Third Energy - Set in Stone

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As confirmed by John Dewar the Third Energy application to test and explore for shale gas is due in at the end of March. Timing.

Meanwhile the continuing application from Third Energy submitted to the Park (with NYCC)  not for 'fraccing' but to extend the pipelines form Knapton into Ebberston Moor, and also for Natural Gas production and water re-injection at their Ebberston Moor South Well site has reappeared on the Parks March 2015 Agenda. . See here:

The full list of Application Documents (Application no NYM-2014-0587-EIA) can be seen here:

And a Map of the Gas Extraction Location Plane here:

It should be noted that much of this lies within the Park's Boundary and that John Dewar confirmed that this was for conventional gas extraction, which they have been carrying out in the area for over twenty years, without any fuss.

Perhaps of interest is the letter dated 14th August 2014 that York Potash were aware of the overlapping in areas of interest and that the applicant continues to engage with York Potash over technicalities.   Do they?

"Analysis of the high resolution 3D seismic date indicates that the poly halite interal of interest to Sirius is thin and unlikely to merit mining operations accross the gas field."

Whilt this application is still being considered see here:

Third Energy's KM8 application is scheduled to go in at the end of March to NYCC with the NYMNPA as consultees.

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Anti Frackers Day Out to Helmsley

After months of submissions, counter-submissions, hydrogeologists’ reports and hundreds of objections, Third Energy’s planning application for a waste water re-injection well at Ebberston Moor is to be heard on Thursday 19th March.

The meeting is to be held at The National Park Office, The Old Vicarage, Bondgate, Helmsley, YO62 5BP and begins at 10.00 am.

There are more details about the day’s agenda here and there are 20 seats available to the public for the meeting.

We will be holding a peaceful demonstration outside the Offices from 9.30 a.m. We would like everyone to come along and show your opposition to Third Energy’s plans to re-inject over 10 million cubic metres of radioactive waste water back into the ground in our National Park.

Please print out some of these A4 posters, which have been designed specially for the occasion, or make / bring your own posters, banners, etc.

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Third's Gas get the NYMNPA Drill


A PROPOSAL to drill for natural gas in a national park is expected to be approved despite fears it will lay the infrastructure for fracking to take place in the future.

Around 200 people have objected to the plans put forward by Third Energy and Moorland Energy for gas production and water re-injection at an existing borehole at Ebberston Moor, the drilling of a second borehole and a 13.9km underground pipeline from the site to Knapton Generating Station.

North York Moors National Park Authority planning officers have recommended the scheme for approval, subject to a long list of conditions, and the Authority’s planning committee will meet on Thursday to finally decide whether the proposal will go ahead.

A decision has been delayed for months as planners sought more detailed information about how the scheme would work.

Third Energy, which is progressing with separate plans to frack at nearby Kirby Misperton, currently feeds its gas powered station at Knapton from gas fields in the Vale of Pickering but those reserves are now becoming exhausted.

To secure an alternative gas supply and to enable the Knapton gas station to continue operating, Third Energy is now working with Moorland Energy to investigate the reserves within the Ebberston gas fields.

A report by the National Park’s planning officers states that there is a “lack of demonstrable environmental harm” if gas is sensitively piped to the existing gas generating station at Knapton, which has been operating since 1995 without any significant public safety concerns.

Allerston and Ebberston parish councils are concerned about the potential for drinking water to be contaminated, while the Environment Agency has also urged special care to avoid contaminants affecting an aquifer which feeds Scarborough’s drinking water boreholes.

But planners concluded that “it has been reasonably demonstrated that there are not significant risks from the project to water pollution or land stability”, adding that the scheme included no proposals to carry out fracking.

Their report states: “For the avoidance of doubt it does not permit drilling down to the Bowland-Hodder Shale horizons or hydraulic fracturing of any part of any gas reservoir resource.”

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Success for Third @ NYMNPA

via Drill or Drop n a few others:-)

"Plans to produce gas and reinject water in the North York Moors National Park were approved today, to the dismay of campaigners.

After months of deliberation and several deferrals, the national park authority approved Third Energy’s application for its site at Ebberston Moor South.

Members of the planning committee voted by 14 votes to 1 in favour of the scheme. Also today the Environment Agency approved Third Energy’s permit application....

"They said planning permission had already been granted for gas extraction and water re-injection at Ebberston North

They acknowledged that the application represented a “major” development in the National Park and to comply with the NPPF there needed to be exceptional circumstances.

But the planners said there would be “no demonstrable harm”. It was justified by supporting jobs at the Knapton Generating Station and the contribution of the gas produced as a “bridge” to a UK mixed energy supply....

The permission is for 20 years. It is subject to 21 conditions. These cover lighting, vehicle movements, storage of materials on site, a scheme to improve biodiversity, ecological and archaeological surveys, and odour management and noise monitoring plans.

There is a limit on pressure that can be used for water injection (1000 pounds per square inch bottom hole pressure) and the maximum volume that can be injected (556m3/day).

Gas can be extracted from the Kirkham Abbey Formation only and there is no permission for drilling into the Bowland-Hodder Shale or for hydraulic fracturing."