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So as the media continues its race against the 'machine'; the rumbling on of the TTIP  (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) for updates see here:; the ninth ceasefire between Israel and Palestine brokered in Egypt, being celebrated by Hammas firing a rocket to end seven weeks of fighting; President Putin and Poroshenko vowing a road map for peace: . Then add in the outrage of President Obama following the beheading of US journalist by terrorists representing  ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) only to be confounded by the discovery that the killer was British born .... it did cross my mind when/if/what would happen if the USA should ever declare War on Britain or the United Kingdom (Afghanistan with Osama Bin Laden) give or take Scotland (who?) ... anyhow  it now seems like our 'global'  Summer of Discontent is now approaching its end or perhaps fading away, exhausted by the conscience of the 'common' people and the misery inflicted on so many by the powerful few, doom and gloom merchants that control the Media, and E-mit (broadcast) the mad bad world we live in across the Universe (or multi-verse) and 'we' wonder why?  Why do we bother? What is the point? Is being philosphical the answer? If you take the blinkers and blindfolds off, there is another window, to the Big Bang:

Back in 2012 the CERN claimed to have discovered the Higgs Bosan particle, the missing link between gravity, dark matters and in theory the mystery of the beginning and the end. Reality. "so big so fast?"

The fear surrounding the 'failure' for finding the elusive particle was well documented at that time.

The Cern Collider: 

Now apparently there are at least two! And six outstanding mysteries surrounding the Higgs Bosan discovery:

And if they could build that 'monster' there ...on the banks of Lake Geneva ... Shelly ...

They could build one anwhere:

Reported yesterday (rather badly imo) "With a circumference of 52km, the “Higgs Factory” would be almost twice the size of Europe's equivalent, and significantly more powerful. The Chinese said it is due to be completed by 2028": :-)






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Cat n Mouse

Ah, so ... joined up  words that make sense ;-?

"...The problem with dictators lies not in what they do: some make trains run on time, and some start wars, and some do neither and some do both, but it would be fruitless to rank them on this basis. The problem is not which groups they victimise – though it is a problem that it will always be somebody, the cornerstone of control being to divide and scapegoat. The problem is not even that strongmen can’t get on with each other, for all the anxiety it brings, waiting for the inevitable confrontation as one immovable, volatile autocrat comes head to head with another.

No, the problem is that the power annexed by one big daddy hasn’t come from nowhere: it is power surrendered by everyone else, whose human destiny is then smothered by their political impotence. Whether you are explicitly denied the vote or simply rendered irrelevant by a winner-takes-all authoritarianism, you are left infantilised and directionless..."

"It’s my new motto: we cannot afford to argue the toss about dictators, parse the difference between the really bad ones and the less bad ones who looked cute in a beret. Refusing to decry dictatorship is a self-indulgence: it is helping the enemy."