add .... and they wonder why we blow ....  to Err once to Err twice, but three times ... who pays?  Monitor.   

Hmmm ... the irony, the bigger picture ... Blow.

So it was political then. Bit like the gap between the old and the new .. Local Plans.

Meanwhile, the NPFF &  Ministerial Statements   ...  (31/07/15) 'someone' appears to be 'throwing out' planning policies like confetti ... including Local Plans; Durham/York/Harrogate ... and the Draft Local Plan (to be finalised 2016)  for Scarborough does have scope for an energy policy.  Good O - get it right first time...

Anyhoos ... mind the gaps ;-) High Courts ... flats.

Quashing ... first up : Affordable Housing:


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Ministerial Statement Quashed

Ohh I feel another subscription coming on ... shudders:

"West Berkshire District Council and Reading Borough Council argued that the decision of the secretary of state in November 2014 to make changes to the national planning policy framework (NPPF) in respect of planning obligations for affordable housing and to maintain these changes on completion of an Equalities Impact Assessment were unlawful. They claimed that the changes had profound implications for local planning authorities in discharging their responsibilities under the planning system for the delivery of affordable housing. The policy would reduce the proportion of affordable housing units which could be delivered and would circumvent development plan policies which sought to secure such provision on sites of 10 units or less.

In response, the secretary of state agreed that the changes to the NPPF as a consequence of the ministerial statement in 2014 would have implications for the delivery of affordable housing. However, it was contended that the NPPF was only a material consideration albeit an important one, and the relevant acts set out the factors required to be taken into account in determining planning applications and preparing local plans. The changes in policy did not prevent local planning authorities for setting thresholds below the 10 units, or 5 within national parks and other locations, provided this could be justified. This did not preclude giving greater weight to policies which pre-dated the changes to the NPPF where they remained sufficiently up to date.

Mr Justice Holgate, in a detailed analysis of the issues, held that the policy change introduced by government, which was not enacted within primary legislation, did not adequately deal with the wide variation in outcomes which could result. In rural areas designated under the Housing Act 1985, the threshold for affordable housing provision could be set at schemes of 5 units or less which would not of course assist an urban authority. No explanation had been provided as to why a lower threshold should be set in rural as opposed to more urban areas. There was no doubt that the change would also lead to a reduced delivery of affordable housing which was not consistent with the advice in the framework regarding the need to significantly boost the supply of housing across the board. For local authorities with extensive areas of brownfield land which might present viability constraints to delivering affordable homes, this might lead to release of more greenfield sites, the judge held, which also had substantial plan-making implications.

Nor was the court persuaded that the ministerial statement was compatible with the need to determine applications in accordance with section 38(6) of the Act. The national policy had been applied so as to confer immediate and general exemptions from affordable housing requirements under adopted development plan policies. This appeared to be followed by a number of inspectors at appeal, the court noted. The judge decided that he was not prevented from making a quashing order in respect of the changes to the NPPF on this issue nor the claimants' challenge to the government’s decision to adopt the written ministerial statement as though it were policy. On this basis the written statement could not be treated as a material consideration in the determination of planning applications involving housing schemes of 10 units or less.

West Berkshire District Council and Reading Borough Council v Department of Communities and Local Government;

Date: 31st July 2015; "


PS:  this is an independent Blogg if you don't like it get your own ... cookie jars? 

Ah yes,

get to write your own Wiki page too? PMSL

Oh yeah ... and,  Lidl stands on its own merits, without all the rigmarole, the residents in that area have needed a quality value supermarket (food store) for some time ...  with supermarkets at each end of Seamer Road, mebbe it will reduce the traffic having a local food store. Just my humbly bumbly.

Back to the tuppaware ... sums.

Tinternet :-)

'Never ever underestimate the consumer' ... 'the consumer is always right' ... Hmmmm. Bums. 

Genetics. Must have missed out on the 'White Flag' gene ...  

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Sheds with Windows

Retail consultant John Heagney said major supermarket chains are facing increased competition from discounters such as Lidl and Aldi.

He said: "Nobody foresaw the massive impact of the European discounters and the old monthly shop has virtually gone out of the window as people shop little and often.

"The whole dynamic of retailing has changed."

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Short N Sweet, Subscriptions ...

Have we? Did We?  Who knows?

Answers on a postcard:-?

There is one week left to bid for a £3 million coastal fund to kick-start seaside regeneration.

"Coastal Communities Minister Mark Francois said:

From historic piers, seafronts to lidos our coastal towns are awash with striking icons which we want to celebrate but may have fallen into neglect and disuse over time.

I urge communities to bid for this £3 million Coastal Revival funding ahead of the deadline so they can kick-start restoration work and drive further investments so these icons can be restored to their full potential.

This government is committed to reviving our seaside towns and our multimillion pound Coastal Communities Fund is having a big impact on seaside economies. At least £90 million more will be spent in the coming years.

The Budget announced the Coastal Communities Fund will continue for another 5 years with a pot of £90 million. This will give communities another chance to take forward their vision for improving their seaside town."

"Applications for the Coastal Revival Fund close on 14 September 2015 and are open to England only.

The Coastal Communities Fund gives residents, councils and local businesses the chance to bid for funding to take forward their vision for improving their seaside town. Details of future bidding for the Coastal Communities Fund will be announced later this year.

The Coastal Communities Fund is financed by the government through the funding equivalent of 50% of the revenues earned from the Crown Estate’s marine activities in England and the devolved administrations.

The government also recently announced the creation of 116 coastal community teams which encourages local businesses, local leaders and volunteers to create a long-term strategy for their area."

Has the Borough subscribed to the Tour De Yorks to a tune of £140K?  ... Erm, Look North was interesting, they didn't seem to be blinkered ;-// Rose tinted glasses, I like those little blue ones mesen, chilling .... scribes.

So, York & Sheffield turned it down ... thats a turnip ... ;-)

Re: Coast Communities Fund  - Cheers David B X not like Derek to miss an opportunity :-)

Mind when a PR company offer me (as a local resident) £30 cash with free cups of tea to turn up for an event to discuss SBC's  tourism attractions .... it would be rude to say no ... No!?   WTF is going on? 

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Jobs a Good Un - Deputy Harbour Master

Oh, if only ... :-/ (first advertisied 4.00pm 8th Sept)

Deputy Harbour Master: Salary: £31,048 - £33,458 per annum

The Council manages and operates the ports of Whitby and Scarborough and the Filey Coble Landing on the beautiful North Yorkshire coast. It is keen to maximise the potential of the ports including the significant opportunities arising from the future development of offshore windfarms.

The Deputy Harbour Master is responsible to the Borough Harbour Master for the general operations of the Authority’s Harbours including statutory legal compliance. The successful applicant of this varied and rewarding post will have the relevant qualities, commitment and enthusiasm to meet the challenges of managing daily port operations of three diverse undertakings. Applicants will hold a valid STCW certificate of competency and following training be able to act as relief Master of the Council’s dredging system and act as pilot for the ports of Whitby and Scarborough. Previous command, pilotage experience or port management skills would be advantageous but not essential.

The position is predominantly Monday to Friday, 37 hours with an on-call rota system. Generous leave and flexible working, including membership of the local Government pension scheme. Assistance with relocations costs will be available for the successful applicant.
For an informal discussion with the Borough Harbour Master please call Whitby Harbour Office on 01947 602354.

Please apply online via or telephone Customer Services on 01723 232323 for an application pack.
Applications should be returned marked 'Private and Confidential - Application for Post TS181, Deputy Harbour Master' to Human Resources, Scarborough Borough Council, Town Hall, St Nicholas Street, Scarborough, YO11 2HG.
Closing Date: Noon, Tuesday 20 October 2015

So, that answers a few Q's :-)


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on todays Agenda :-)

and something to play with ;-)

"Did you know that the council operates three wave buoys along the north east coast, two of which are located off Scarborough and Whitby?

If you’re curious as to what the sea is doing, day or night, real-time wave data from the Scarborough and Whitby buoys can be viewed here: (click on the directional arrow for the relevant buoy and the link to view charts)"

"The report can be found here You can also find a post storm inspection report of coastal defence assets and coastal slopes for our frontage.

 The 14-15 data report is currently being finalised and should be on the website in the coming weeks."

More on this later (once I get me head around it) but did you know SBC is the Specialist Authority on collecting wave data from Scotland all the way down to .... thats our North Sea that is ...and SBC are keeping a very special eye on it .... they have proper experts ya know ;-)) 

You'd be amazed at wot goes on in 'Awl ... some very impressive stuff from some very hardworking people.   Still finding me way around ;-)

Early days.


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Fylingdales Visit & SPocc

Mark - Green Party - composed by me and may not represent the views of Scarborough Borough Council.

"Unexpected things happen when you are a councillor, one day it is looking at a polluted stream, the next it is having coffee with the commander of Britain’s missile defence and space surveillance base, RAF Fylingdales!  Today, a group of councillors were shown inside the early warning station on the NY moors.  The old station, with 3 ‘golf ball’ radar domes was opened in 1963 and the new pyramid shaped solid-state phased array, was built in 1992. After passing the machine gun armed barrier guard we were escorted into the air-sealed building and given a presentation and a cup of coffee.  The base has 300 people working in it and has its own power station and water supply.   The three 84 foot wide faces have 2560 radiating elements each giving a 3000 mile 360 degree coverage of northern Europe down to the north of Africa and across to the edge of Russia.  There were 396 missile launches last year, 99% of them military tests, scientific or commercial rockets.  There are also nearly 16,000 bits of space debris to keep an eye on!  The equipment is owned by the USA but operated by RAF personnel.  The base is also responsible for a large area of moor land surrounding the site and welcomes schools, RAF veterans etc.  They even have a gift shop on the way out! We were taken to the training control room where a simulated missile detection took place and staff reacted accordingly within the 60 second time frame.  With increased instability in some ballistic missile equipped countries there is a growing danger that a terrorist group could get hold of one.  All tracking information is fed into the Space Operations Centres in the UK & USA.!"

I (aye)  can add that the Man in Charge confirmed they had lengthy discussions with the York Potash Team and had worked very closely with the NYMNPA & YP  to resolve any issues,  vibration & noise monitoring would continue as the mine would be built.  With regards to their future, Fylingdales were currently working with potential Space Flight operators, their main business being tracking satelites and the debris caused by space junk 'SPocc'.... ('cept its not a business they do it for free ... all in the National interest mind, when asked if they would charge for this 'specialist' service ... they said nope, tis like some sort of free insurance for those zillions to be spent on space exploration ... hey ho - multi-tasking)

Here's an extract on SPocc (not sure who wrote it mind ;- twas a draft found ont tinterent)) "The SPocc’s secondary mission is space situational awareness.  With so much of our national functions being dependent on space-derived products and services, a detailed understanding of space (to include both human activities and environmental phenomena) is a necessary step towards enhancing our space security.  In this respect, the SpOCC is responsible for maintaining our nascent Recognized Space Picture, which fuses a variety of data sources in order to understand, and even predict, events occurring in the space."

Access was via a lift ... am still not sure if it went up or down,   up they say up ...  am still not convinced :-)

They are doing some great work within the community and will continue doing so. ... erm, the RAF's  next project requires any old Fylingdales memoriablia (marbles?) if anyone has any gathering dust - please send it to RAF Fylingdales, but not ballistically ...

Ballistic - how can you tell if a missile is ballistic?  dyor ... 25 minutes from one end to tother ... 7000 mph (somewhere near Norway to somewhere near Vladivs) thats ballistic ... amazing.

Anyhow, the engine rooms had windows, and have huge generators to provide an independent power source, were built in the early 60's and are still running as if new, all polished and shiney .... though they did install some gas generators that greatly reduced the fuel consumption, mind the oldies are still tickety boo... like clockwork.

Oh, this looks like a more realiable source re the SPocc in Space Junk....


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Space Junk

Hundreds n Thousands .....

“in space there’s nothing to attenuate light.”

"By having a number of satellites in space, the craft can act as intermediaries between ground stations. If you have the necessary stations on the ground you could conceivably create a global blanket of secure encryption, or, a “quantum internet” as it’s being called.

While China’s plan is arguably the most ambitious, there is plenty of countries working towards the same goal.

Universities in the UK and Singapore have teamed up and are using inexpensive 5kg satellites known as cubesats to do quantum experiments in space. Next year they hope to launch a craft which can produce fully entangled pairs of photons.

Canadian researchers are planning on generating entangled photons on the ground and then beaming them to a satellite in space.

The European Space Agency and Japan are also looking to extrapolate the technology into the cosmos while NASA is leading a future quantum experiment aboard the International Space Station."

Must get round to watching star wars .... ;-)

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Seaquakes aboard the Marie Celeste ...

A Jiffy test :

"Seaquakes can indeed be far more frightening than you might think. Every small boy knows what happens if he strikes together two stones under water while his head is submerged. A solid blow hurts his eardrums. For the same reason the boy feels pain, a ship will feel unimaginably intense shaking lasting for a minute or more when the seabed is ripped asunder by the sudden fracture of millions of tons of rock. This is so because water, not being compressible, will transmit the full force of the shattering seafloor to the hull of the ship, or to a pod of diving whales, fish, sea turtles, polar bears, and etcetera.

The shocks are rarely felt as a single incident because the jerking going on in the rocky seabed is not a single blow. Rather, the movement is a series of wrenching snaps, as massive rocks, twisted and strained out of shape by an accumulation of forces slowly exerted over centuries, suddenly lurches back toward an alignment that relieves the stress. And, the quaking often stops, and then starts again a few minutes later as aftershocks. A seaquake and its aftershock might last 3-4 hours or even days.

If the rocks snap back in the vertical plane, as happens during both normal and reverse vaulting, and the hypocenter (focal point) is less than 5 km below the rock-water interface, the seismic p waves move into the water column as if there were no rock-water interface. This means that the non-compressible water delivers the vertical shocks to the hull as if the vessel was sitting on the bottom with no water at all between it and the quaking seabed. In other words, imagine what it might feel inside your house if an extremely shallow magnitude 5 quake erupted a few kilometers below your basement floor. You’d be scared to death and be looking to get outside before your roof collapsed. This is exactly what happened to the crew of the Mary Celeste. They left in a stark panic."

Mind .... over matter. Pirates.


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Catch 22? Staithes Stitched

"Defra announced today (Tuesday) it would be de-designated as a bathing site before the 2016 season begins on the grounds of low usage.

The beach has repeatedly failed to reached European Union standards for water quality, and last year, Scarborough Borough Council asked the Government to remove it from the list of bathing beaches due to low usage.

A consultation last August and September received 206 responses - with just five in favour of de-designation, Defra’s report said.

Most responses commented on water quality, but were overwhelming in favour of retaining bathing status - with 66 saying they or their families used Staithes for swimming, paddling, surfing and other activities.

The report said the final decision also took into account the council’s beach usage survey, carried out over 20 days between August and October last year, which showed the total number of beach users counted was 6,346, of whom 35 were swimmers and 362 were paddling. On average, there were fewer than two people per day swimming in the water; 18 people paddling and 320 beach users.

The report said: “Although the beach attracts a large number of visitors, the number of people bathing is very low. Staithes will be removed from the list of bathing waters before the 2016 bathing season on the grounds of low usage for bathing.”

Yorkshire MEP Timothy Kirkhope, who has long campaigned for a solution to the pollution at Staithes, said he was “puzzled” at the decision, called it a “stitch up” between Defra and Scarborough Council - and questioned the thoroughness of the consultation.

“Defra states that key stakeholders had been emailed - well I hadn’t. I think this is a bit of travesty - no proper consultation has taken place.

“Using the argument that it’s down to low usage rather than the argument that it is failing to meet EU regulations for bathing water is appalling. Are they suggesting more people should be using it in its current state

“You have a bay that is still being used by tourism authorities to drive people to a lovely area to visit - yet they aren’t prepared to spend the money needed to get the bathing quality.

“This has been a stitch up between Scarborough Borough Council and the Government.”

Erm, ask the EA about 300 yards ...




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UKIP Local's answer to Global Warming?


"Man is a plague upon our planet"

Oh god, not another fool who believes that man is entirely responsible for the very small amount of global warming over the last century or so. The nearest star is responsible for 99.9% of all warming on our planet.

Man made global warming is a lie invented by governments to tax us all."

Soft topography?

Futurist? Fracking?

There's now't so queer as folk.