The Rath - Fracking Hell

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Rathlin Ruins

"Rathlin’s chairman David Montagu-Smith and his group left by a side door. Earlier campaigners had complained at “outrageous” security, which included attendees at County Hall, Beverley, being subjected to pat down searches.

Councillors were urged to defer the decision for answers to concerns about the “obvious lack of capacity” from regulators including the council, to monitor and address breaches. Campaigner Jon Mager said oil and gas companies and council liked to emphasise the “heavy regulations” the industry had to conform to, but every licence breach by Rathlin “started with local residents or protectors in their camps - not the regulators.”

But councillors claimed they had “no alternative” but to allow the extension, with one saying he “couldn’t see what the fuss was all about.”

"In a statement the company said: “We are pleased that the planning committee was minded unanimously to approve our planning application for an extension at West Newton A. The well we drilled there discovered natural gas. We believe this to be firm evidence of a potentially significant gas field in the Permian Kirkham Abbey formation. The approval today is an important step in our programme of operations to determine whether the gas discovery has commercial potential. We will continue to carry out our works in accordance with our permits.”

interesting Comment "...The Kirkham Abbey Formation is a major conventional reservior across the north of England. It doesn't need any fracking as that is used on shale and the KAF is limestone."

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Centrica Power Up

Part of the energy 'devolution' mix?

Hull wants to go with South Yorkshire & Lincoln ...

frack away frack away

George Sputnik

“We were pleased to see the Government’s announcements last week signalling the important role that power stations like South Humber Bank will continue to play for UK security of supply and look forward to hearing more about their plans to support investment in the sector. The market for gas-fired generation continues to be challenging but, with the right policy landscape, we are confident it can improve.”

"In its strategic review announcement in July, Centrica said it would invest to maintain and improve its gas-fired generation fleet where economics allow. The Group is also exploring opportunities to invest in small scale gas peaking plants and distributed energy solutions for large business customers as part of its new international Distributed Energy and Power business"

Small Scale Gas Peaking Plants ...

and via Vague Vogue ;-)

"Phil Whitehurst, national officer of the GMB union, said: "This is great news for the power station workers and for those in the supply chain who manage and maintain this valuable generation asset.

"It is also good news for energy security. As the UK Government yesterday reversed the policy of investment in developing carbon capture and storage technology, the only show in town now is gas and nuclear."

nts : Kirkham Abbey Formation