Minerals & Waste Joint Plan - Report

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A Summary of Issues and Consultation Responses had been prepared for the Meeting at County Hall next Tuesday, 3.00 pm 11th November 2014.  This is the latest update since April 2014. Included in the report:

Fracking & Shale Gas

4.8  A substantial volume of responses indicated a preference for a 'no fracking' policy within the Plan area ...

4.9  It is considered unlikely that a policy that seeks to resist fracking in any circumstances ... is to be consistant with national policy and to be 'positively prepared'

4.10 .... to consider providing clarification in the plan as to what forms of oil and shale gas exploration and development ... constitute 'Major Development'

4.11 ... whether the Plan should encourage greater coordination between developers and  existing site operators ... share of processing equipment and  pipelines


4.12 .... potash is a mineral which needs to be addressed in local plans.

4.13 A Key issue is whether the policy should support the principle of only a single supply of potash in the Plan area ... a range of views received ... with a significant volume of support for a new potash mine in the area because of the economic and employment benefits that would arise ...

Source Document:  http://www.northyorkmoors.org.uk/about-us/meetings-and-agendas/planning-...

The timetable for the Plan with Proposed Options expected in May 2015, pre-submission for further consultation end of 2015 and a final plan some time in 2016.

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Park Authority Updates

The NYMNPA now has 20 members (a reshuffle led by NYCC) http://www.northyorkmoors.org.uk/about-us/how-the-authority-works/our-me...

and the latest Minerals & Waste Joint Plan:


Hydrocarbons page 39

Carbon & Gas Storage Page 50

Kellingley & Spoil  page 53

Potash Page 55

Safeguarding Deep Mineral Resources  Page 59

Planning Policies Page 74

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M&WJP - Decked.

just a quick check (apparently the joint Minerals & Waste has been chucked out as unworkable and is back to base one).  However, the latest report page 40/41 : http://www.northyorkmoors.org.uk/about-us/meetings-and-agendas/joint-min...

includes some views on fraccing and lables 'potash' as a strategic resource that needs to be protected. (from the fraccers and CCS)

ah yes 'salami sliced' .. to page 57 2.224 :Mineral safeguarding work undertaken by British Geological Survey for North Yorkshire County Council and for the North York Moors National Park Authority has identified the potential extent of a safeguarding area for potash resources. The reports recommend safeguarding the whole of the resource ... Underground potash and polyhalite resources within the Boulby Mine licensed area and York Potash Indicated resource area, identified on the policies map, will be safeguarded for the future.

to p59 Reserves and resources of potash and polyhalite identified on the Policies Map,including a 2km buffer zone, will be protected from sterilisation by other forms of underground minerals extraction and the underground storage of gas or carbon. Where the underground working of other minerals is proposed in the protected area, proposals will need to demonstrate that the development will not adversely affect the potential future extraction of the protected mineral.

there may be greater potential for conflict between the working of potash, salt and polyhalite resources and extraction of gas, because of the juxtaposition of these resources in the north eastern part of the Plan area. Potash and polyhalite resources in the Plan area are considered to be of strategic significance. Extraction of gas in proximity to underground mining operations can give rise to particular concerns including the potential for gas to migrate towards, or accumulate in mine tunnels. This could be a particular issue where hydraulic fracturing (‘fracking’) techniques are involved.

Similar considerations could apply where proposals are brought forward for the underground storage of gas or carbon, for example in depleted natural gas reservoirs. In order to provide appropriate protection to reserves and resources of potash, salt and polyhalite from such effects associated with the extraction or storage of gas, an additional buffer zone around the resource has also been identified. In some circumstances it may be practicable to take measures, such as through appropriate phasing of activity, to enable extraction of more than one underground resource in the same area. Where conflict could arise, applicants will need to demonstrate that appropriate measures can be implemented to ensure that the safeguarded resource is protected.

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M&WJP & Master Plans

Notification of Submission:

"On 28th November 2017 the Minerals and Waste Joint Plan for North Yorkshire, York and the North York Moors National Park was submitted to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government for independent examination."



"Britain’s biggest fracking company is trying to force the National Trust to grant it access to a country estate to test for shale gas.

Ineos accused the trust of adopting “overly and overtly political” opposition to fracking and said it would seek to exercise its legal rights to enter the trust’s Clumber Park estate in Nottinghamshire without permission."


"IT is make your mind up time for the residents of Barnsley and Doncaster. From today, they will be receiving ballot papers for a community poll on the future of devolution for Yorkshire.

Theirs is a big responsibility; the decision they take could have a profound effect on the future of Yorkshire. The choice before them is binary: do they want their local authority to pursue a wider Yorkshire devolution deal or the narrower Sheffield City Region arrangement?"

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