Generation Alpha

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Generation Alpha is a movement that via its website tries to address a balance between Climate Change and Social Justice, created by  25 year old Australian, Ben Pennings;  "The environment movement has thus far failed to enact any meaningful systemic change, failed to stop the abuse of life on earth increasing at an alarming rate. I’ve been part of this but am determined for it to change."

On their current project 'Generation Alpha’s campaign to stop coal mining in Australia’s Galilee Basin'.  Our current priority is Over Our Dead Bodies.  We’re focussed on this campaign because preventing coal mining in the Galilee Basin would buy time. It would delay or maybe even avoid some crucial climate change tipping points. There is that much coal there. Mining and burning it is literally insane and I believe stopping it should be the biggest campaign priority of the environment movement globally. Not only because of the amount of coal there, but because it is a winnable campaign with time on our side. We urge people in the strongest possible terms to join us."

What has this got to do with us?

Well it seems to me that all this fuss about fracking has imo brought out the very worse in 'eco-groups' whilst at best bringing communities together to take action.  ;-)

With many protest groups fragemented and perhaps diluting the gerneal message with varying antics,  'anarchist' green lobby, eco warriors and anti capitalists working together on some campaigns, eg in France: -  Militant French Eco-Activists Protest Deforestation: Fight for the Forest, the ever loved GreenPeace acts ever more irresponsibly, the Friends of the Earth seem to go a bit soft, at the end of the day, as Ben says, does anyone take them seriously anymore? 

Well as the world is perhaps shrinking mebbe its about time it got a bit more organised and if any organisation can pull the worlds warriors together and make corporations, politicians and Govts. sit up and take notice, then this 'acorn' of anarchy , direct and peaceful protest,  is a great example for the next generation and one to follow: 

It's latest published  Article makes for some very interesting reading: