The Low Life of Regeneration & Strategy - a well served slap?

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Cabinet Member for Regeneration & Strategic Planning, Cllr Derek Bastiman has been in the spotlight this last week earning the badge of 'Nastiman'. Cllr Derek Bastiman

First up in the Scarborough News was Sainsbury's bid to create a new store at former Nat West Bank site that sits along the main road at the busy junction with Hackness Road, next to The Surgery and Newby Library: 

"Supermarket giant Sainsbury’s plan on building a new branch in Newby, creating around 20 jobs. The retailer’s revealed it wants to transform Scalby Road’s former Natwest branch into a local convenience store - just yards away from Proudfoots."    Sainsburys spokesman said "The proposed “bread and milk” store ... " Source: SN:

No mention of the Rosette Pub on the other side of the busy traffic junction for the proposed Sainsbury 7.00am to 11.00pm "fags and booze"  pick up joint nor the petrol station opposite the Newby Library.

The local 'independent' Proudfoot Group, has recently spent considerable sums expanding its Newby store and adding capacity car parking.

And, for a clear example of the 'them' and 'us' Proudfoot have certainly excelled, a comparison between their store at Eastfield and their store at Newby is an experiential must for all those seeking demographical challenges. ;-)

OK, nothing new, commercial territorial tit for tat .... yawn.

Then: SN/ 08/01/14 : Close to 100 objections have been submitted against plans to open a refuge for vulnerable women and children in Newby,

The most vocal objector being Cllr Derek Bastiman:  'In his submission Cllr Bastiman says the look of the building is ‘like an open prison’ and says it is not a suitable site.  He added: “Is the secure boundary there to protect the proposed residents or the existing residents in the nearby properties? ... In my opinion I feel that if this development goes ahead that there will be health issues due to stress and anxiety which in turn will place unwarranted pressure on our health service... Many of the residents are concerned about their security and have genuine worries about the prospect of irate people appearing on site at all hours, along with the disruption and inevitable police involvement... While it was acknowledged there may be a need for the proposed facilities, it was felt the proposed location was totally inappropriate and unsuitable.'

Bastimans objection has been made 'unavailable' on SBC's planning site, tho the list of responses includes many of the Town's 'great n good', hey ho and this is erm, from the 'Cabinet'
Sent:•03 December 2014 10:30
To:•Nick Read
Subject:•Re Planning Application Danes Dyke Ref No 14/02380
Good morning Mr Read,
I would like to register my objection to the above application as set out below,
1, The proposed road access is totally inadequate to accommodate this proposal.
2, There is no immediate land available to widen any part of the carriageway at the junction of the A171.
3, Highway safety is often compromised at the moment due to traffic generation, HGV/LGV have on more than one occasion reverse out onto the A 171 because they could not fulfil their duty, thereby compromising road/pedestrian safety.
4, The loss of Trees, Flora and Fauna will affect the wildlife that both inhabit and enjoy the area
5, Is the secure boundary there to protect the proposed residents or the existing residents in the nearby properties?
6, In my opinion I feel that if this development goes ahead that there will be health issues due to Stress and Anxiety which in turn will place unwarranted pressure on our Health Service
7, The boundary treatment to the proposed site is totally out of keeping with the nearby properties as they have been developed on a open plan scenario.
8, The boundary to the proposed site can only be likened to an open prison and does nothing whatsoever to improve the visual amenity of the area.
Yours most sincerely,
D J Bastiman
Borough Councillor
Scalby, Hackness and Staintondale Ward
Cllr.Derek J Bastiman
Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Strategic Planning

Clearly part of the need for urgent accommodation for vulnerable women and children is that it is secure, low key and off the beaten track ... by bringing attention to this application Cllr Bastiman has no doubt defeated the 'object' in Home Groups attempts to "facilitate group and residential support for women and children, whom currently have to travel as far as Darlington, York and Leeds to benefit from the support of these services.” Aided and abetted by the SN then.  

Unfortunately I was keen but unable to attend the last Monday's 'meeting'

I  would have had one question "What does Mrs Bastiman have to say about this?"  

Cllr Lynn Bastiman:

or perhaps another Newby Ward Councillor?

So, will Mr Nastiman put forward the same objections to the Sainsbury proposal? 

Hmmm no more Mr Brightside ...

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Brightside or the Dark Side

Bastiman has vowed to continue to stop the Womens Refuge being built at Daynes Dyke, claiming that the land still has to be released by the Council's Cabinet of which he is Chief.  (The Planning was approved by SBC on Thursday)

Hmmm - gloves are off eh? As Chairman of the local Conservative Party he did state that should any one wish to complain about the behaviour of any of his members they should contact him directly.

(inbetween the dusting)

Now where shall we begin ...  how about a tune ;-)