What Could Go Wrong?

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Yep, its a sign in Scotland.

Meanwhile the last day of parliament 25th March 2015 whilst many were concerned about the Speaker and the Bill of Finance it was noted that a hush hush bill was approved:

25 Mar 2015 : Column 1555

Deferred Division

Infrastructure Planning

That the draft Infrastructure Planning (Radioactive Waste Geological Disposal Facilities) Order 2015, which was laid before this House on 12 January, be approved.

The House divided:

Ayes 277, Noes 33.

Yep, it took some digging for confirmation  ;-)  source: http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm201415/cmhansrd/cm150325/debt...

Is it all about to happen up in the North West,  over them their hills, across those Pennines  : https://mariannewildart.wordpress.com/2015/03/25/today-the-government-di...

Ignored by the Local and National press.

Ignored by Conservation Groups.

Today is a black day for Cumbria.

Today Her Majesty’s government quietly removed the power of local and county councils to say no to burial of existing and future nuclear wastes beneath their homes.

The predetermined decision to “Implement Geological Disposal”    now lies with the Secretary of State under Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects.  This vicious NSIP ruling overrides any considerations on the land such as Sites of Special Scientific Interest, heritage or conservation areas.

Using the most undemocratic tool of “delegated legislation” this decision has been forced through, not by open debate but by Committee Room decisions.

The separation of radioactive wastes from the biosphere is the most important requirement for the long term continuation of life, never mind in Cumbria but on the planet.   To pretend otherwise is the stock in trade of PR men and those with a nasty vicious agenda dressed up in pseudo environmentalism.

In the last gasp of Parliament before the election, MPs voted 217 to 33 to Dump democracy along with heat generating nuclear wastes.

This should be the catalyst for a revolution to Ban Nuclear.

Oddly, enough they build the Vanguards there along with employing 6000 local people to build the Vanguard protective 'fleet' ... more on that laters

Meanwhile on the East Coast the Doggerbank Windfarm is upping the antis - well one so far .... am not convinced : http://www.whitbygazette.co.uk/news/local/endeavour-wharf-to-become-home... tho the Whitby Gazette have lowered this down the ranks in favour of a Troll Special : http://www.whitbygazette.co.uk/news/business/councillors-defend-shares-1... - why bother responding, its done the rounds they obviously need to feed ....

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NsMzM49OIII - nah, the forward arrow :-)

Soon be Friday ;-) http://rt.com/usa/244069-asteroid-fly-by-earth/





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""We've got accustomed - not least because of the internet - to having everything available at all times," he said.

He listed as key emergency provisions: water, noodles and tomato sauce, along with any required medicines, a torch, spare batteries and candles.""

Wot a great way to spend a Bank Holiday.

Fascinating ... Yep, I could eat a Hamster ...


On Toast obviously.