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The Whitby Gazette is running a delightful story, as they often do : - ) http://www.whitbygazette.co.uk/news/local/history-made-as-whitby-celebra...

"Dozens of people gathered in the early morning sunshine along Church Street to witness the event which dates back to 1159 and sees a small fence erected out of hazel sticks by way of a penance for a sin committed by a trio of Whitby noblemen.

Once the Penny Hedge has been constructed, an 800-year old horn is sounded before Lol Hodgson, the bailiff of the Manor of Fyling, shouts “out on ye” three times."

"The story behind the custom surrounds three noblemen who were hunting a wild boar, when it was reputed to have sought refuge in a chapel in Eskdaleside.

The hunters were denied access to the building by a hermit and in a fit of rage they rode him down with spears, mortally wounding him.

On his death bed, the hermit informed those responsible for his wounding that both they and their ancestors were to build a hedge capable of withstanding three tides as penance, or face the forfeiture of their lands."

And, of course, the best bit  ....  "Moira Clarke is believed to be the first woman ever to take part in the centuries-old ceremony, after she was plucked from the watching crowd and asked to do the honours when one of the usual participants failed to show."

Hmmm ... how timely and ab fabulous ... 



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Prophets of Doom


Almost 1000 reasons ... why the YP Project is needed.

"The company behind Boulby Mine is embarking on a radical re-organisation and a £38 million investment programme after conceding that the operation has not been profitable for over 18 months.

In a letter sent to the union in response to a dispute about pay rises and Christmas working, David Zvida, the managing director of Cleveland Potash which runs the mine, revealed the company’s financial situation following pay talks.

The company has since announced it will be transferring 49 posts from ICL UK to ICL Iberia Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cleveland Potash Limited.

In document seen by the Gazette, Mr Zvida said: “The 2015 pay talks commenced on the 5th May and were finally concluded by late June.

“From the very outset the company reminded the union that we have been unprofitable for the latter half of 2013 and for the whole duration on 2014.”

However, he has since insisted that there will be no job losses with the re-structure which will see the separation of mining and production activities from sales, marketing and distribution services.

The transfer is set to be effective from October and staff affected and trade unions have been informed.

When approached by the Gazette a spokesperson for Boulby Mine said it is a fact that ICL UK (Cleveland Potash) had not been profitable for a period and had now begun a significant programme aimed at improving the productivity and competiveness of the operation.

They added that the programme, which will continue for some considerable time, had begun to deliver results and the company was currently in a stronger position than that experienced in 2013/2014 and is committed to carrying forward the measures needed to ensure that it can build on the progress already achieved.

Mr Zvida added: “We are currently moving forward with a £38million investment programme to greatly expand our production of polysulphate—ICL UK is currently the only producer of this fertiliser in the world.”

Is that the cost of winding gear?


steel toe capped, boots on ;-)


failure was never an option.


Still sore?

 ;-/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCwwXanvgOM



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Changing Faces At Boulby


Two heads, two faces or just two ...

Resistance is futile ;-) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W9Bzb6YVvOk


A Potash Powerhouse of the North ... mebbe ...  banging of heads or Marvin Gaye and get it on ...

Hopeful ... as a giraffe.


Number crunching ...  'fantasy land'





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Boulby HSE Order


"ONE of Europe's deepest mines has been ordered to improve safety after a blaze broke out more than 1,000 metres below the North Sea last month.

Boulby potash mine, in east Cleveland, has been issued with an "improvement notice" by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) as it continues an investigation into the fire.

It started just after midnight on April 13, five miles out to sea and 1,100 under the sea bed, and was believed to be caused by polystyrene blocks catching fire.

The improvement notice is believed to be in relation to a risk assessment being carried out on the polystyrene.

Seven workers were taken to hospital suffering from smoke inhalation. More than 100 staff were underground at the time, and 11 were temporarily unaccounted for.

The HSE said it had served the improvement notice in relation to the fire, and that mine owners Cleveland Potash Limited had until June 27 to comply.

A spokeswoman said they had 21 days to appeal the decision, and that HSE was continuing its investigation of the underground fire, with a final report expected in a few weeks.

A statement from Cleveland Potash said: "We have been working closely with HM Mines Inspectorate in the investigation into the recent incident.

"In fact the investigation is still ongoing and is likely to continue for some time.

"Safety is always our first priority and we are fully committed to working with the Inspectorate in order to identify ways in which procedures can be improved.

"We will, of course comply with all the measures set out in the improvement notice.

Boulby employs about 1,100 people, but is cutting jobs as part of a new business strategy."


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Boulby 'Bouncing'?


"“Our aim is to transfer this business from a purely potash-based operation to a polysulphate operation.

“We believe very strongly in polysulphate (but the falling potash price) places significant pressure economically.

“That has meant we have had to make the next level of changes earlier than anticipated.

“We will run out of potash and will have to re-visit these issues.

“If the climate continues to deteriorate, we will have to continue to respond.”

To mitigate the loss of traditional potash, ICL is switching its attention to polyhalite, which experts say has numerous nutrients needed for strong crop growth.

A new plant to process the mineral is under construction and the firm, known locally as Cleveland Potash, previously said it hopes to be annually mining about a million tonnes by 2020.

Mr Smith said that plan hasn’t wavered, but added caution, saying any progress depends on market take-up.

He also reiterated a previous point that polyhalite work requires less staff.

He added: “We understand this will cause concern for employees, their families and the wider community and we are committed to keeping the numbers as low as reasonably possible.

“But this restructuring, although difficult, is aimed at ensuring ICL has a future.”

Mr Smith added ICL is now in talks with union officials over the changes.

See tomorrow’s free 12-page Jobs & Business supplement for an exclusive interview with Mr Smith on ICL’s plans for the future."

Oooh subtle Supplements ...


Oh, OK ... keep your hat on ;-)