Whitby Gazette & Damage Limitation

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Whitby Gazette are running two controversial stories, independently that are intrinsincly linked.

The first, that we are perhaps familiar with is :  http://www.whitbygazette.co.uk/news/local/potash-firm-hits-back-over-tra... - to summarise York Potash are countering claims made by a Whitby Charity report  that the Traffic figures during the construction of the Potash Mine and associated works are misleading, eroneous and erm, taken out of context.

This 'report' assigned by the Northern Echo to The Whitby Area Development Trust appeared on the 6th February 2015 - see here:  http://www.thenorthernecho.co.uk/news/11778206.Charity_looks_at_potash_i...

"A charity claims that building a potash mine could impact on day visitors to Whitby and the surrounding coastal villages... The Whitby Area Development Trust has produced a report which it says shows day tourists to the Whitby area could fall as a result of construction work on the proposed potash mine on the North York Moors."

But the conclusions have been strenuously denied by York Potash, who said the figures in the report came from their own research and have been misinterpreted" followed by "York Potash said in a statement: “Having only just received this report, our initial review suggests that a number of significant misinterpretations have been made and we will be seeking to engage with its authors to discuss this further."

Was the report a 'cloaking device'?

Who were the authors? Rather intriguing - a quick google at the Whitby Area Development Trust website reports page -  http://locality.org.uk/our-work/publications/ - nope no report there.  Who are the Charities Representatives?  Ergo Mirror Mirror" http://opencharities.org/charities/518451  - why would a North Echo reporter be interested in York Potash via a Charity, many of whom stand to benefit by the way.   Media reporters often attend these events: http://democracy.scarborough.gov.uk/documents/g5851/Public%20reports%20p... - often very boring and mechanical with little of interest.  However these meetings are also attended by members of the public - especially if there is anything of  interest on the Agenda: scroll down to  item 3: Public Question Time - as I was not at that meeting - I am only guessing here - I can only imagine that under Item 9 - Informal Discussion time - a topical discussion may have taken place - scroll down to Item 7 - Agenda Item 2 - Item 5 - Esk Valley Railway - but notice the date (July 14).  Go to EVRC's webpage:  they are listed at the Collisieum Centre - the same address as WADT: - http://www.coliseumcentre.org/ - anyhow I think you can see how a 'confused' or mebbe half comatosed reporter was perhaps 'startled' into 'awareness' - if and when the hot topic of 'Potash' was approached, especially if there being no lemon drizzle cake to take comfort from.   Any how that would be Columbos take, now wots his wife called?  I get distracted.  Hey ho I have set off on a line of inquiry and ended up making assumptions, that are most likely wrong, who knows, who cares?

OCD, I can play with it, On/Off or 'quirk' it - I can just about keep up with myself, that is my problem. If you can't keep up then thats your problem.... switch it off. I am acutely aware that my 'hobbies' or 'quirks', potash and fracking bore some people rigid. Don't mention the politics. Inside and outside the box.

Anyhow the mystery report or elements of (I see no WADT watermark) seems to have worked its way rather rapidly to the R&CDC potash application:  see here :  Traffic Report.pdf   from the Coastal Tourism Advisory Board. reciting  some confusion about the traffic management plans relating to HGV. - my apologies for this link, but I just can't help myself :-) http://www.discoveryorkshirecoast.com/industry/yorkshire-coast-tourism-a... -  some rather interesting names.

So where did these mystery figures come from?   When the application was submitted in September, for ease of data transference, members of councils were given the opportunity to have the application on hard-disc.   

Members of the Whitby Town Council were called to an Extraordinary meeting to be held on 1st October 2014.  (When Whitby Town Council voted to no objections to the York Potash Application)  At that meeting two of  the 'then' data discs belonging to York Potash, brought to the meeting,  erm 'disappeared'.   See here: Extra-Full-Council-1.10.14.pdf 

Amendments to the Application were made, including traffic November 2014 following the Whitby Town Council meeting after  some confusion about the traffic figures submitted.   No guesses where those data discs or data ended up.

Much to everyones surprise the same data source was used by the NYMPA on their presentation slides at their Pickering public meeting.   This was picked up on by the 'three' most vocal objectors as previously reported.  (Yep - if I have to work so do you, flick thru) perhaps I may have used diplomacy to describe some erm 'consternation' at the scene and ended up chatting to Alan Gamble instead of ambushing France who was rather pre-occupied, an extremely  interesting man Alan Gamble.  

The second Whitby Gazette Article is: http://www.whitbygazette.co.uk/news/local/action-to-stop-town-clerk-s-bu...

Depends how quirky you are and what the problems are, tut tut, but when that quirkiness is being reinforced by misinformation, via  'vocal objectors' whose own agendas are being driven by a 'once' powerful source of origination then,  something deeper kicks in .... and then I get lost for words,  in court or on a curve? No further comment. 

As always there are always two sides to every story, Dark Side?

"once an opinion is formed it is very difficult to change that opionion" so I guess once a Jedi always a Jedi? and may the force be with you.  

And then there is commercial suicide. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZKkxAQYxyE "all those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain"

And then of course there are the undecided,  enter the 'side-show',  Pulp- fiction?  


Resistance is futile?  Tell that to Tesla.

Borg Queen? Not yet. Have I still got a pulse, only just.

Who is it beating for .... grrrrrr

Call the dogs off.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ffOhhdvrGgI

Tribal or tribunal.  

Collateral damage, or a nice cup of Tea?  All things being equal.



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Mutineers & Scrutineers

Qalypso has stated its position as '100%' behind the York Potash Project.
Orders, to deviate 'off course' are at the free- will of the crew, endorsed by the Captain. 
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All cannon-balls are armed but no longer loose.  Any orders to 'fire'  'at will' have not been given and are not expected. Those must come directly down the Chain of Command.
Hoist the flag and set sail .... any old port in a storm .... now about Third Energy...  and that elusive Leprichaun... with a Bluebeard ... hmmm
Welcome to the Dark Side.
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