NYMNPA - Minutes of the NPE held 2nd October 2013

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The National Parks England, Minutes of the Meeting held on 2nd October 2013 have been published on 16th December:  


Of interest is the Coastal Concordat ( https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/fil... ) that outlines some of the new legislation that is to be brought in alongside New Planning Regulations introduced in April 2013.   "The coastal concordat sets out key principles for coordinating the consenting process for coastal development in England."

The Concordat discusses the aligning of relevant authorities and of note " The principle of having a single point of entry means that an applicant should only need to contact one of the regulatory or advisory bodies who are signatories to this agreement ..... "

For example say, if the Concordat had been applied to York Potash's Mine project and the complexities surrounding the framework of it's Environmental Impact Asessment submission, then perhaps York Potash's current Application and the NYMNPA would have a clear and concise roadmap, instead of the mess of planning legislation that they are currently trying to untangle and work through.

That begs the question that if York Potash's current application is refused, would it follow that once this Concordat is in place we could see application after application for development on the North Yorkshire Moors.  As the Minutes suggest at Page 4 Point 9, the NPA's do not seem very happy about this, can't quite work out why...  




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Brown Owls for Arkwright ...


Issued by National Parks England.19 January 2015

National Parks – famous for their beauty and splendour are also home to thousands of thriving businesses. And now the National Park Authorities (NPAs) that are charged with managing the Parks, are teaming up with local businesses to ensure they flourish and grow into the future...

* Create more high quality jobs in some of the most remote rural areas

* Make National Parks even better places to do business in through improved infrastructure like broadband and skills development
* Use the National Parks' superb landscapes to enhance people's quality of life and attract new businesses.

Already, England's National Parks are major power-houses for the rural economy.

* They contain 22,500 businesses.
* They generate up to £6.3bn GVA, equivalent to that of the UK aerospace industry, or a small city such as Plymouth or Sunderland.
* The 90m visitors to National Parks and surrounding areas each year spend more than £4 billion and support 68,000 full time equivalent jobs. That's a third of all rural tourism spend in the country.
* The National Parks have a higher proportion of self-employed people than the country as a whole (19% compared to 10%).

Lord Heseltine, said: "National Parks are huge national assets that the public value. They are beautiful places where the environment underpins large swathes of the rural economy. I welcome the lead being taken by National Parks in working alongside Local Enterprise Partnerships and local businesses to enhance the nation's wealth. Delivering high quality jobs, prosperity, and a high quality environment together is a Government priority. So I welcome this closer working to support our rural communities."

Chair of National Parks England and the North York Moors National Park Authority, Jim Bailey said:

"I'll be pleased if this initiative raises a few eye-brows from those who think the National Parks are something stuck in a bye gone era. We need to make more of the thriving businesses found in some of our most beautiful areas of countryside. As well as being hugely important for supporting the health of the nation, our National Parks attract exciting entrepreneurs and support the rural economy. We need to protect these wonderful places. But that need not be at the expense of giving a strong helping hand to enterprises that rely on a high quality environment for their business model. Our message is National Parks are open for business."

Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Minister, Lord de Mauley added:
"As well as offering stunning scenery, our National Parks support a wide range of businesses, contribute to the rural economy and are a home to thriving communities. This new initiative will help encourage further economic growth whilst ensuring our valued countryside remains protected."

Chief Executive Officer of the Coast to Capital Local Enterprise Partnership [5], Ron Crank said:

"The LEPs and England's National Parks have a real opportunity to work together to unlock the potential of National Parks to deliver sustainable economic growth that benefits both the local communities and these high-quality environments.

For example Coast to Capital and the South Downs National Park Authority have developed a strong working partnership and are already looking at development around sustainable tourism, food and drink production and other business support opportunities. We think this is a real opportunity to help secure the future of this important environment and its vibrant communities through exciting and appropriate economic growth."

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Urban Myths & NYMNPA

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NYMNPA - Annual Report 2014-2015


includes looking forward to 2015 -2016 :-) 

Now don't forget it was the Forestry Commission that contributed the Lemon Drizzle Cake :- nom nom ... nom "Britains Capital of Cake"  .... hmmm I can bake... kinda ... rock bun type yorkshire pud fusion things... now about that WI thing hmmm ... I could do that ;-)


Hmmm mebbe not :-/ http://www.theguardian.com/business/2014/aug/19/gender-pay-gap-women-bos...

Sod that, ah yes one giant step for  ... Steps ...


FFS : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvjLgjtJKsc ... yep scarier than the Exorcist

And, Erm, congratulations to Anne McIntosh:  http://www.yorkshirecoastradio.com/news/local-news/1714805/fileys-former...










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Last but not Least - NYMNPA Leader Programme

Finally getting their 'act' together is the NYMNPA

"The LEADER programme has officially launched today and the website is now live.www.moorscoastandhills.org.uk

The  Projects We Are  Looking For in 2016 are:

Capital projects that contribute to one the following four themes:

  • Farm Productivity;
  • Micro and Small Enterprise and Farm Diversification;
  • Rural Tourism; and
  • Forestry Productivity.

We are primarily looking for applications which will deliver direct economic outputs, in particular the creation of new employment opportunities.  Eligibility criteria varies between each of the priorities but the Call for Project documents (one for each of the four priorities) on our website explains the type of projects we’re looking for, who is eligible to apply and what funding is available - http://www.moorscoastandhills.org.uk/how-to-apply/current-opportunities/

There are also set deadline dates for the submission of Outline Applications – applications submitted after this time will not be accepted.  It is essential that anyone considering making an application carefully reads the Applicants Handbook, the relevant Call for Projects and the Pre-Application Self-Checklist before they apply - http://www.moorscoastandhills.org.uk/how-to-apply/how-to-make-an-application/

The Calls for Projects published are for 2016 only – calls will be re-issued each year and may change to become more specific and targeted in future years.

How To Apply

We are advising any prospective applicant to get in touch with Amy Thomas to initially discuss their idea.  Amy can be contacted on 01439 772700 or via email - a.thomas@northyorkmoors.org.uk.

Liz Dowson, Senior Regeneration & Support Officer, Customers and Communities Unit, Scarborough Borough Council 01723 232445, 07967 453613

Get Stuck In :-)

Trident & Burnham can wait ... the ayes the ayes,  Oooh ARrrggr Oooh Ahhh



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Flat Earth Dwellers

Yorkshire Dales 'Land Grab'

"It is more than 500 years since the House of Lancaster won the ultimate battle of the Wars of the Roses, but the Yorkies have finally wrought their revenge...."


"In fact, from 1 August 2016 it will grow by nearly a quarter, with an extra 161 square miles (417 square kilometres) of stunning upland landscape treasured through national designation for everyone to enjoy.

The boundary will cover new areas in Cumbria and into Lancashire.

To the north, it will include the stark limestone-terraced plateau of Great Asby Scar and the velvet rounded contours of the northern Howgill Fells, distinctive Wild Boar Fell and Mallerstang, and the settlements that surround them. 

To the west, the wild and exposed fells of Casterton, Middleton, Barbon and Leck, the tranquil valley sculpted by the River Lune and bustling Devil’s Bridge...."


Meanwhile : "From 1 August 2016, the Lake District National Park will grow by 3 per cent - an extra 27 square miles. This will include an area from Birkbeck Fells Common to Whinfell Common to the east and an area from Helsington Barrows to Sizergh Fell, an area north of Sizergh Castle and part of the Lyth valley to the south.

The Yorkshire Dales National Park is also getting bigger by almost a quarter at the same time, which means in the east the M6 will be the dividing line between the two National Parks."



Ah, so .... does the NYMNPA have any expansion plans?

Shrinkage. Ssshhh

NYMNPA making plans:


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NYMNPA : Makes Plans



"The Authority has just published their ‘First Steps’ documents, which have been produced to provide more context and information about the Local Plan itself and the issues it may seek to address. These can be viewed at http://www.northyorkmoors.org.uk/FirstStepsor at our offices in Helmsley and our visitor centres in Danby and Sutton Bank. It is also available in local libraries.

To help plan for the future please let The Authority have your thoughts by emailing policy@northyorkmoors.org.uk . Alternatively you can write to: The North York Moors National Park Authority, The Old Vicarage, Bondgate, Helmsley, York, YO62 5BP.

The deadline for comments is Friday 18 November 2016."