Wolf Street


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Wolf Street on TTIP & Secret Negotiations


"Europe’s “chosen politicians” will get to see only the EU’s negotiating positions; for the moment, the U.S. refuses to show even a tantalizing glimpse of its hand. And European politicians will come away with just half the picture....

"Not only will TTIP sharpen economic disparities in Europe, it will also pit a politically fragmented Europe against a much more united, more efficient rival (the U.S.). As Defraigne warns, this could end up shattering Europe’s already flimsy political cohesion as well as the broader international geopolitical order:

Negotiations are fundamentally asymmetric. The idea of building a bloc between Europe and the United States versus the rest of the world appears to be an alliance from the past designed to prevent the advent of a new international order that is more balanced…, more multipolar and multilateral. I don’t believe we are going in this direction when we make an alliance with the United States. We are playing with fire, both with Europe and with the world’s geopolitical balance! "

Hmmm, 'flimsy political cohesion ...'