Tour de Yorkshire - Torchwood

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Tour de Yorkshire - it was all a bit surreal and, erm Torchwood?  In among the mayhem were two Welcome to Yorkshire sleek black tinted windowed Rangerovers  zooming around the local countryside, towns and villages  ...  overhead were black helicoptors - were they eyes for Sky or Blackhawks? Torchwood, Torture or Touchwood ? Small Worlds

It's one thing to close off all major routes in and out of Scarborough over a bank holiday weekend, was it Doomsday? Friday 1st May, Scarborough Town and Foreshore was dead. Zombie apocolypse.  With the roads closed not many could get in or out or about.  Various hi viz vehicles, police motorcyclists, ambulances, (where did they all come from) followed by vans, trucks, coaches, the media (cockroaches) assembly  and finally the Welcome to Yorkshire Torchwood vehicles  zooming by with absolutely no respect fot the highway code, speed limits, red lights, parking permit holders, barriers - where were the barriers? Were there any limits?  To top that they lined many streets with school-kids, (who should have been at school) and allowed the general health & safety of the local population to go to pot.  I kid you not.  One local gal almost had her operation cancelled at the local hospital that morning as they tried to tip her out of bed  to keep some beds 'free' ... just in case.

All of this to escort the hype over some 144  lycra clad cyclists from another place. (If I'm ever spotted in public in lycra - please shoot me - mebbe ;-) Amazingly, touchwood, no reports of injured pedestrians.faeries

Other than my own Grump de Tour,  tales of missed appointments, empty hopsital beds, empty schools of kids, empty streets of shoppers, empty roads. Note 'empty' not Humpty.  Local businesses had the absolute worst day of trading. (selective).   Indeed, if you were going to rob a bank, this would be the time to do it.  (A jewellers in Whitby got robbed).  So busy were the bizzies, (not buses) police, emergency services, even the bin-men were recruited an masse to keep the streets clean. Despite all that despicable bunting hanging from and littering over every other Grade II building along the way ...  Where was everyone?

According to the Media - thousands of people lined the streets to Welcome the Tour de Yorkshire ... really? Who and where? Who designed this? More importantly who is paying?  

Welcome to Yorkshire's big plan is to promote Tourism in North Yorkshire, erm, by closing all the main access roads and routes into Scarborough & Whitby over a Bank Holiday week-end.   

Friday May 1st -a nice sunny day.... yesterday :   The Yorkshire Post ask "Same again next year?"   No !!! Thanks for asking.  Erm, but they have allegedly signed a five year deal.  (Could be nine years).

Indeed most of the Media were primed prepared and pumped up the hype ... but that is Welcome to Yorkshires main task.   Pumping and pomping. Their Chief Executive is one Gary Verity.  Who?

It would seem that some people have already questioned 'Welcome to Yorkshire' - what is their purpose and where do they get their funding (from us thats who) :

So with the major contributors to funding being 'not very transparent' is Welcome to Yorkshire a political organisation?  (They are Twonks)

Cameron hints at Knighthood for Verity:

Sir Gary 'Abaddon' Verity? "Detailed plans for the two Yorkshire stages have been in the public domain since Welcome to Yorkshire was awarded the contract in December. But so far only the start and finish of the third stage have been revealed. One source close to the decision on government funding said Welcome to Yorkshire's original submission was "half-baked" and lacked "strategic direction".

The elite sport funding body UKS declined to comment on the request Welcome to Yorkshire made for £1.7m of "major events" cash, but it is believed its position is in line with DCMS's: the money is available, providing a more holistic plan emerges. Welcome to Yorkshire chief executive Gary Verity rejected criticism of his agency's plans for next July, telling the BBC the creation of an "overarching delivery group", chaired by him, was always part of the strategy."  £10 mil.

Even their Auditors are Barons !!

Note that there are two Directors and an annual wage bill of £1.7mil over 43 staff ... nice little earner for some.

Now all this about empire building and Knights and Barrons and this being the 800th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta ....

lighting a torch for ...   and its nowt to do with democracy

Mebbe a Tour de Wales?




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Tour De Yorkshire -2016

From YCR 96.2fm

"Yorkshire Bank, Dimensions Data, P&O Ferries, Mavic, Milltag and JCT600 are all sponsors of the Tour de Yorkshire. Welcome to Yorkshire is now exploring talks with other companies for title sponsorship and the leader’s jersey.

Dates for the race will be confirmed by the UCI in Autumn 2015 and organisers Welcome to Yorkshire and ASO have confirmed they will apply for the same weekend of racing, the first weekend of May, for the 2016 edition."

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Tour Deux Trois

British Cycling says No.   Non pas quatre jours pour le Tour de Yorkshire.  

Yorkshire Post:

"Welcome to Yorkshire’s request to expand the 2016 Tour de Yorkshire from three days to four has been rejected by the sport’s governing body.

The county’s tourism board, along with Tour de France organisers Amaury Sports Organisation, wanted to accelerate the growth of the legacy race following its success over three days in its inaugural running this May.

But British Cycling has rejected the application.

Sir Gary Verity, chief executive of Welcome to Yorkshire, said: “We’ve nothing but the highest regard for British Cycling with all that they have achieved over the last few years, including their record in delivering Great Britain cycling medals.

“However, we are disappointed by the decision of the British Cycling Board not to support our plans for expansion of the Tour de Yorkshire next year."

"A British Cycling statement read: “British Cycling can confirm the decision to maintain the Tour de Yorkshire as a three-day event with a 2:1 classification for 2016.

“The decision was taken by the board of British Cycling following a request from co-organisers Welcome to Yorkshire to move to a four-day race with a 2.HC classification.

“The board revisited the previous classification decision and reviewed the duration increase request in detail but concluded that the event should remain at three days and with 2.1 classification for 2016.

“This format was agreed in the contract signed with Welcome to Yorkshire and was the basis upon which the event was approved as part of a balanced international racing calendar which ensures people across Britain have a chance to see world-class cycling on our roads.

“The Tour de Yorkshire’s place in the international cycling calendar is much-coveted in this country and abroad, and we have a responsibility to ensure the best return possible for the sport.

“The decision was also made in the light of the UCI’s reforms of the calendar, expected towards the end of the year, and which need to be understood before further decisions can be made on British Cycling’s major events strategy.

“The board wanted to stress they were encouraged by the initial success of the Tour de Yorkshire but four months after the inaugural event is too soon for the meaningful analysis needed to reframe a four-year agreement. All the signs are that the Tour de Yorkshire will be successful but more evidence is required before an informed judgement can be made.

“A stage race for professional road cyclists - regardless of whether it is three or four days - will not on its own sustain the wider impacts and benefits for cycling needed for the transformation of cycling in Yorkshire and to which Welcome to Yorkshire has committed."

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Verity Verity .... What is your job?

The tourism chief who helped bring the Tour de France to Yorkshire has defended the £1m loss his organisation incurred from hosting the event.

A KPMG report, leaked to the Northern Echo, revealed the figures included £750,000 of unsold merchandise.

Welcome to Yorkshire's Sir Gary Verity said the shortfall was outweighed by the "£102m economic benefit" to the region.

He said he regarded the loss as an "investment" in Yorkshire's economy.

Speaking after London turned down the chance to host the 2017 event, Mr Verity added he would "love" the race to return to the county by 2020."

Councils in North Yorkshire have agreed to hand over £200,000 to WTY to help its finances - on the understanding that budgetary plans going forward remain on track.

Two thirds of this money has already been paid with the final third instalment due to be given early next year.

However, Richmondshire district Councillor Stuart Parsons has questioned whether more public money should be handed over given the critical KPMG report.

He said Richmondshire had already agreed to provide a further £27,000 on top of its £10,000 membership fee to help the company's finances on the understanding WTY would begin discussions on relaunching the Dales Festival of Food and Drink, which was cancelled after this year's event.

He described the WTY's financial situation as "astounding".

"I appreciate we have to promote Yorkshire but this should be done within our means. The report is a great shock - I didn't realise it was that bad."

Cllr Parsons was also critical of WTY chief executive Sir Gary Verity who according to the accounts will be paid almost £210,000 in 2015/2016.

"If he had taken a 25 per cent cut as a gesture to reestablishing financial viability that would have been a good start."

Nope tis not funny... never mock once inflicted. Purdah.

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Kurilpa Derby Day - Spring?

A 'Life on Wheels' annual event ;-)

"This year, the Kurilpa Derby – a parade of brightly attired locals on every mode of transport imaginable – has been incorporated into the larger event, and promises to help make the festival bigger and better than ever. Participants will crowd the streets with bicycles, tricycles and unicycles; skateboards, rollerblades and even wheelie bins; making their way from one end of Boundary Street to the other in an expression of unity and diversity.

Open to all ages and backgrounds, at the soul of the festival is a proud local tradition of respect and appreciation for the multitude of differences between everyone who lives in the area. Finding strength in individuality, the event brings together local artists, groups and businesses with the aim of furthering community bonds and putting the lively local culture on display.

Running from October 25 until October 31, the West End Festival will kick off with the Kurilpa Derby on the Sunday, and will run all week long."

Sprring .... Zebbedee

Sofa seekers:


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Tour de Yorkshire v WGW 2016

'Stage Three will begin in Captain Cook's home town of Middlesbrough, then into Herriot Country before tackling the infamous Sutton Bank. Riders will head over the North York Moors to reach Grosmont, where they'll face another climb. The route will then take the cyclists through Sleights, Ruswarp and into Whitby.

Riders will face a sprint out of Whitby, then it's down to Robin Hood's Bay. There'll be a climb as the teams head to Harwood Dale, where the cyclists will face another climb. From there it's on to East Ayton and Irton, before the big finale at Scarborough's North Bay.'

'In addition to the professional races, the Maserati Tour de Yorkshire Ride will give amateur cyclists the chance to ride many of the roads ridden by the pros in a newly designed sportive route, which will start and finish in Scarborough on Sunday 1 May.  The sportive route will follow parts of Stage 3 of the men's race whilst also taking in several alternative roads to allow for all 6000 participants to finish in their own time.

A highlight of the sportive will see amateur riders finishing with a 1km sea-front sprint finish and crossing the very same finish line as the professional riders with the same support from the waiting crowds. There will be three distances for riders to choose from; 40km, 85km and 115km.  The sportive sold out in a matter of hours in 2015 and those hoping to secure a place in the 2016 ride can register their interest and be first to hear when this year's event opens at

Returning sponsors for the men’s race have also been confirmed, with Yorkshire Bank sponsoring the Sprint Jersey; Dimension Data sponsoring the Digital Vote / Most Aggressive Rider Jersey; and Mavic returning as the Official Supplier.   Yorkshire Bank also sponsor the Tour de France legacy project - the Yorkshire Bank Bike Libraries - which have already helped over a thousand children in Yorkshire ride a bike for free.'

'~0~' '~0~' '~0~'


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No 'I' Dea

You really know or have no meaning of the word.


lololol :

Erm, nope, something nasti doing the rounds ... an urgent need for a bucket, fell off me chair ... oops.

SOFA time ...


Wot no Hughy ? Pah, X-Men ... fangtastic just one slight pwoblem with the X films, 'Mutants' yep sounds populist,  BUT as always told to my little critter there are no two people on the planet that look, think or feel the same ... ergo we are all mutants so why would H'Wood make a song and dance about a 'few', phew ? Get my drift ... tis rather disturbing from the Couch. Humbly bumbly ... bucket.   

It is wot it is ... a side show ;-)



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Tour de Tetley


“Drivers must remember that parents with buggies and wheelchair users need to be able to use the pavement. There’s also the danger that bad parking can create a blind spot or obstruct sightlines, especially when parked near a junction.”



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Walk Don't Run

Back on Planet Earth ;-)

"Scarborough is the place to be for the launch of Seaside Walk Week 2016, the charity event that pays tribute to the magic of family holidays by the sea.

Seaside Walk Week highlights the wonders of the British seaside and the work of the Family Holiday Association, which for more than 40 years now has been changing the lives of struggling families by helping family members to spend time together by the sea – often for the very first time."

Spring Bank? End of May ....

Why ain't Welcome to Yorkshire promoting this?


Nah, f*ck it, wot about the spinally injured,  wheelchair users, the skateboarders, hoverboards ...  wotever, Diversity?

Roll on Rio. If you can ...



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Tour de Yorkshire - Banked

"Now North Yorkshire County Council and five of the district councils Hambleton, Ryedale, Scarborough, Richmondshire and Craven are offering £200,000 through a business rates pool towards the costs.

The county council also pays an annual £80,000 subscription fee to Welcome to Yorkshire.

The county council’s executive has now also agreed to offer up to £500,000 as a loan over the next five years which Welcome to Yorkshire can use if it experiences cashflow problems.


The loan is secured on a property, Welcome to Yorkshire’s former headquarters in Tadcaster Road, York, which is currently leased out and is valued at more than £700,000.

The county council’s corporate director Gary Fielding said Welcome to Yorkshire has now secured additional contributions of around £850,000 after discussions with local councils.

“It has also produced a four year business plan which seeks to reduce expenditure and further increase commercial income to ensure that its finances are on a sustainable footing,” he added.

Carl Les, leader of North Yorkshire County Council, a voluntary Director of Welcome to Yorkshire, said the agency has done an exceptional job and needed support.

“If we want an organisation that promotes this whole economy and which encourages people internationally to look at North Yorkshire then we have to help....

"I think Welcome to Yorkshire is a vital part of our communications network in encouraging people to visit and invest in North Yorkshire.”

Tory Tory Tory ...

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Tour de Tory Plan

"County Councillor Carl Les, Leader of North Yorkshire County Council said:

“This is a fantastic event which builds on last year’s Tour de Yorkshire, with the race visiting large parts of North Yorkshire and once again the benefits to the county will be enormous, both in the immediate term and the longer term”

“We want to make sure that everything is in place to make it a huge success and ensures the race passes off smoothly for everyone – for the competitors, for the spectators, and for all other residents and highways users.


 “We are doing all we can to make sure that it is successful – and that as far as possible, disruption for everyone who needs to use our roads over the weekend of the 29 April – 1 May, is kept to a minimum.”

Full details of the roads affected are on the County Council’s website Details of other services affected by the tour will also be added to the council website as they become available, including advice on transport, including any schools affected."

Yup, don't forget to put up your Vote Tory signs along the route ... and get rid of any rubbish.

£500K from the Tory Budget, £140K from SBC ....

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Tour de Devolution

Scarborough in with NYCC, York & East Riding ...

Harrogate objects to Hull ...

Selective ... elections?

Mike Pannett on PCC “I am also sure that if anyone was remotely interested in this they would see right through it as a deflection tactic to cover the inefficiencies of the current Conservative PCC.

“I was warned early on that the dirty, bullying and snide aspect of party politics could raise its head at some point, so I’m really not surprised. It has made me even more determined to stand for election as an independent PCC.”

Yup, Welcome to Yorkshire ... mind with Verity as devoluted mayor and Pannett as PCC ... could be interesting.


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Tour De Yorkshire - Great Expectations

Road closure notices:

"... on Sunday 1 May 2016, will see the riders departing Middlesbrough at 11.35am. The 198km stage will pass through Great Ayton, Stokesley, Northallerton, Thirsk, Helmsley and Kirkbymoorside. It is expected to arrive at Glaisdale at about 2.30pm before travelling to Grosmont, Sleights and Ruswarp, passing through Whitby at about 3pm and arriving at the finish in Scarborough at about 4.25pm."


"Cote de Grosmont
Fair Head Lane from its junctions with Front Street Grosmont/Eskdaleside to the A169 will be closed from 1pm to 4.30pm. A diversion via Eskdaleside and the A169 will be in place. Pedestrian and cyclist access will be maintained until the police race escort arrives.

Whitby harbour area
New Quay Road, Bridge Street and Church Street will be closed from 2pm to 4.30pm.

Scarborough, Oliver’s Mount
For the final king of the mountains summit, Mere Lane and Oliver’s Mount will be closed from 2pm to 6pm. Pedestrian and cyclist access will be maintained until the police race escort arrives.

Scarborough seafront
Sandside and Foreshore Road will be closed from 2pm to 6pm. Marine Drive and Royal Albert Drive will be closed from 5am to 9pm, except for the section between The Sands and Albert Road (Chain Hill), which will be closed from 8pm on Saturday to 9pm on Sunday. Queens Parade will be closed from 2pm to 6pm.

Closures may be lengthened for safety reasons on the day."

Safety for riders and spectators is paramount, so vehicles should not be parked on the race route. Details of car parking arrangements are available at

Big screens from which to watch the race will be in place at the Moors National Park Centre, Danby; Dock End, Whitby; Foreshore Road, Scarborough; Sandside, Scarborough; and the finish in Scarborough."

Wot do you see?

Mind it hasn't rained for two days ... Drought Drought

"Now all of a sudden we could have something on the ground that has a large footprint, and we could use that to help calibrate Grace or future gravity satellites to make them more accurate."

Dr Hut's co-investigators are Jorg Wenninger from Cern (the LHC's home), and Ivo van Vulpen from the University of Amsterdam.

"By the way, the LHC is also a brilliant earthquake detector," said Dr Wenninger. "We saw the Ecuador earthquake (on Saturday) about 20 minutes after it happened (the seismic travel time to Europe)," he told BBC News."

Oh.   9713 km ...

Erm.... 10813 km

Ah, so  40075 km


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Coastal Communities Fund

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WtY ... Stuffed

"The Yorkshire coast could be in line for a whopping £7m tourism boost if businesses give their support to a fundraising initiative.

Following positive research and commitment of funding from several local authorities, the Welcome to Yorkshire Coast Tourism Advisory Board is hoping to create a Destination Business Improvement District .

The advisory board is seeking support in cash or in kind from businesses Scarborough, Whitby, Filey and Bridlington, to spark the development stage.

Tourism marketing expenditure is currently shared between local authorities and Welcome to Yorkshire but this new initiative will provide extra funding to help generate new business for local operators. Mike Wilkinson, board member, said: “A successful Destination Business Improvement District would increase visitor numbers, improve the visitor experience and encourage repeat visits.

“It would also stimulate longer stays and increase spend with local businesses, so the benefits are obvious and there for the taking, all backed by qualitative research.”

Tremendous work has been achieved by Welcome to Yorkshire and the public sector but the advisory board feels there is a lack of certainty about the future of funding for the tourism marketing along the Yorkshire coast.

John Senior, board vice-chairman, said the concept of a Destination Business Improvement District would lead to useful new and extra tourism projects and services.

He added : “We must not get left behind our competitors and I hope that local businesses will get behind us and provide the necessary funding so that we can start the process.

“We have so much to offer and the funding would put additional marketing and other projects in the hands of the private sector on whom we rely for a large number of jobs.”

Other destinations such as Great Yarmouth and Bournemouth are already running successful bids with extra tourism budgets of up to £5m."

Erm, howabout ... Get '*******"

Up the Khyber! (taking the proverbial)

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Stray Laws

"A council is to consult on a change in the law to enable big public events to be hosted on a common in Harrogate.

The law focuses on the Stray, a 200-acre (80 hectares) piece of land that wraps around the town centre.

It is protected by the Harrogate Stray Act 1985, which limits events to 8.5 acres (3.5 hectares) in size.

Harrogate Borough Council is now to apply to parliament to temporarily relax some of the rules for the Tour de Yorkshire cycle race next year.

It did the same for the first stage of the 2014 Tour de France, between Leeds and Harrogate.

An order was made allowing 48 acres (19 hectares) of the land, which is owned by the Duchy of Lancaster, for 198 competitors and hundreds of race vehicles, plus TV trucks, thousands of fans, portable toilets, temporary accommodation and food stalls.

A public consultation is due to start on Monday and run for 12 weeks."



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The Wheels on the Bus

"Labour has been fined £20,000 by the Electoral Commission for failing to declare all of its general election expenses - including the stone tablet unveiled during the campaign.

The 8ft "Ed Stone", carved with ex-leader Ed Miliband's key pledges, was among £123,748 of payments missing from Labour's 2015 election return.

A further 33 receipts, worth £34,392, were missing, the commission said.

The £20,000 is the highest fine it has imposed since it was formed in 2001..."

Oh, Dear ... exactly one week before the NYCC elections :

"The six host towns for 2017 Tour de Yorkshire have been unveiled this morning and include Bridlington and Scarborough.

The four other host towns include Bradford, Fox Valley (Sheffield), Harrogate, and Tadcaster.

Organisers Welcome to Yorkshire and the Amaury Sport Organisation (A.S.O.) revealed the chosen towns which will see the three-day men’s race held from Friday 28th April to Sunday 30th April. The women’s race will be held on Saturday 29th April.

The second edition took place earlier this year and achieved significant growth on the back of an impressive debut in 2015. The number of roadside spectators increased from 1.5 to 2 million and the race attracted 11.4 million global TV viewers, up from 6 million in 2015. The event also boosted the local economy by £60 million and 2017 promises to continue that trend following the news that Yorkshire will host the UCI Road World Championships in 2019.

Cllr Derek Bastiman, Leader of Scarborough Borough Council said:

“The race organisers obviously can’t get enough of the Yorkshire coast with both Scarborough and our neighbours Bridlington featuring in the start-finish line up, which mirrors the inaugural host town list in 2015. This level of recognition is brilliant for our part of the county and I hope it also puts us in prime position for consideration by the organisers of the UCI Road World Championships in 2019.”

Cllr Andrew Jenkinson, Scarborough Borough Council Cabinet Member for Leisure, Tourism and Culture, added:

“We are delighted and somewhat surprised that the Borough of Scarborough has once again been chosen to host this prestigious event. We know we’re very lucky to have another chance to showcase the wonderful places and people that make the Yorkshire coast great to a global audience and be part of one of the biggest races on the professional cycling calendar.”


The leader of North Yorkshire County Council, Councillor Carl Les, said:

“Next year’s race will further cement Yorkshire’s place on the international cycling map, and it is important that North Yorkshire plays a key role, as we know these events have strengthened the county’s economy and given a huge boost for our tourism industries.

“This race will benefit all the host towns and their surrounding areas, particularly giving Tadcaster a boost in its recovery from the devastating floods of last December. It will be a great opportunity to see pictures of the rebuilt Tadcaster Bridge in the television coverage.  

“This year’s Tour de Yorkshire saw more than two million spectators line the route. Spending was higher than the previous year; up 27.8 per cent year on year on accommodation and up 12.4 per cent items such as food and drink, souvenirs and transport.

“The County Council has a duty to businesses in North Yorkshire to promote the county as a popular place for people to visit.  The investment brings benefits that go beyond the race weekend.”




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Parrot Fashion

Ah, so ;-)

"A parrot fossil has been unearthed in Siberia - the furthest north one of these birds has ever been found, a study reports.

A single parrot bone was discovered in the Baikal region and dates to between 16 and 18 million years ago.

It suggests that the birds, which today mainly inhabit tropical and sub-tropical regions, may once have been widespread in Eurasia.

It is also the first time a fossil parrot has been found in Asia."

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TdY - Bums on Seats

pmsl ... Matt is away ...

"I think I've invented the Migrant Crisis"

Hmmmm ....

Pants !!

Oh, OK :


Ah, so ... Baldrick, I have a cunning plan:-)

'Never let thought stand in the way of ... progress' 



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Grrrrrr Owl

"11:36am 27th January 2017

North Yorkshire wins almost £1m to encourage cycling and walking

North Yorkshire County Council has been awarded almost £1m from the Government’s Access Fund for projects to encourage people to walk or cycle rather than drive.

The projects will focus on the county’s two largest centres of population – Harrogate and Knaresborough area and Scarborough – and on Skipton. They will be funded by a £974,000 grant from the Access Fund, plus £115,000 of local funding from the County Council and partners.

Projects will involve a mixture of cycle safety and training programmes, promotion of cycling opportunities within and around the three towns, investment to help people get to work, training or education. Work will also be done to prepare cycle infrastructure development bids to take advantage of future funding opportunities..."



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The 'Y' Factor

Captain Black's picture

Why De Yorkshire?

"Unless you’re an avid transport campaigner, it’s likely that among the rush of government announcements made last week, you will have missed one very important one: the publication of the cycling and walking investment strategy (CWIS),

The government’s intention to launch a CWIS was first announced in January 2015. It took more than two years, but we now have the first legislation of its kind in England to bind the government with legal commitments to invest in cycling and walking provision.

The CWIS has been the result of years’ of pressure from cycling and walking groups and the concerted efforts of a small but dedicated group of civil servants. Its publication is a cause for both celebration and relief, as there were concerns that the forthcoming election could have delayed it further, or even halted it altogether...."

Ah, so ...


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Wheels of Progress

What happens when a rural town becomes the mountain bike capital of Australia?

Good question.


"Time has not been wasted.

The urgency for action is now being impressed and not only by the Sons of Neptune - as when pollution impacts on bathing water quality which today exacts standards which were unheard of some 50 years ago – it has to be assumed there will be an impact on marine life and we are indeed fortunate that the inshore fishermen have not been slow to fight that quarter..."

"There are no size restrictions on pet crocodiles, all you need is a big pool.

"I have a few of my friends they used to have big massive pools, swimming pools, but not anymore, the pool now belongs to the croc," Mrs Webb said.

"When we have dinner parties, part of the show is to feed the croc, throw them some chooks. It's part of the Territory."

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NYCC - Autonomous

"The authority hopes to save more than £2m a year with changes to its home to school transport policy for those with special educational needs or disabilities. It is consulting on removing the free-exemption for over-16s, meaning they would have to pay for transport they currently get for free.

The county council is also planning to make £1m in savings on support it provides for local schools, following up a similar cut it has already made. This means that if schools need help with financial leadership or curriculum development they will no longer get it for free.

Other plans include aiming to save £1.1m in 2018/19 by reducing the number of looked-after children and cutting out-of-authority placements for vulnerable young people.

At the same time, the council is committed to funding one-off projects worth a total of £30m, such as the A59 realignment at Kex Gill between Harrogate and Skipton, coastal erosion projects in Scarborough and Whitby and delivering superfast broadband county-wide."

Heterodox ...

"At one point I wonder out loud if they’ve been cryogenically frozen for 20 years. “We have,” laughs Claire. “Qapla'.”"

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Green & Bingo

"In her resignation statement, Ms Greening said: "Social mobility matters to me and our country more than a ministerial career."

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson said she was sorry to see Ms Greening leave.."

"Other ministers believed to be leaving government are John Hayes (transport), Philip Dunne (health) and Robert Goodwill (education)."

Shuffle Shuffle



"10:34am 9th January 2018
(Updated 11:03am 9th January 2018)

Scarborough and Whitby MP Robert Goodwill is out of Theresa May's government.

He's served as the Minister of State for Children and Families since 2017.

Before that, he was minister for Immigration from 2016 to 2017, after serving as minister for Transport from 2015 to 2016.

It comes as the Prime Minister reshuffles her government.

Robert was re-elected as the Scarborough and Whitby MP in the latest snap election in June."


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Matter Horns

"TWO men have been arrested on suspicion of poisoning a guard dog at a fracking site in Ryedale.

North Yorkshire Police said a 42-year-old man was arrested by police officers at 1.30pm yesterday in Kirby Misperton "on suspicion of administering poison to an animal, and causing criminal damage to an animal".

A 61-year-old man was arrested on a bus at Tadcaster Bus Station at 2.50pm "on suspicion of causing criminal damage to an animal", in connection with the same incident, the force added.

A police spokesman said that police had been told that a number of pellets were thrown over the fence into the fracking site yesterday morning.

"A guard dog at the site had eaten some of the pellets, been sick and collapsed," they said. "The dog was taken to a vet for treatment."

They added that several pellets were seized from the fracking site.

Both men have been released on bail, with a condition to stay away from an area around the site gates, as inquiries continue.

A spokesperson for the Kirby Misperton Protectors Group disputed the accusation of poisoning.

“Yesterday two protectors were arrested under suspicion of poisoning a guard dog at KM8,” they said.

“They were held for several hours and a search of a caravan and vehicle were conducted. Both protectors have been released without charge.”




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'Von Crank'

"A vast expansion programme unveiled by York’s National Railway Museum will see its two halves joined together and the whole complex linked to the city’s main station.

It is there, on platform nine, that the Azuma trains commissioned by Richard Branson’s outgoing Virgin franchise, will begin to arrive from London later this year.

At present, the walk from the station to the museum takes 10 minutes, even though the buildings are sited either side of the main line. But the proposals to transform the museum will see them linked by a new public space built around the Victorian brick “coal drops” from which wagons dropped fuel into storage hoppers in the railways’ steam age.

The plans will also mean the rerouting of Leeman Road, which currently separates the museum’s two halves, onto the planned central road network for York, and the closure to through traffic of an adjacent road.

The museum, which acknowledges that “while we have the best railway collection in the world, our physical infrastructure is not world-class”, says the proposals are in an early stage but represent its greatest development opportunity since its creation in 1975..."

"The expert route designers have described the undulating route as "bringing new meaning to the phrase 'up-hill and down dale'".

"A task force of 50 has been put to work on the exercise, though the parsonage can only accommodate 10 at a time."

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Tour Da Bath

"The city of Bath wants to become the first place in Britain to introduce a tourist tax, like many other European cities including Paris and Rome..."

"Last year, film director Ken Loach, who is a local resident, said Bath could lose its UNESCO status if modern developments, aimed at attracting tourists, continued to be built..."

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Ah, so ...

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Wish You Were Here?

"The report said: “We are not in a position to conclude whether the majority of material expenses were reasonable and proportionate.

“This is because WTY did not have specific guidelines or policies to govern entertainment expenses. It is a commercial matter for WTY to conclude on whether the amounts claimed can be justified by the level of income that was generated for WTY and/or the contribution to the growth of the wider economy in the Yorkshire region.”

The tourism agency is a private company but receives millions of pounds of funding from the public sector, largely via local councils."

"“It is evident that in recent years WTY and the team have had to navigate through challenging circumstances, including funding limitations and a rare combination of different stakeholder interests and pressures,” the report concluded.."

"ALL the work undertaken by Welcome to Yorkshire since its inception over 10 years ago will be seen in a new light following two independent inquiries into its governance – and management – in the wake of chief executive Sir Gary Verity’s resignation.

Formed when the economy plunged into recession, Yorkshire’s standing in the world is much enhanced thanks to the tireless work of all staff at the tourism body. This should not be overlooked and the findings absolve them of malice..."

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