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Now here is a number for the little black book : 'Seven Billion to One'   
MM:  Thanks AS, it sounds great what you are doing with the Cinder Track, (it was my playground for many a year as a kid) was about public 'authority' meetings at their own leisure at public expense. Anyhow I presumed that NYCC were responsible for public highways, and the irony was that the NYMNPA suggested they had 'pots' of money? no offense intended.

AS ; You need to start being more sceptical. the route is not a public right of way and therefore not the County's responsibility. Richard Gunton didn't say they had "pots of money" but that there were pots of money that could be accessed if we had fully detailed plans in place that had already received all the appropriate permissions. No offense may have been intended but I certainly took it. This is a project that links concerned and active citizens in both Scarborough and Whitby. If you're going to copy the carping negativity of Real Whitby I suggest you conduct somewhat better research.

MM - Oh ok, so how many people as a percentage of Scarborough/Whitby's population use the Cinder Track? And you think this justifies our 'absent' MP's attention. OK. As for research the article was based on a jig saw piece from the Scarborough News, perhaps you could suggest they do better research too!. Added into that Qalypso piece (naff all to do with Real Whitby btw) was an introductory piece on Carl Les's interested in the restored Wensleydale Railway Perhaps you could conduct some research into his 'interests' and position of influence, but oh no, far too risky so let Real Whitby do that. Obviously the Whitby to Scarborough line cannot ever be reopened but there are some very serious issues about efficient transport links between Scarborough and Whitby. We don't all have time to ride on bikes. I would suggest you lighten up and try a sense of humour instead of being so negative on other peoples views.

AS: Firstly, I only commented on the bits of the article I knew something about and I could indeed suggest the Scarborough News do better research. Secondly, the MP currently happens to have responsibility for cycling, the invite was from Sustrans and this facility happens to be in his back yard. Thirdly, we know that in urban Scarborough there are well over half a million trips a year and a good proportion of these are women and children. As for whether we find the same things funny, I fail to see the point...but there you go.


MM:   No ifs buts maybes first seconds or thirdlys, yep, I find it completely hilarious that our MP Transport Minister responsible for steamrolling the HS2 at a cost of £ 56 BILLION whilst taking time out to cycle up to the Station Tea Rooms for someone else to step in to answer the question of funding over the Cinder Track ... , I would have asked where you got your half million figures from but ironically I guess if you use the most efficient link (a minute part of the Cinder Track) between Barrowcliff and Northstead on route to town (cos you cant afford the bus fare!) then yes it does need some serious attention. Perhaps the Gallows centre could became a bike re-cyclying unit. Anyhow yes Axxx, you made your point. Very interesting.
AS: The half a million trips is a conservative extrapolation from survey work done over the course of one year. I certainly don't disagree about the HS2 where the benefit/cost ratio only just seems to get past the 1:1 whereas the typical value for schemes to encourage walking and cycling are nearer 19:1

AS: I've also written a slightly tongue in cheek piece about the fundamentally inequitable nature of the HS2

Full credit to  AS,  brilliant blogg btw,  

Breaking even on the HS2

In  Time Travel I suggested that going faster doesn't necessarily save time. 
Here  are some sums.
The proposed HS2 from London to Birmingham should save about 35 minutes
The estimated cost of Phase 1 is  £16.3bn at 2011 prices
The average rate of pay in the UK in 2012 was about £12 per hour
 In the summer of 2012 there were 29.59 million people in employment
Therefore the total hourly earnings were about £355 million (29.59 million x £12)
To earn £16.3bn we'd all have to work for 46 hours (16.3 billion / 355 million)
That's the saving from about 79 single trips each (46 hours/35 mins) but at no extra cost 
Because earning even more money would take even more time.
By 2043 it's estimated that the route would carry 136000 passengers per day.
To get our time back we'd have to make a total of about 2.3 billion journeys (29.59 million x 79)
It would take 16900 days for us to take these journeys (2.3 billion/136000)
Or just over 46 years (16900/365)
So we're unlikely to get the time back but we might see it whizz by.


So who needs Slough? As an aside it would be more 'democratic' to post directly on the Qalypso frequency.   Fending off the 'bots', but do as thy will . ..

Still. Nope, as time goes by ... forever red ;-)



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NYMNPA - Leader Programme

This European funded initiative only went live a couple of weeks ago, due to some small print stuff from the RPA.   Aimed at benefitting rural communities, some changes have been made in that Raincliffe Woods is included and also last years fund has been rolled over or carried forward into 2016/2017. So nope the annual fund of £2mil has not been lost.   Noted that the EU fund is tied in unitl 2020.

In short it is for capital expenditure funding with the benefit to bring employment.   Matchfunding for Community Groups is up to 90% and private enterprises about 40%.

Thinking caps required, but Amy of NYMNPA is willing and able to assist anyone through the application process.

A briefing update was made to Borough Councillor's yesterday...

One of the 'small changes' is to include Filey, classified as a rural area, unfortunately Whitby is classified as a Town.   However, Townies can apply if the benefit directly impacts on the Rural area, as mapped within NYMNPA's programme.  

(Quite an 'odd' interest is that the EU is tied in until 2020 ... ) In/Out? 'small print'?

Oaf to Tower ...