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With the General and local elections less than three weeks away, politics may seem to some to be the overwhelming factor.  Yesterday it was suggested that the Potash Mine would be approved under a Labour Government?  Erm, no it would depend on 'currency'.   Eh?  Erm, how to explain ... power is not all about politics, but, sticking to the suggested 'jobs?' - Yep, reply "jobs, resources, etc whatever exchange is considered most important - wouldn't worry too much - wiser heads than ours :-) 

The forthcoming R&CBC decision on the York Potash mine is looming, this week, Thursday.  It would seem logical once this decision has been made then the NYMNPA would be able to put forward its Agenda and decision date ...This R&CBC decision is imo the 'biggie' - its about the transport system, if you can't get the stuff out of the Park, safely and efficiently,  then there is no need for a mine.      The R&CBC recommendation is for APPROVAL but it is up to the Members of the Regulatory Committee to make that final decision.  Foregoing the fact this is Boulby's old stomping ground there are other factors at play.   It may be understandable to believe that this is a political decision, and note that Bingo Bob did indeed rally ALL of the political groups to co-sign a letter in support of this project.    

Just to clarify there are 3 people allowed to speak for and against at R&CBC :    http://www.redcar-cleveland.gov.uk/rcbcweb.nsf/BC9224DF7DCFD54A80256FF00...$FILE/Attendance%20and%20Public%20Speaking%20at%20Committee.pdf -  I am very curious to know who these will be, but am 99% certain they will not be politicans.     

Regardless, back to the politics and 'currency'.    Politics is about perception. What is seen.  Behind the scenes ... who knows? That is what I meant by currency. Policys are usually formed by the knowedgable and experienced, to be adopted by politcal groups as their manifesto, agenda.   The fact that some of these politicians (decision makers) fail to  understand or comprehend the basics is by and by.  They are the public face, the front and the media fodder should they fail to deliver.    

So, politics is only a part of the 'power' mix.   Perhaps my term 'currency' could be misconstrued with 'money'.  A dirty word ? Not so, it is important to everyone and allows people to trade.  Usually an exchange for mutual benefit, otherwise its considered criminal.  Perceptions vary but commonly cold hard cash is often considered the politicians, erm, exit.

So, lets exhange the word 'money' for 'commodity'.   The commoditys market. Basically, the 'bread and butter', the grains, wheat, corn, rice, coffee, sugar the basics needed to sustain and nourish humanity.  Also the oil, gas, coal, timber- the energy market.  Far more exciting and interesting than the banking industry, its where the real money's at.  It is the money that follows the commodity.   Topical commodites - the energy we consume have been hyped by the media under the 'fracking' label.    Into all of this we can throw in technology, the science, research and development - to ease the flow of commodites.

However, to continue the analogy on 'currency' there is also another important factor - the social.   What is important to people?  Is it topical? And this is where the politicians come in to sway public opinion - well the good ones (and they don't seem to be that many).  To pin point, (I'd rather stick pins in my eyes) over the R&CBC decision on the Potash Project - it is in my humbly bumbly -  futile.   The commodity or product, is sold. 

That, imho,  is the beauty of the York Potash Project - it feeds into global basic human needs.  The term 'currency' may have been misconstrued but I considered it worthwhile to explain. (I don't understand Twitter!!) 

It goes above and beyond the 'local' and fits into the 'global' perspective ... apart from which lifes too short to keep explaining 

Perhaps an example on 'currency' and the powers that be would be more useful, (tho perhaps not a very good one, hey ho) hmmm ... Stargate to Japan - a far flung place of mystique - beyond my horizons, but certainly current, along with an expected ripple :-)

via Wolf: http://wolfstreet.com/2015/04/14/japan-may-not-restart-nukes-after-all/


 Hmmm, still confused?  - ok let me sum up in a few short words.   'Its not about us, its about them.'  - (and I don't mean Japan, York Potash, Boulby, Sabic, R&CBC, NYMNPA etc etc) ...

All in my humbly bumbly - but if you ask me a daft question expect an answer. Not necessarily short & sweet ...


ps; on a lighter note or beyond the pale - is this for real?  WTFDIK ... passengers ...






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Currency - National Grid

Tonights headlines 'News'  - the National Grid hopes to power up Whitby via Malton ...

the extreme lengths some folk will go to .... hmmm


"the work is complicated by the fact that around 60 per cent of the cable route is located within the North York Moors Special Area of conservation and North York Moors Special Protection Area."


Hmm - they kept that quiet,  just in case ;-) M

"More than 100 pylons will be pulled down and 20km of underground cable installed as part of a multi-million pound overhaul of the electricity network between Malton and Whitby.

Northern Powergrid says its ambitious £18 million project, which starts this week, will improve the quality and reliability of electricity for thousands of local people.

As part of the replacement of the existing overhead power lines, 20kms of underground cable will be installed along the A169 through the North York Moors National Park and 108 towers dismantled - also helping ti improve the views across the outstanding area of natural beauty.

However, the work is complicated by the fact that around 60 per cent of the cable route is located within the North York Moors Special Area of conservation and North York Moors Special Protection Area.

The area is protected due to the presence of rare and vulnerable habitat including dry heath, wet heath and blanket bog. It is also home to a large number of species of importance including breeding Golden Plover, Merlin, Short-eared Owl, Peregrine Falcon, Hen Harrier, Redshank and Curlew.

Northern Powergrid has employed ecological consultants from ADAS UK Ltd and liaised closely with Natural England and The North York Moors National Park to try and avoid any significant disturbance to important habitats and species as well as the wider environment.

It has also worked with the local authority to ensure traffic management is managed as effectively as possible to minimise disruption for residents and tourists as much as possible. There are also no plans to disrupt customers’ electricity supplies during the work.

Carl Bandeira, Northern Powergrid’s project manager, said: “This is a major investment by Northern Powergrid in both the reliability of the power supply between Malton and Whitby for local residents and enhancing the beautiful natural landscape of the North York Moor National Park for the future.

“We’ll continue to work with Natural England and The North York Moors National Park throughout the project to ensure this area of significant beauty and environmental importance is treated with the respect it deserves.

“Once we’ve completed installation of the underground cable network and carried out modification works at both Thornton Dale and Whitby substations, we will remove the 108 towers. This will help provide more uninterrupted, natural views for local people and tourists of the stunning scenery this moorland landscape is famous for.”

“While we carry out this vital investment project there will be some disruption to traffic along the A169 between the Fox and Rabbit pub at Lockton and Blue Bank car parking areas at Sleights. We’re making every effort to reduce the impact and keep residents and businesses informed of our progress.”

Work is expected to be completed by October next year.

The first phase of the work began on the A169, north of the Fox and Rabbit pub, Lockton, on Monday. Some disruption is expected along the road between the pub and Blue Bank at Sleights.

Northern Powergrid say the project is expected to be completed by October next year."





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Fox n Rabbit or the Hare n Hounds

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Deflation - Conflicting Views

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Founders Found


"The keys are inextricably linked to blocks of bitcoins known to have been created or "mined" by Satoshi Nakamoto.

"These are the blocks used to send 10 bitcoins to Hal Finney in January [2009] as the first bitcoin transaction," said Mr Wright during his demonstration."

Two Wrights didn't make a Wrong ...


:-) http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3568740/Captain-Cook-s-HMS-Endea...

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'Whitby's Most Famous Wreck Found?'

Ah, so

"6:31am 4th May 2016

We'll find out later today more about whether Captain Cook's Ship Endeavour has been found.

It was built in Whitby and launched in 1964.

The Rhode Island Marine Archaeology Project believes they've found the ships remains near Newport off the East Coast of America. They'll release more information about it this afternoon at around 3pm BST.

Doctor Sophie Forgan is the chairman of trustees at the Captain Cook Museum in Whitby. She said:

"When we see the full report and all the research then we'll be able to make a better judgement, but it's certainly a possibility (it is Endeavour). i think what really interests people is putting together pieces of the story. If they've found the actual ship that's tremendous and perhaps we might learn more about what happened to it after the voyages as well as what it was like on the voyages.

"I think people in Whitby will be fascinated and really interested and it's enabling us all to fill in more gaps in the story."

Starters for 10 ;-


An alternate reality : https://www.justgiving.com/ridethebos


lol - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXlvaFgkdwg

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EU: Currency & The Northern Power House


Digital exposure?


Could be some very 'full' ports .... 

Ramble, Rumble, Ramboll ..


(interesting comment)


Ah,so ...


"Treasury analysis claims that by 2020 there will be at least 20,000 new jobs created in the North-East at current growth rates – but only on the proviso that Britain remains in the EU.

Not all the indicators are positive, however. According to the York-based Joseph Rowntree Foundation ten of the UK’s top 12 poorest cities are based in the North.

The North also still has lower wages, lower productivity and a higher dependency on welfare than many other parts of the country.

Meanwhile, Ed Cox, the director of IPPR North, said the Government risks a “piecemeal” approach by not encouraging more involvement from business in the Northern Powerhouse and having a “proper plan”.

Wot they don't have a proper plan?




Ironically, a flag for foreign LT investment in the UK

Banks, Bonds & Bounty ... TTIP the tip of the iceberg... or which way it falls. East or West.... but it sure won't be independence day.



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EU: An English Civil War