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The York Potash project has pushed its head above the parapet good and proper this last week,  following much silence as agreed via  the PPA with the NYMNPA.   Both camps have issued new information on the projects progress.

Firstly, York Potash has held its first round of public exhibitions, detailing the new design of the Mine buildings, that have been reduced in height and visibility thanks to the MTS system that is proposed to deliver the mineral (polyhalite) to be processed, distributed and exported via Teesside.   The Whitby Gazette reports : Mr Fraser added: “The general feedback is positive. Not everybody can be pleased with what we are doing, as is always the case, but most points have been positive. ... the vast majority of comments are ‘hurry up and get on with it’, with which we wholeheartedly agree, but we have to get it right.”   Perhaps it would have been more ingenuous of the Whitby Gazette to focus on the 'bright side' of this 'exclusive' than to lead with "Submission of plans for the proposed potash mine on the outskirts of Whitby have been delayed yet again - this time by a further two months."   http://www.whitbygazette.co.uk/news/business/submission-of-potash-planni...

This follows two earlier submissions on the York Potash Project by the Whitby Gazette, "Potash Mine Could help feed Africa ...  Mr Fraser added: “We are very pleased the Tanzanian Ministry of Agriculture has recognised the potential of polyhalite and welcome its support. “Tanzania is recognised as one of the five key focus countries for the UK Government’s High Level Prosperity Partnerships for Africa programme and polyhalite from the York Potash Project could play a significant role in advancing this initiative.”  A series of public consultation events has this week been launched by Sirius Minerals across the Whitby area.  http://www.whitbygazette.co.uk/news/business/potash-mine-could-help-feed... .  Slightly misleading is the last paragraph -  'With a new planning application set to be submitted this month, the meetings are a final opportunities for Whitby residents to have their say on the proposals.'  Erm,  I think that is slightly incorrect.  

However you can see by the comments section that the WG is facing accusations of bias and indeed one even suggests that Ed Asquith's needs are of more importance.  How silly is that? Someone once said hypocrisy is wonderful to observe in others, and indeed it is.   Another article in the WG  announcing delays  http://www.whitbygazette.co.uk/news/business/further-delays-for-potash-m... "Both applications for the York Potash project will now take place at the same time, although a draft submission will be submitted at the end of July to enable a period of analysis to take place.   In light of the news, shares of Sirius fell 6.7% to 11.90 pence on Monday." followed by 'Do you have confidence that the York Potash project will go ahead or are you put off by the number of delays? '   Alas the comments were removed.   However, I guess for some, the 'side-show'  must go on ;  as investors v the 'antis' continues it is quite apparent that some of the so called 'anti' brigade, some who have infiltrated (trolls) the investor boards, and even made slight admissions to being shareholders (financial beneficiary) (rampers v de-rampers) are continuing to try and dominate and forward their own agenda using the York Potash project as a vehicle.  So it hardly seems fair to point the finger at Ed Asquith and that said it is quite understandable why the Whitby Gazette are perhaps slightly reticent in their coverage of the project.  

Anyhow whilst the vultures are scrapping over the crumbs, (share price) it is important, (IMO) to note that the current share price has little relevance to the projected outcome of this project.  Sure, the share-price has been ' sacrificed' in order to finance and pursue the project to its full potential, but as any of the York Potash team will confirm the share price (whilst disappointing for shareholders) holds  little relevance on the company' s 'performamce'.    They  now have the resources, expertise (consultants) and clearly the determination to see this project through to its own 'undetermined' conclusion.

Of course it would be very shy of me not to disclose my own shareholding, but hey I'm about as shy as a coconut? :-))

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