Futurist For Sale

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Cabinet Meeting 20/05/2014

On the Agenda : http://democracy.scarborough.gov.uk/documents/s58309/14171%20-%20Futuris...

The Futurist is to be put on the open market with immediate effect, with a decision to be made in September on any forthcoming tenders. 

It remains unclear what tenders or development plans they have received to date, they were slightly coy about this but did state that all tenders would receive a 12 week evaluation, so that suggests at least two tenders have already been put forward.

The Council are offering a 250 year Leasehold Agreement so they can keep some level of control over the development site.

Nick Edwards reported that the Joint Venture Development Board had read through the 'Campaign to Save the Futurist' petititon and that whilst noted,  after equity splits had been accounted  the HCA wanted the Council to commit to extra funds for the development. The council has spent considerable sums on survey reports, two important ones remain outstanding - the structural and asbestos surveys.  HCA still want to be part of the development but want their money withdrawn for other 'projects' .  The strategic objective is for best consideration, with a transparent tender process;  the pass/fail criteria will be based on 50% on price and credibility and 50% on the leisure aspect, where the quality is vital.  There would be nothing to preclude the rull refurbishment of the theatre within any development put forward.  It was agreed by the Join Venture Board that the dispoasl of the site was the way forward and an informal tender process commence.   The Council were now in a position to put the Lower Tier (Futurist/Mermaid & retail) out to the open market.    A fee of £ 150 was agreed to cover documentation costs on tender application.


A figure of £ 395 k for ingoing was previously mooted and a consortium 'tender' had been refused because it lacked quality and sustainability. Details of this are sketchy.

More to follow.