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Press Release:  Monday 16th February 2015 The Futurist Theatre, Scarborough

A last minute proposal that would see the Futurist Theatre refurbished and reopened has been submitted this morning to Scarborough Borough Council by Leeds based business man Jamie Hudson.

The detailed 23 page document presents a new and exciting business model that could see The Futurist re-opened in early 2016 after a £750,000 partial refurbishment.

"The Futurist theatre is far too good to lose", says Jamie. "It can be a vital tool to catalyse tourism, business and educational growth in Scarborough. Our proposal would be to refurbish the theatre gradually over 3 years, but an instant exterior, interior and backstage improvement would be top of our agenda".

Jamie's proposal details how the theatre could be run without financial support from SBC, it also gives detailed information on the types of shows and events The Futurist would produce. "For the Futurist to re-open, it is going to have a very different business model to it's previous management.

We specialise in producing shows, so the majority of the productions that will be presented will be created in house" says Jamie. "We will also have a greater variety of entertainment including live music, comedy and maybe film".

The proposal also outlines plans to produce a Summer Season of well known musicals which would attract new audiences to Scarborough. In year 2, the theatre would produce a multi--million pound 'Christmas Spectacular' production, similar to that of the New York extravaganza.

"My business was started by Robert Luff who owned this theatre from the mid 60's through to the 80's, so naturally I have got an strong attachment to the place - it's got a superb auditorium that Scarborough Borough Council need to save."

Jamie has a track record of saving theatres after being on the Royal Hall Trust in Harrogate and helping to raise £2.6M to save the theatre. He is also currently saving a large municipal town hall near Leeds.

Further information will be released once SBC respond to the initial proposal.

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