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Here is one Qalypso appears to have missed, but are keeping an eye on ... its been brewing for quite some time and whilst the seriousness of the original incident remains, something is not quite erm, right.  Insanity beckons, lets take a look at Bill Edwards:

Reported back in November 2014 from the Whitby Gazette (but republished a couple of weeks ago)  :

"A Scarborough farmer is taking crime tsar Julia Mulligan to court over claims she slurred him on a radio show. Bill Edwards, who hit the headlines after using a shotgun to scare off burglars, is suing both the commissioner and North Yorkshire Police for upwards of £50,000 over remarks the farmer feels are defamatory – and which made it hard for him to find work."

"The 22-year-old was locked up overnight with his mum 
after firing at the fleeing burglars but was never charged, while culprit Dave Taylor was fined £100. But unprintable comments made in a subsequent BBC 
Radio York interview by Julia Mulligan, allegedly based on advice from the force, are set to land both the crime chief and the police before a judge. “My client’s life has become a living hell, due to the actions and failures of North Yorkshire Police and its Police and Crime Commissioner,” said solicitor Andrew Gray. “Bill is a hero, not a villain, and he should be have been treated accordingly.” A court hearing is pencilled in for Leeds Crown Court this January, where the commissioner - who is elected to hold the force into account - will be represented by the same legal team as the police."  Source: http://www.whitbygazette.co.uk/news/local/scarborough-farmer-set-to-sue-...

So why the interest?  This was sparked over MP Robert Goodwill's comment on this case a few years ago. That seemed rather odd.   Goodwill is a farmer afterall.  Now our filing system is sill under review, cough, but 'fortunately' or 'unfortunately' Bill Edwards has kept his own blogg on the entire 'story':  google: http://farmerbill.info/bill-edwards-part-3/

Erm, now thats interesting 'cos his own Blogg was up there last week and is now not available.  Shame really 'cos it was a very, lets say 'interesting' read. Mebbe its at 'court'?

The issue is not are farmers a law unto themselves?  Us Townies 'know' they are.   The issue for Q, is about guns, gun law and gun licensing: here we go: http://www.yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk/news/latest-news/top-stories/court...

Almost feel sorry for the little kid, but hey ho ... guns kill ... shame his bloggs not still up 'cos the poor kid does come across as a bit of a '*****' ... (insert your own) -  "lost"

Ya I know, pot, black, kettle ... but we don't do guns. (metaphorically mebbe) The Flower Pot men ...

bit more: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-20942890


to be cont'd ....

now about Brian ... laters ;-)


Will chuck this in here for now : http://www.brainpickings.org/2014/10/13/kierkegaard-diary-bullying-troll...





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Farming Outpost

PMSL - life in the National Park ...  a Northern Echo special ... 


"As the eccentric military expert - who ran a museum from his home - was arrested a huge cache of bombs and live weaponry was discovered, including a loaded Luger pistol under his pillow and an aircraft cockpit with functioning loaded guns. "

ffs "The gate seemed to enrage them and they would swing and bounce on it. They even covered it in hundreds of stickers from the bananas Brian used to eat every day, which I thought was weird but it was nothing compared to what came afterwards.

"Brian was a pest controller and started dumping animal carcasses outside my house. They were crawling with maggots and the only way I could dispose of them was to put them in a bag and carry them up onto the moor to dump them in a remote place.

"Sometimes by the time I'd got back down again there would be another pile in place of the first one.

"After Brian's death over 10 years ago, Kenneth's behaviour became more and more erratic. He first started exposing himself to me around 2002 and would peer in through my windows with his wild staring eyes.

"He'd run around the house at night shouting and tapping on the windows. When I was working during the day he'd come right up to me and follow me around wearing nothing but boots and socks.... "


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Farming Outpost II - Park Life

This is turning into a soap opera :

"North Yorkshire Police have offered victim Mandy Dunford £5,000 to secure her home after a judge ruled her stalker - former military historian Ken Ward - could return to his house less than 200 metres away.

Ms Dunford, 54, a former policewoman, last night made a final appeal to officials to prevent convicted sex offender Ward from moving back to his remote hillside cottage.

Ward, 67, spent nine years exposing himself and performing sex acts in front of Ms Dunford in the lanes and fields around their properties near Chop Gate, on the North York Moors.

When Ward was finally jailed in 2011, police and prosecutors recommended he should not be allowed home, however Judge Peter Armstrong has ruled that he could return to his dilapidated cottage when his sentence ends next year."

 ... she said: "The key issue is that he's allowed to return home. What quality of life supposed to have with him living next door not knowing what he's going to do next?

"Not only have they allowed him to move next door, they have allowed him to come within a few feet of my front door - it's unbelievable.

"If police are offering me a safe room, they must think I have something to worry about."

She added: "The defence said this poor man wanted to live his dying days in his ancestral home which he's been in since the 15th Century - the judge was nearly crying by the time his barrister had finished.

"I'm in a desperate situation and I need some help. Please can someone stop this man from coming home."

Erm ... the woman is clearly bonkers ...  a classic case of co-dependency?  An English mans home is his castle ... (thats the law) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=40Od45DjCA4&list=RD40Od45DjCA4



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Farming Outpost III - Park Life Exposed


"Ken Ward, 67, harassed Mandy Dunford in the lanes and fields around their remote properties near Chop Gate, on the North York Moors for nine years.

He was finally jailed in 2011.

Speaking publicly for the first time since being released from prison, Ward said that while his past behaviour was "foolish" he did not believe he scared his neighbour by exposing himself to her.

He said: "The reason I showed myself and masturbated is I foolishly thought it would help to get her to move away quicker and we would get rid of her. It was a foolish notion and didn't work.

"I didn't upset her, does that look like a woman who is scared? My plan have worked if she was, she would have been gone if she was scared."

However, he added: "I might just for devilment keep the rent on and she will always be wondering if I am going back or not. If I am renting it she won't know if I am going back, that's my prerogative."

Erm, devilment ;-) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDZhW744n0c

Erm, on a serious note who's yard is that? looks like the local Hospice ...

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Loose Ends - Lights out ...



"He had not been outside for months when his house was raided, existed on takeaway food paid for by other people's Paypal accounts and spent entire days playing computer games in his bedroom, interacting with other outsiders on the wild fringes of social media.

There, he would discuss plans to carry out a massacre, and praise US high school shooters and the Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik.

He jettisoned the Liam Lyburd persona, preferring the name Felix Theodore Burns, later telling police he thought his real one was common.

That name was also associated with being a social outcast, a failure who was kicked off his maths and English course at Newcastle College after only five weeks, and someone who was unpopular on his estate, close to St James's Park.

When police discovered his fearsome cache of pipe bombs around 50 homes were evacuated."

Hikikomori ... failed systems : -/


"Although I was operating within a system or participating within a system in which it was commonplace, you know, ultimately I was someone who was a serial offender."


nope, no updates on Billy the Kid 'Edwards' .... odd.

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Powerhouse Plans for Park Needed

ah, here we go "New powers are needed to help Northumberland National Park become a key part of the Northern Powerhouse, according to the organisation's new chairman.

He says government legislation is preventing free trade for national parks, and feels the North East needs more help in realising its full potential on vital projects."



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Winston, Gypsum & Dust



Fingers in pies ...

Emerald Biogas is the region’s first commercial food waste anaerobic digestion plant

Urrrgh .. sounds disgusting ... puts me off me Frosties ...


Dusting ... Cecil v Cilla ... nope,  Zinc. Zinco ... Zzzz