Life Boat House - Quickening?

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The demolition of the old life boat house is now complete and preperations for the foundations for the new House are being layed.  Presently they are thumping in the pilings, quite noisey, working on about six per day this could take some time. The pilings will form a secure steel frame mould around the site so they can then dig out or excavate ready for the concrete to be poured in .... with the formwork, they don't seem to be very deep (guesses about 30ft).

Anyhow once the lifeboat house had vanished from the seafront skyline many people along the Foreshore said it was a vast improvement and opened up the vista onto West Pier. They have started the pilings at the far right corner of the 'site' and moi is slightly concerned; this is not merely a replacement of the old lifeboat house into a modern building purely to accommodate the new Lifeboat but a full on huge development, which I hear plans have been changed to accommodate not only the new Shannon Class with equipment but a bar, a restaurant, gift shop etc etc. 

This fits in with the 'Why can't they build it somewhere else?' Since the old House was demolished the landscape/view has, many agree, improved.  Why didn't they build the new life boat house somewhere else, say in the Harbour or at the North Bay?

Answer, it is all about the money.  The public perception and the new House being sited in prime position to empty the passing publics purse.  Enterprising.   Naiive. Not likely.  Looking back at the plans proposed in March 2014 as reported by the SN: "The new plans are designed to offer the necessary extra space required to store the Shannon class lifeboat and Supacat launching vehicle. This will also mean the lifeboat and launch tractor can remain coupled together, which will speed up the launching process." (lifeboat launching used to take an average of 15 mins)

Take a closer look: - it is rather huge!!

Meanwhile the plans that have allegedly been changed to accommodate all the money making schemes, cafe, bar, gift shop seem to be elusive.

Will they need the launch tractor?  The new House will have ramps protuding almost as far as the tide line. So I guess if you wanna be rescued quick then best not to get in bother at low tide. Most don't. 

The current lifeboat and dinghy is now housed in the harbour, along with the supporting portacabins precariously placed on East Pier. (no permissions sought for those either) .  Anyhow it seems that the RNLI can do what they like, given the highly emotive nature of their business.

"Andrew Ashton, RNLI Divisional Operations Manager, said: ‘The new lifeboat station plans were conceived not only to provide the extra space needed to accommodate the new Shannon lifeboat, but also to upgrade the volunteer crew’s facilities to a standard befitting the next generation of lifesavers.

‘The crew will have a superior space for interactive training, and they’ll also benefit from a state-of-the-art drying room for their kit, which will improve their comfort. The building will also utilise the latest eco-friendly technology, including a ground source heat recovery system.

‘Members of the public have always been encouraged to visit the station, but now they will have the advantage of a more interactive experience in the ‘encounter space’, where temporary exhibitions can take place. Visitors will also be able to see the new Shannon at her best from an enhanced viewing gallery. The station shop will be upgraded and developed too, which will make for an improved retail experience.’

John Senior, Scarborough RNLI Lifeboat Operations Manager, added: ‘We’re very excited about the plans for the new station, although naturally we’ll be sad to say goodbye to the current boathouse when the time comes. The building has a long and distinguished history, and it has certainly served us well in providing a base for saving lives at sea.’

As mentioned before the RNLI's charity status, which has allowed it to amass a small fortune (£650mil) to be spent up and down the country on new life boat houses and lifeboats built from their own life-boat  factory based in Dorest/Poole surely needs to be questioned. But nobody will.  What about the other more charity/volunteer based lifeboats (non RNLI) that provide the same service but with little funding.

Talking of wills, we come onto legacys: 'Scarborough RNLI’s new lifeboat station will be funded from various RNLI sources including several generous legacies, donations and money from a variety of past fundraising activities.'

Given that the former Life Boat House erm 'champion'  or Captain or whatever (insert your own *****) that left the RNLI rather quietly, now sits on the Board of Trustees for the much loved (and needed) St Catherines Hospice  its about time that the local RNLI showed its accounts for the last five years, including legacies, loans and fundraising activites.

That said, what really gnarls is this new Life Boat House, a new centre piece for Scarborough's South Bay - if they wanted a primary tourist atraction why didn't they build it on the Futurist site ... this new House is gonna dwarf the Lighthouse, and indeed block the Lighthouse and harbour entrance from view of many along Foreshore Road.   (Remember how the new apartments on the Sands blocked the Sun from the prime area of North Bay beach ... and the local gooses kept slamming into the wall, kamikazi style) This new Life Boat House building will not only put into shade most of West Pier - shadows eh? Oh well, never mind perhaps it will provide a sanctuary for the local gulls which some seem determine to cull .... despite the 'street eaters' being the bigger pests !!! 

I detract, the point is the new Life Boat House is erm,  all cunsuming and takes up far too much off the beach,  what about the Lighthouse and Harbour? Is the new Lifeboat House to become a 'tourist atttaction' in a prime site, (that site being public space)  and will be used to pull the strings from purse to purse. What exactly is its purpose and place? Who is in charge of or responsible for this development?

'John Senior, Scarborough RNLI Lifeboat Operations Manager, added: ‘We’re very excited about the plans for the new station, although naturally we’ll be sad to say goodbye to the current boathouse when the time comes. The building has a long and distinguished history, and it has certainly served us well in providing a base for saving lives at sea.’

Its a bit like the demise of the Sea King innit? "Search and Rescue" ... Why not call it what it is "Search and Recovery"

This fond notion that folk can be rescued and saved at sea quicker needs to be quashed.  

They build  Lighthouse's because ... its dangerous.  So why dwarf danger with false hopes?


(Eek ;-)

tut tut -Kurgan or Kraken ~


Oooh - yep they've speeded up - about ten in so far this am with a little help from the 'gnomes'?

More of the beach is closed off tho it has been quite amusing to see the buggies, babies, prams etc along with grannies alseep on deckchairs  nestled under the swing of the digger arm for the last two weeks ...    do ya think they are giving them headmuffs and talkies out ... 'tis erm rather loud, or what about some signal flags  ....  sigh.  Bless the wee gnome, tis rather cold and damp ;-) 

Hmmm .... now about those  unrecovered WWII anti-personal mines ... under Coney Island was a WWII Ops room .... and it was only five years ago a defunct land  mine was found .... 





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Speculation rises on the Life Boat House

and on the impacts to local traders,   as the piling continues, quite irritating now, along with the vibrations, the tourists don't seem that bothered (see web cam) however, despite some suggestions that the pilings are interlocked and will provide a sea wall protection there is little evidence of that ... tho they have yet to complete the 'wall' ...

More moaning about the sheer size of this new House have been expressed suggesting that the 'images' didn't quite reflect what is the reality, personally am pissed off because it will obstruct my view of the Light House (yep a public sulk ;-) ...

Again who is in charge of this development, were the impacts considered, what were/are the mitigation on impacts and what are the Council doing about it?

Sweet FA.  We will see ....


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Life Boat House - SBC Response

Off the blower from SBC's Environmental Health re the noise and vibration from the pilings - the development is being monitored by himself and the RNLI - they were down there yesterday and this morning to measure the 'levels' and confirm the noise levels are withing permitted .... so access to the beach will remain the same and all those crazy tourists that are sitting within ten to twenty foot of the piling operation .... that is erm 'optional',  for the rest of us who are learning to lip read, the good news is that the piling work should be completed by the week-end -  Hurrah !!

Oh yeah and the pilings are going in to lay the foundations ... not to stop the tide ....

Thank you Mr SBC EHO ;-)

bah (grumpfuttuck) couldn't find on the SBC site had to look on Q ;-)

14/00677/LB | Demolition of the existing Lifeboat Station, slipway and garage erection of new combined Lifeboat and Lifeguard Facility and slipway and associated works. | Lifeboat Station Foreshore Road Scarborough NORTH YORKSHIRE YO11 1PB

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Life Boat House - A Full Shilling?

A quick scan thru the planning docs -

It was a delegated decision - to the Planning Manager at SBC - David Walker

No neighbours were consulted

The plans show 'silent piling during construction'

The floor plans show a Crew area with a bar and carpeted flooring

The Civic Trust response describes it as a 'tourist attraction'

The Heritage consultation goes into great depths about the traditional aspects  ... yet fails to mention the Light House once.

Apart from that theres some erm quite interesting stuff on the heritage and history of the harbour... 

No mention of rising sea levels, or coastal protection measures or tidal surges and other unmentionable erm that the sand is banked up by about five ft.

Oh well, it's the RNLI, "Saving Lives" n all that - we trust these people, ... don't we?

Surely the good news has to be that they won't be able to hold Seafest on the West Pier because of the construction  - oh how every cloud has a silver lining ... ;-)

Oh, and the drawings show the ramp for the ILB erm, how is the SLB sposed to get out?  

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have today issued a 'newsletter' with wots going on and handed out Contact details for Bam Nuttall

"..... the reason for this sudden incursion of temporary buildings , plastic barriers and people in bright orange and yellow clothing is that Scarborough is getting a new lifeboat station."  pmsl

".... The introduction of the new Shannon class lifeboat is strategically important in maintaining the RNLI's invaluable volunteer rescue service along the North East coast of Yorkshire and is part of a wider capital investment scheme that will see new stations at other key strategic locations." - ok.

"... it has been necessary to close a small area of beach adjacent to the construction works, this is to ensure sufficient space is placed between beach users and the heavy machinery  .....

"It is very important that the barriers and signs are adhered to and that dogs are kept under control and children are left neither unsupervised nor allowed to venture too close when on the beach near the West Pier.  BAM Nuttall takes safety very seriously .... "

(yep, my point exactly ... ever tried telling a tourist what to do?)

blah blah .... anyhow thanks for this much needed update and point of contact and the added info, erm this construction is expected to finish in July 2016. 

Hey ho, fun and games.  Safety first:-) thats why there is a two year old sat eating chips 10 yards away from the piling machinery then.... ooh looks like some of the great n good are hopfooting it down to assess - erm may I suggest closing that access to the beach and opening another access further along ? 

Oooh and quick as a flash a kindly construction worker moves the family on ...



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Lifeboat House - on Track

Not a lot appeared to be happening so thought did as thought does:

03/11/15  "We are looking to complete the station towards the end of June 2016 with the lifeboat crew moving into the new building in early July. This allows us to complete a comprehensive handover process, post contract completion, to ensure that the local team are familiar with the systems and processes in their new building.

You requested a copy of the vibration monitoring results from the survey undertaken during the piling works.  As this information is our evidence in a potential claim against the RNLI, we are unable to release it until it is made available at the appropriate time in the process. If however, you still require this information, you could submit a pre-disclosure request in the appropriate manner.

I trust that I have answered your questions adequately, but please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need any further information."

Slightly awkward ... getting back in the land that time forgot ;-)

QQ ;-) Who came first ...Stoker or Burroughs? Dracula or Tarzan?

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RNLI on the Mediterranean

"You will no doubt have seen across the news last week (e.g. BBC News and The Guardian) that hundreds of people died after a boat carrying over 700 migrants capsized in the Mediterranean. The Italian search and rescue service had recently been reduced to deter migrants from crossing the sea to Europe.  This disaster highlights the increasing numbers of desperate people prepared to go to such enormous risks.

Now a humanitarian crisis, the problem is complex and highly political which led to European Union leaders meeting and agreeing actions to tackle this problem late last week.  As a result, it looks likely that funds for search and rescue in the Mediterranean will triple and the Prime Minister, David Cameron announced that the UK would provide Royal Navy assistance. 

During this time, some staff and volunteers have asked - what can the RNLI do to help? - and have suggested the idea of sending RNLI lifeboats.

The answer is not as obvious as it may initially look and one of the reasons why we have not communicated on it until now. 

For the last few weeks, we have been working behind the scenes and monitoring the situation closely to understand whether the RNLI could offer any support that might genuinely help the situation. This is particularly relevant now as we have set our goals to help tackle the global issue of drowning over the next ten years.

Whilst offering RNLI lifeboats may look like a possible option, we are not currently set up to work safely and effectively in the Mediterranean. However our search and rescue expertise may be of value to a combined response and we are in touch with the relevant organisations to identify where the need is and if there is a role we can play.  

On a wider international level, we recognise we need to work together with other members of the International Maritime Rescue Federation (IMRF) to support the umbrella organisation, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in dealing with the migrant problem at sea and reduce preventable loss of life. This work continues."

Jolly Good.