The Tides are Turning

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Scarborough Project Gets Cash Boost

Two programmes in Scarborough which aim to tackle antisocial behaviour and keep young people safe have been given grants.

They're being supported in the latest round of grants to be awarded from Police and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire, Julia Mulligan’s, £250,000 Community Fund.

The first successful bid was from Judo Solutions. The club will use the money to fund a new project designed engage with ‘hard to reach’ young people and also to help rehabilitate young offenders.

Off-road motorcycle club, Mud in Your Blood, based at Seamer Road, was also successful in its bid for over £12,000. The money will be used to bring a further 150 young people and their families from into the club to participate in activities.

The two projects deliver on the overall objectives of the Commissioner’s Community fund, which are to support young people and victims of crime, as well as rehabilitate offenders. Local charities, community groups and individuals can bid for any amount between £500 and £20,000.

Source:  Yorkshire Coast Radio.

Two outreach programmes, that actually engage with the Town's Youth.

The tides keep turning ... a bit of new wave: :-)) lol

The PCC is actively encouraging community engagement and has launched a 'survey' for those who have been affected by crime to help shape vicitm support services :   



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Decisive - PCC saves £ 10 mil

The proposed new HQ and operational police facility near Thirsk has been shelved, in a move Mrs Mulligan claims will save the force £10m.

and for further detail:  "As the “Northern Base” new-build project will not now go ahead, Northallerton Police Station, which would have been closed if the new HQ had been built, will remain open, and its custody suite will be refurbished."

“I believe that working in partnership with Cleveland Police will have great potential to deliver real benefits to the people of North Yorkshire – including new ways of working to tackle cross-border crime, which is a real issue for many of our communities. I am looking forward to working with the PCC in Cleveland to take this forward.”

A good call for our PCC, active and decisive, good oh, how times change :-)

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Mulligan Making Moves

Yorkshire Coast Radio report: A New Judo Club, aimed at young people aged ten and up, is to be launched in Scarborough this week, at The Street on Lower Clark Street.

The Community Youth Judo Club is being established directly as a result of the funding provided to Judo Solutions by the Police and Crime Commissioner, Julia Mulligan’s £250,000 Community Fund.

"This is a great opportunity for me to work more with younger people," says Hammond, who is already involved in a referral scheme for young people at risk and young offenders. It is hoped the club will  have a core of young people attending who have already been training with Dave within the referral system.
"Judo is seen by many as being little more than a combat sport because of what they see on the television," says Hammond "but it is far more than that. We are aiming at getting young people to be more comfortable in themselves, pushing themselves and getting their confidence to grow. From there, they can start to look out at other people and inteact on a much sounder footing."
The referral scheme already has a number of youngsters on it who are well on their way to attaining their yellow belt, the first grade that take a person on a journey all the way to black belt. "I look forward to helping these young people develop. It will be hard work for them, because Judo is one of the toughtest activities going, but the key thing is not to give up. Every time you look at a black belt, you are merely looking at a white belt who would not give up," says the coach, who has competed and taught across the UK.

Julia Mulligan, Police and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire, added, “I am pleased to be able to support this really worthwhile scheme.  Anything we can do to combat reoffending, as well as anti-social behaviour more widely, can only be a positive step forward.”  If you are interested in attending the Judo club, you can come along to The Street on Thursday evenings at 6.30pm. Or for further information contact Dave via email at


Indeed it seems Julia Mulligan is making all the right moves and her new website is ticking all the right boxes:

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Police Doing Their Job

its amazing, this is what they are supposed to do :-)

Judge Stephen Ashurst said they had each played a part in the proliferation of heroin in Scarborough.

“In the eight years I have been sitting at York Crown Court, there has been a significant escalation in Class A drug-dealing in Scarborough,” he said.

“This has had a huge impact on the town itself and fuelled not only acquisitive crime, but also violence, misery and ruined lives.”

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Judiciary System Fails

"... it costs far less to plead guilty rather than be convicted after a contested trial..."

"George Lyons, who was a magistrate in North Tyneside for 15 years, has also given up his place on the bench. In a resignation letter to the Magistrates Association’s magazine, he warned that the charge puts pressure on people to admit crimes they have not committed in order to avoid a larger fines.

“This is a terrible piece of legislation introduced through the back door,” he wrote. The rules, over which magistrates have no discretion, would, he added, “criminalise many people because that is the option” for them. “Justice is only going to be for those who can afford it.”

Well said.

And if you are a juvenile in Scarborough there is only one person that will represent you because the 'others' cannot recoup their fees....

"Not guilty" very dare they ... try getting a job with a criminal record  ... barstewards! 

If you are not guilty go for trial ... every time. Then they try blackmail to save on costs.

The police have no right to interview a child unless they are under suspicion of a crime.

It is not for the police to pre-determine if a juvenile (child) is guilty.