Egypt - 2015

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Mohammed Morsi v Mubarak


Mohammed Morsi - Whos he then? "Egypt's first democratically elected president" see here:

Mubarak - Whos he then?  "ruled Egypt for 30 years" See here:

Whats going on?

Mohammed Morsi is Sentenced to Death :

The court ruled on Saturday that the sentencing of Morsi and 105 others will be referred to the grand mufti, the highest religious authority in Egypt, for confirmation.

Many of those sentenced were tried in absentia.  The court will pronounce its final decision on June 2.

Widespread condemnation

Mohamed Soudan, a senior member of the Muslim Brotherhood, told Al Jazeera the decision was "farcical".

"They're insisting on issuing these verdicts against anyone who participated in the January 25 Revolution ... all of the verdicts fail to meet international standards of law ... they are farcical and will be dismissed as a failing of the coup," said Soudan, who fled Egypt for the UK after Morsi's overthrow.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan criticised Egypt over the decision and accused the West of hypocrisy, according to the state-run Anatolian news agency.

"While the West is abolishing the death penalty, they are just watching the continuation of death sentences in Egypt. They don't do anything about it," Erdogan was quoted as saying.

Human rights group Amnesty International said the trial was a "charade" and based on "void procedures".

"Condemning Mohamed Morsi to death after more grossly unfair trials shows a complete disregard for human rights ... he was held for months incommunicado without judicial oversight and that he didn't have a lawyer to represent him," the organisation said in a statement."

Ohm Ohm Ohm

Mubarak - What did he do? see here:

"The despotic regime that the people revolted against was not protected except by a police apparatus that practised detention, torture, and abuse against the defenceless. Mubarak's regime did all it could to suppress the revolution, by teargas, bullets and bloodshed"

"Three decades of corruption and wastage of what previous generations and governments had built  lost through horrifically corrupt privatisation deals  are nothing but illustrative of the true nature of the Mubarak regime. That regime transformed gradually into a corrupt order that crushed and drained Egypt and pushed it towards regional and international marginalisation. Social injustice, which resulted in fields of wretchedness, poverty, slum areas, marginalised and street children, was not a false claim against the Mubarak regime. Laxity and miserably low rates of savings and investment and subsequent huge increases in the number of unemployed who suffered from being deprived of earning their livelihood with dignity were but some of the manifestations of the catastrophes of Mubarak's rule and the influence of the evil entourage that surrounded him like a ring of fire.

The blatant and flagrant corruption in the granting of lands allotted for agricultural and industrial development at ludicrous prices and with minimal fees to cronies and hardened corruption figures, and allowing them to sell it for enormous sums, for the sake of crooked profiteering, came at the expense of Egypt and its people."

Whats it got to do with us? - Dont' know. But its important. The repercussions of the death of the first democratically elected leader of Egypt together with the resurgence of the political rise of the Mubaraks could eventually hit home. 

The Arab Uprising or 'Spring' :

Now about the Magna Carta .... 









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Egypt: 'Al-Nahda'

"Prosecutors alleged that the Brotherhood had hatched a plan in 2005 to send "elements" to military training camps run by Hamas in Gaza, Hezbollah in Lebanon and the Revolutionary Guards in Iran. Upon their return, they joined forces with jihadist groups in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula and helped create the instability that triggered the 2011 revolution and plagued Egypt afterwards, they said. The sentences for Morsi and his co-defendants were confirmed by a court in June."

The Dark Side of Tourism ... Karnak, ouch.

Counting our blessings.

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Egypt, Putin, Aida

More progress:

"Egypt says it is set to open a new 72-km section of the Suez Canal. Touted as a “national project,” it will nearly double the speed of traffic in the canal – and is expected to bring investor trust and foreign capital back to Egypt after years of turmoil.

The new route, which has been dubbed Suez Canal Axis, is now ready for navigation and will formally be opened on August 6, according to officials in the city of Ismailiya. It runs along the existing 146-year-old canal connecting the Mediterranean Sea with the Red Sea.

“We have finished work on time and even before the specified time…We call on all the international maritime carriers to use the current and the new Suez canal. Your navigation is safe,” retired Admiral Mohab Mameesh, chairman of the Suez Canal Authority, said at a news conference on Wednesday, adding that the new canal can be used by all types of vessels.

The $8-billion project was launched in August 2014 and supervised by the military after President Abdel Fatah el-Sisi ordered the construction to be completed within one year."

Orders, eh?

"Other than reducing the waiting period for ships from about 20 to 11 hours – with Mameesh calling the improvement “Egypt’s gift to the world” – the newly-constructed two-way route promises to nearly triple revenue from the Suez Canal to over $13 billion per year by 2023.

Moreover, ambitious plans for a massive international industrial and logistics hub near the new canal will help boost the Egyptian economy, eventually accounting for up to one third of GDP"

As part of the project, the creation of a Russian industrial zone has been agreed upon by President el-Sisi and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin."

Aida? ... does it have a plot?

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Seedy Secrets


Hmmm ... something else off the radar

just what were they not saying?

"The shipments were conducted secretly to avoid any security problems.

“We wanted to make sure that the publicity around this deposit is not taken by someone for different purposes,” Koch told an Associated Press journalist visiting the Svalbard Seed Vault, just 1,300 kilometers (800 miles) from the North Pole."

Apologies .... multitasking.

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Breaking - Off The Radar

"It's NOT confirmed that this flight has crashed. It descended 5000 feet before Flightradar24 coverage was lost."

Up date:

"The crash site was discovered hours later in a desolate mountainous area of central Sinai, Egypt’s aviation ministry reported.

All passengers and crewmembers are presumed to have been killed in the crash, Egyptian sources told Reuters."

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The Bear Has New Claws

RAF Fylingdales must be going ballistic ;-/

Wot an awful sound.... cripes only knows wots at the other end of those beasties. 

Shiver or Duck.

EU Ponders ... assymetrics, lack of integration and poor intelligence.





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Puppy Power

"In a gesture of support, Russia’s Interior Ministry has decided to send a German Shepherd puppy to the French police that lost a seven-year-old Belgian Shepherd service dog, named Diesel, in the Saint-Denis raid against the suspected mastermind behind the deadly terror attacks in Paris that claimed 130 lives last week.

Russian Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev has forwarded a letter to his French counterpart Bernard Cazeneuve, expressing sympathy in relation to the deadly attacks in Paris."

“I assure you of our readiness to cooperate against crime and terrorism,” the minister wrote.

"The puppy is called Dobrynya after a Russian epic knight, who is a symbol of strength, kindness, bravery and selfless help. The puppy will be sent to France as a sign of solidarity with the French people and police in fight against terrorism,” ministry's spokesperson Elena Alekseyeva wrote on her Instagram page.

Awe ... Melted.


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Egypt Explored - None Shall Sleep

"One of the first things my explorer friend told me was even disarmingly: “We are not like Indiana Jones as some people imagine. We don’t have a whip, we don’t consult miraculous algorithms nor do we whisper to stones … ”

"...Each discovery is the result of the geological knowledge and insights of a great team...."

"The IEOC, historically the driver of exploration activities in Egypt, for the first time in forty years was about to run out of areas to explore. Uncertainty, as Mao Tse Tung would have said, is an excellent opportunity to try to reconstruct the portfolio with more or less limited investment (the competition would be low), pending an improvement in the conditions for investing in the country...."

Eh? The Italian bit ;-0

"The intuition of trying something other than the typical game used in the Nile Delta; of applying the discoveries of offshore Israel to Egypt; not stopping at the “data package” as it was, but going beyond; following the regional paths of gas migration and using geological references already tested in other countries (Libya, Venezuela and Kazakhstan), these are typically Italian attitudes and the result of Eni’s worldwide experience worldwide. Our competitors are perhaps more organised, with richer and more numerous teams, but they don’t know how to discard as we do … "


"storyteller at Eni" ? Ahem.

A bit of Yorkshire's Russell ..


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Mind the Gap