Are We There Yet?

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X marks the spot ...  perhaps Flamingo Land will join this list - 10 of the Creepiest, Abandoned Amusement Parks ....

I was looking to see if Scarbados was on the list, but, nope, Scarborough's former Zoo & Marineland,  later to become 'Mr Marvels'  (that burned down)   is not on there, yet, 10 years later .....

Never mind, we did have this for a while:


But that closed and then they promised us this, from Alpamare and 'Duce', shovel ready by 31/03/14 -))

Oh well, there is always Euro Disney:

Perhaps Scarborough Council should push 

'fracking' further up the agenda.  But then they

have a nasty habit of letting things slip ..






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