Are We There Yet?

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X marks the spot ...  perhaps Flamingo Land will join this list - 10 of the Creepiest, Abandoned Amusement Parks ....

I was looking to see if Scarbados was on the list, but, nope, Scarborough's former Zoo & Marineland,  later to become 'Mr Marvels'  (that burned down)   is not on there, yet, 10 years later .....

Never mind, we did have this for a while:


But that closed and then they promised us this, from Alpamare and 'Duce', shovel ready by 31/03/14 -))

Oh well, there is always Euro Disney:

Perhaps Scarborough Council should push 

'fracking' further up the agenda.  But then they

have a nasty habit of letting things slip ..







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Beano Sprouts

"A Scarborough attraction has been protected for the ages after being granted Grade II listed status.

The Water Chute at the North Bay Railway was granted the status by Historic England on Friday, last week.

It now means the attraction, which has been making a splash in Scarborough for decades, will be protected from any future developments and will be around for future generations to enjoy.

In its listing it stated that: “The water chute, a water ride of 1932 designed by Charles Wicksteed, is listed at Grade II for the following principal reasons:

“Date and rarity: it is the third-oldest water chute in Britain, one of only three such rides surviving from before the Second World War, and one of the oldest surviving water-based rides in the world;..."

Oh S'Aandy...


Erm, can ya tell us afore instead of after

Rafters ;-)


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