"Omne Trium Perfectum"

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Whitby Gazette headline " Has Boulby Won the Polyhalite Race?"     ....   http://www.whitbygazette.co.uk/news/business/has-boulby-won-the-great-po... - so lets focus on  exactly what was said:

No 1:  “If you wanted I could send you one thousand tonnes right now. York Potash can’t do that." “But if this stuff is so good, why aren’t people knocking on our door right now?”

No 2:  “A billion tonnes is incredible, it’s unheard of. It’s 150 years’ worth." ...“I’m not really bothered about Sirius Minerals at all. My concern is solely towards the success of Cleveland Potash and if polyhalite can contribute to our success then great.”

No3: “It gives us potential flexibility with our business,” explained Mr Baines. “If we can develop a market for the stuff.”  “I can’t see it,” said Mr Baines. “Farmers can be fixed in their ways so if potash works, why should they change?”

Now I know gibberish when I read it, so what is the squealling one afraid of, a big bad wolf  ....  anyhow enough of faerie stories, I'm sure Boulby could tell a few:

more fee fi fo fum, oops, I mean facts:





Either way should Boulby fail to meet the new planning and EU regulations by 2026, then without the York Potash Project over 1000 jobs could be lost.