Seven Billion to One

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A local Blogster worthy of a good read, nope we're not all thickety thick from thick village. Meet one of the best in the 'brains' department:

Scarborough's very own Mr 'Spock':

and counting ... from clones to colonies


the forward arrow ...  for the latest crew member :-)))








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Rotarians & Living in a 'Real World'

Hmmm ...

Badges of Poverty?  Inactive? "a project in Scarborough to work with offenders who'd been given Community Service Orders to renovate donated bikes. When the project wound up in October there were still a whole load of second hand bikes remaining. A couple of us who live locally found somewhere to store them with the intention of starting up a local Community Enterprise "Get Scarborough Cycling". This would/will do a variety of bike related things including bike maintenance courses and the provision of affordable everyday bikes."   

Gallows Close.

Wallace & Grommit ;-)