Anti Frackers at Helmsley

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Many thanks to Gabby for permission to publish her report and pictures,  Sorry I couldn't make it !! Short & sweet :-))

This morning we went to Helmsley for a Very important meeting of the NY Moors Planning Committee. There were many passionate members of the local communities there & most committee members had listened to constituents & asked good & challenging Qs of Third Energy - who just kept saying 'it'll be fine'. The members were "feeling pressured" to approve two reinjection wells of radio active highly toxic water - amounting to thousands of tanker fulls, from natural water used for gas extraction. These wells would be drilled right through the layer of sandstone (the aquifer) that holds & supplies all of Scarborough's drinking water. The committee members majority felt that they could not be convinced of the assurances that toxic accidents wouldn't happen - when the applicant Third Energy (owned by Barclays) admitted that accidents actually might happen but they hoped they wouldn't. The committee didn't refuse, but a large majority deferred the application for more proof of safety . It really proves to me the importance of informing ourselves of what greedy business 'wool' is being pulled over our eyes. Lovely to meet other caring people & see that quite a few committee members do care about our Moors & our region!



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Blow Wind Blow

more wind from the Telegraph:

last paras : "On shale gas extraction, Miss Rudd said: “With a Conservative majority I believe we'll be able to deliver shale, as we've always wanted to do, in a safe but beneficial way.”

She said the government would pass secondary legislation that would allow shale gas extraction under national parks, though drilling will remain banned, meaning the wells would have to be outside areas of groundwater and outstanding natural beauty."