Sainsbury - SBC Planning - Jam or Pickle

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One we have been waiting for ;-) following Cllr Bastiman's quite public objection to the 'Shelter', this site sought by Sainsbury for a 7.00 am to 11.00pm (booze and fags shop)  is about to be decided by SBC Planning Committee:

From the SN: (nicked in full) XX :

"The hundreds of people battling to stop Sainsbury’s from opening a new store in Newby are to find out if they have been successful.

Scarborough Council’s planning committee will meet on Thursday April 16 to decide whether to allow the retailer to demolish the vacant NatWest bank in Scalby Road and to build a new store in its place.

More than 380 letters of objection were submitted against the plans, with more than 600 people signing a petition calling for the council not to allow the supermarket to get its way.

The owners of nearby Proudfoot claim the store will lead to job losses for its staff if Sainsbury’s opens.

So far the council’s planning officers have stopped short of recommending a course of action for the councillors to take.

In their report it states: “The proposals are considered to be acceptable in terms of principle, visual amenity, residential amenity, ecology and trees.

“Matters relating to highway safety remain outstanding. Initial comments received from the Highway Authority and other bodies and individuals raised considerable concerns in respect of this issue. The inaccuracy of the applicants transport assessment as originally submitted raised doubts as to the true impact of the proposals.”

It will be up to councillors to decide if the new assessment is acceptable."

From the Agenda packs:

Amazingly (not) no recommendation has been given, with an unusual "Recommendation will be given at the meeting"  following :The proposed development as submitted was not acceptable, so the Local Planning Authority acted positively and proactively by securing the submission of revised plans and additional information in an attempt to address the original concerns."

Hmmm, so Derek Bastiman, just a tickle :-)) erm wot will you be deciding?

If only I could wriggle a day off ... 

Planning Committee - 1.00 pm - not to be missed - lets see what our Council are currently made of ; jam or pickle?  - lol -  the good/bad old days, for some ...

oh ok sticking with Rea   : cost ;-)

and all the roads jam up with credit ... tra la la ....

Ha Ha ... why stop there Derek ... all within your old stomping ground ;-)

Really? "Huntriss Row has had a mixed history. Only 11 years ago there was a scheme to give stamp duty back to those who invested in the street, because of its difficulties."

Oh Dear, ;-/

"don 't ever think no ones better than you ... "  (always been a Tesco gal mesen...)

OK. Good luck with that Derek .... or will you have a day off too?

hmmm be humble ... pie .. pondering ...



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Overshopped and Overpriced?

Yep, the Sainsbury application for the little Nat West ... such a prime site ... own parking, secure, a former bank, has its own vault!! - Freehold not leasehold ... could be put to much better use ... on the main Scarborough exit road to Whitby...  in 21 minutes

hmmm ... could be useful. Will get the agents details, again. Retail therapy ;-)

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SN on Sainsbury at Newby

"Sainsbury’s wants to demolish the vacant Natwest bank in Scalby Road and build a new store in its place.

However, North Yorkshire’s Highway Authority has turned down the revised application due to it being “a significant and undesirable intensification of the highway in the location”.

Oh I do hope they refuse this one - note the proposed picture, eh? No wonder Proudfoots are up in arms !! ... apart from which I rang the agents and asked them to forward me the details should it become up for offer again,   price tag offers in the region of £100k + = bargain bucket ....

don't all rush at once :-))  I have a cunning plan ;-)

All in the interests of transparency and accountability mind ...

Robust!! 'Tis a robust plan !!

"More than 380 letters of objections have been submitted against the plans, with more than 600 people signing a petition calling for the council to throw out the application.

• Visit on Thursday for the planning committee result."

Erm, sorry about the double take, is having a very 'thick' day ... from the artistes impression I actually thought this was entirely the wrong plot ... but nope SN says 'tis Natwest ... sssshh.

Ya OK.  fess up, no plan at all  ... it just pen n inks ;-)