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Greek for Sale

finally, the will of the people ....

"Greece is due to make a €1.6bn (£1.1bn) payment to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on Tuesday - the same day that its current bailout expires."

In my humbly bumbly 97% of the people of the EU will be cheering them on ... banks closed ... oh dear... at least that don't have to endure Glastonbury ...

Erm, why don't they just sell Cyprus? stoopid is as stoopid does :-) Nah,  they would have forgot about Cyprus ... Kypriot ... mebbe they will be joining Putins BRICS ... is the EU bricking it? (lol - is jesting btw)

mind you that would be like the UK selling Scotland or Wales or a few sheep or somin ... oh well, needs must. How timely ... ;-/

Ah here we go NDR :-)

Erm, non domestic rates? ... back to the dusting.... B its a B !! ffs blind as a bat... do your own editting ... hint - 'look how close they put the potash next to the National Park' erm what came first the chicken or the egg ... baskets.

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Carpet 'Burns' - Greek

Yow Ok, poetic licence :-)    “We didn’t die for love so why would we die of starvation?” lol - Erm no seriously - in my humbly bumbly the EU, EC & Europe is where its at ..
via Judith Kirton-Darling (JKD) on twitter ...  Hmmm ...

"If the effect was to terrorise the population, it has only half worked. The pollsters are simply finding what Greek political scientists already know: society is divided, deeply and psychologically, between left and right."


Update: - polls 60% vote no ....

"Greece's governing Syriza party campaigned for a "No", saying the bailout terms were humiliating.

The "Yes" campaign warned this could see Greece ejected from the eurozone."

Eh ??? Corfused .. yep - am sticking with Corbett on' this one ...  oh roll on Strasburg in October X

lol now where are those Ruby Slippers ... ha.

Corby for Leader !!! - aww schucks. bums on seats n all that ...  Corby (is it still little Scotland?) wot a blast.



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Russia Turns on the Greek 'Charm'

"In five months of being Greek Finance Minister, Yanis Varoufakis proved himself to be a tough negotiator who was not going to concede even a bit to Greece’s creditors, as well as a political ‘rock star’ who wins hearts and minds from atop his motorcycle.

Varoufakis never showed that he was ready to accept all the demands Greece creditors put towards the debt-stricken nation. He repeatedly refused bailout plan offered by the troika of international creditors, calling it “a committee built on rotten foundations.”

The self-declared "erratic Marxist" was apparently ready to mutilate himself rather than agree to current terms of bailout presented to Athens by its international creditors."

Yep, last nights 'Newsnight', the EU can stand the economics but the politics is gonna burn some ***holes ... 

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Greek & Bitcoin

As the latest Greek proposal is tabled for the EC to consider ECB, IMF etc over the week-end, two  questions about the EU?  Firstly why is there no guide to an 'exit plan'?  Secondly the question over 'currency'.

How easy is it to swap currencies?' - (spot the deliberate mistake)

Yep, I once did an essay on running 'Mickey Mouse Money' alongside the Euro ... hey ho 'fantasyland' .. (7/2) (failed!)

Anyhoos. with 'Bitcoin' on a back burner, (can't quite get me head round it)  this Greek 'business' is getting more fascinating and may yet bear some influence on the Twonks referendum for the UK to exit the EU (as if ...  U-turn?)... gathering the ammo is Grexit  a pre-amble for the UK? Politics and 'pride' aside, global currency. 

'Francs', 'Euros', 'Buttons' ... Bitcoin .. who cares so long as trade continues ... a willbewas.

Some 'hi-brow' (way over my head) bitcoin stuff to ponder:

Not forgetting Slashers 2% to NATO ... hmmm

Greek? Cut the cord n let 'em rip ...Zzzzzzz



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EU - "Where were you?"

Putin does poetry: Erm, no not quite:

“Greece is a member of the EU and …conducts complicated negotiation process with its partners. Mr. [Alexis] Tsipras didn’t ask us for any help. And in general, it’s understandable because the numbers [of the Greece debt to the troika of its international creditors] are high.”

Moscow has repeatedly said it was ready to help Greece, if necessary, but so far Athens hasn’t asked for direct financial help.

While Russia hasn’t transferred money to Greece directly, a €2 billion gas deal signed at the International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg in June should help Greece overcome its debt crisis, Putin acknowledged then."

Some 'magic' numbers ;

"Russia and Greece signed a deal to create a joint enterprise for the construction of the Turkish Stream pipeline across Greece. The pipeline will have a capacity of 47 billion cubic meters a year and the construction costs are about €2 billion.

In December 2014, Russia cancelled the South Stream gas pipeline project because the EU was constantly blocking the deal. South Stream would have delivered 63 billion cubic meters of gas to Europe, bypassing the current routes through unreliable Ukraine.

The total Greek debt now stands at €316 billion. After failing to repay €1.6 billion ($1.76 billion) to the IMF by the July 1 deadline, Greece became the first developed country to default on its international obligations."

Oooh the Euro almost matching the dollar ... whatever next? Sterling stuff ... Ruen?

See, if Putin can have a little moan and a whine ...

Image from




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Greek - A Full Spin via the Laundry

 now don't forget the soap ... :-)

landslides ... dominoes ... self-fulfilling prophecies ...

"The mistake most people made was thinking that Syriza was just an anti-austerity party. It swiftly capitulated when it realized Europe wasn't going to really negotiate, and all along was proposing tough austerity. It was really a pro-sovereignty one. And that's why Europeans are so alarmed. Syriza didn't want Europe to tell Greece what to do anymore. It wanted to make its own decisions.

But this is why the Europeans are so distrustful. It's not just that Europe doubts Greece would follow through on its fiscal promises if it didn't have the constant threat of default hanging over its head. It's more that Europe is worried if it rewards Greece for acting out against austerity that Spain and Italy and Portugal will start to act out too—and then things will get really expensive for Germany."

I lurvve the 'pictures' .. the UK doesn't even get a mention ... unless those bat eyes are blinkered ... red stuff. Great stuff from the WP.


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Bitcoins Accepted in Zug

"A council in central Switzerland will soon accept the digital currency Bitcoin as payment for some public services.

The trial scheme, in the town of Zug, will begin on 1 July and run until the end of the year, the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation reports. Residents will be able to make payments of up to 200 Swiss francs ($200; £140) using the crypto-currency, in what the broadcaster says is a world first.

Mayor Dolfi Mueller says the council wants to show its "openness to new technologies" and cater to local financial technology companies. The area is known as the "crypto-valley", as it hosts more than a dozen companies specialising in Bitcoin-related activities. At the end of the trial period, the council will decide on whether to expand Bitcoin payments to other government services.

Not all local officials are convinced that it's a smart move. "It is highly concerning that a state institution should accept Bitcoin, since it is not a secure currency," councillor Gregor Bruhin tells Neue Zuercher Zeitung. "The town of Zug could undermine the status of cash with its actions," he says.

Mayor Mueller seems unconcerned though, telling the paper: "I can imagine that in the near future it will be possible to pay your tax bill with Bitcoin."

Grunt.  Elsewhere. Forfarshire.

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Crypto Valley

Ah, so ... no bitcoin at BHS ..

Meanwhile, erm 'grunt', why Europeans have the primal edge ober das Englanders :

Non spreke die language. Wust marken zit ups... 


Tink of awl the money they would save if the EU had a common language (English, nah that would be sooo not British ... )  Could 'Grunt' be the language version of 'bitcoin'? 

Language the final frontier...

Mind, should bitcoin be common global currency would people just shut up ... no speakie ... 

Waffles.  I had this mad idea once to save the NHS billions... at reception ask the question .. 'If we gave you a tenner would you F off?'  Didn't go down very well ...

Oh well.

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SN: 'Opinion' ?

At the local Tally Ban press, tis not an opinion tis a loaded question ... for the Local Tally Ban.

1.  Foreign Aid is a vital outsource that enables health & community programmes to work where it is most needed.  eg Ebola

2.  Foreign Aid establishes long term relations with global  communities that may be disenfranchised and threatened by free market economies.

3.  Foreign Aid allows cultural diversity to co-exist within existentional  environments.

In simple terms, wot it is NOT about is "we're all right Jack, F*ck you."

Level playing fields ;-)


And, of course ... on the diplomatic front ... "mine enemies enemy is not my best friend"


pmsl :

Ah, so ...
"Moulding clay into a vessel, we find the utility,
in its hollowness;
Cutting doors and windows for a house, we find the utility, in its empty space;
Therefore the being of things is profitable, the non-being of things is servicable."