Futurist - Final Frontier (again!)

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The Future of the Futurist remains in no doubt.  It will be flattened. Unless of course some bright spark comes up with a cunning plan,  give or take a few fireworks that could launch it into space... along with the Town Hall ...

Alas, that is just rumour fuelled gossip ...   there was and is no cunning plan on the table.  Just as there was no business plan, no hard strategy, nor indeed any well co-ordinated effort to work with the Council instead of focussing on trying to discredit them at every opportunity (albeit there were plenty of them).  So I guess through lack of conviction, lack of focus and plenty of 'side-issues' to distract from the main objective, to preserve the iconic theatre for,  erm, the next generation, the fight for the Futurist appears to be flatlining.  The latest Campaign strategy to to Save the Futurist reads as follows:  FUTURIST SUPPORTERS YOUR TOWN NEEDS YOU!! The theatre is not on the Agenda for the next Full Council Meeting next Monday 3rd November. The next one after that will be just before Christmas. In the meantime the Officers are going ahead with their current plan. The closing date for Invitations to Tender for demolition was last Friday 24th October. You can help, and join others who are already doing so - large numbers of letters matter! Please write a letter to The Rt.Hon.Eric Pickles MP, Secretary of State, Communities & Local Government, House of Commons, Parliament Square, London SW1A 0AA. Here are some bullet points for you as a start. (1)This subject of demolition has not been discussed or voted for by Full Council, only by the Cabinet who voted unanimously for demolition. (2) Over 10,800 signatures have been handed to the Council since November last year and have been ignored. (3) The Council have accepted "in principle" a bid to build a Funfair with a Roller Coaster on a Council owned garden, on our seafront, which is the subject of a Listing Application to English Heritage Parks and Gardens (4) The Council have agreed to allow tax payers to fund the bidder's demand to spend millions on clearing the site and re-stabilising the cliffside. (5)Please add your own particular feelings and points you wish him to know. Time is of the essence. We have already sent Mr. Pickles an Appeal documenting the lamentable attitude and actions of our Council. Loads of letters from Scarborough people underpinning our own documentation will have a lot of effect. Thanks. 

So, the Campaign is heading down to Pickles@London.com.   I am sure it will move right to the top of his pile, if, of course he has a spare waste bin/cabinet for all those thousands of erstwhile letters about to be written, before boomeranging them back straight to Town Hall.  I imagine HS2 will be built by then so need for pigeon post. 

Without wanting to circumnavigate the main Campaign and in a bid to gather more information on when the Futurist will be bulldozed, rather than refurbished, renovated, restored ra ra ra,  here is the reply from the Council's Section 151 Officer (An officer appointed under section 151 of the Local Government Act 1972 which requires every local authority to appoint a suitably qualified officer responsible for the proper administration of its affairs). ie not the KGB.  

 1.    How much notice is required to the shop/outlets under the Futurist?

Agreements are in place as part of each tenants individual lease, the details of each lease is commercial information as between the tenant and the Council.
(four weeks?)
2.  Has the demolition of the Futurist been given a time-scale or time limit?
            No, further reports will be presented to Members in due course.
Also, out of interest, presumably  Bidder 'B' and the Council have exchanged some form of contract;  Is there any provision within that contract to reimburse the Council for the demolition costs should they 'exit' or fail to go ahead with the development?
Bidder B submitted outline draft terms.  Officers are progressing negotiations with Bidder B.   Any agreement between the Council and Bidder B is still under negotiation and is therefore of a confidential nature. The wider implications of any proposal will form part of future reports to Cabinet / Council.
My response:  (negating my intital error of  a massive comma (lol) ) 'presumably if the Council receive a 'better offer' they would be wise to consider it as the 'current negotiations' are still at an early stage.'

So, yes it will be put before Council to make further decisions. Again. 


ScarboroughUK's rather excellent 'Brief History of the Futurist' http://www.scarboroughuk.co.uk/2014/10/the-futurist-theatre-brief-histor...




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WoW - Not Exactly Derelict the Futurist is it?

as 28 days later found out when they went to 'shoot' out at Scarboroughs iconic Futurist Theatre - about to be demolished any day soon - tho September looks likely if they have to restabilise the rear cliff first.  These pictures show that mebbe just mebbe the Council is making one massive error ...  awww have come over all nostalgic -   hmmm mebbe its not too late to Save the Futurist ...


I feel a cunning plan coming on ... Baldrick?  No think Bazil !! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qUNFnjmP4o ;-)

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Futurist - Exposed?

"Scarborough Council said it had been made aware of the latest breach in security."
Scarborough Council said that security at the venue had been stepped up following the emergence of the unauthorised visit earlier this month.
The fate of Scarborough’s Futurist Theatre will be decided at a council meeting on February 27