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Fusion, a combination of varying elements that combine to present a single experience. Though it is hard sometimes to not confuse fact with fiction, fantasy with reallity,  to add that magic ingredient that brings a story to life, or easier to digest, fusion adds a personal touch.  Personally,  to present facts and research, and combine to make a statement of reality is a fashion I tend to agree with.    To remain objective over subjective, not to mix the 'business' with 'pleasure', and not to get too personal.   But then life, as in art, the magical element, is so powerful that the temptation not to invoke fusion into a fact filled fascination, I fear resistance is futile.  Fashion or pure fantasy?  Too many 'F's you may say, I agree, that is because I am now personally very fucking pissed off with fucking fracking.  I was trying to approach this, ahem,  'sensitively', but what the fuck?  lets get down and dirty.....

OK, so lets go straight for the jugular and focus in;   Viking Gas. I may have mentioned them before. Certainly they have been flagged up by Friends of the Earth as having permits to 'frack' at Kirby Misperton.,-0.8264892,647m/data=!3m1!1e3 .  Frack Off report; "It is only close examination of the documents (PDF) associated with the application which shows there is more here than than meets the eye. While the first well of the pair (which was drilled earlier in the year) targets a conventional carbonate reservoir at a depth of around 4000 ft, the second well has a considerably more complex intent. Referred to as Kirby Misperton Deep it is to be drilled to a depth of around 9,000 ft ....."  and then goes on to explain why many locals are unaware "Cuadrilla Resources have been quietly scheming with Third Energy, the owners of Viking UK Gas, to bring fracking to Yorkshire. In October 2012 Viking submitted a planning application to drill two new wells adjacent to their existing site at Kirby Misperton, ... a couple of extra wells in the Ryedale field did not attract attention. The threat from these developments therefore seemed small and localised. The application was granted without a committee meeting last January."

In case you are unaware of Kirby Misperton, it is home to one of North Yorkshire biggest tourist attractions and Yorkshire's only Zoo, Flamingoland. 

To me, it has been home to my 'Outlaws' for the last 300 years as sheep farmers.  So on a flying visit yesterday, I casually asked the 'GreatGrandDad' if he had heard about the fracking site nearby and if he knew where exactly the 'fracking' site was.  And we walked through the conservatory that offers panoramic views over the Vale of Pickering, and what was formely his families land, until his retirement as the last 'farmer' in the family.  "Oh, its just at the bottom of our field, on the left" as he pointed to a small clump of trees.  Now 'GreatGrandDad' is a man of very few words. He still manages the occasionally round of golf at the 19th hole to keep in touch with his community. But only just.   "They just took the great big crane down last week.  We've heard about fracking but no one knows whats happening.  It's not been in any of the papers, no-one knows. Nobody told us."  .... "It's on Easterby's Land, they own most of the land now between here and York.  But it was Dawson that first sold out."  And as I asked about access to the site, he said "yes, you go along the footpath at the end of our field." Oh, I might go take a look.  "someone said the oil has run dry .... all under that land is an underground lake" . 

A full report on the Significance of the Vale of Pickering was prepared for English Heritage: or VoP_SoS_Final_May2012.pdf

Much of the Vale of Pickering which starts at York and culminates on the outskirts of Scarborough, at Eastfield and Cayton beore heading out to the coast at Cayton Bay, so much affected by coastal erosion they built a bypass.  The Vale of Pickering, created after the last ice age, in recent times land around Cayton and Eastfield referred to as 'wetlands' is bizzarely being earmarked for massive housing developements (despite being possible 'flood areas') and archaelogists have unearthed "Starr Carr" believed to be one of the oldest settlements in Britain.  My interest in the geology of the Vale of Pickering indeed stems from the tales told by my Outlaws.   Anyhow, enough background I am digressing from my fury.

Indeed I was that furious that on the drive down the small but deeply pot-holed country lane back into Kirby Misperton trying to establish the 'site' entrance, where to build a 'battle camp' etc etc and the dawning that this site at Kirby Misperton was so close to the Flamingoland Zoo and what would they have to say about it,  and all sorts of scenarios and possible outcomes, how best to formulate a plan, what to do .... need to look at the facts, do more research, are they really going to frack there, what did he mean when he said the oil had run dry, perhaps I was getting my knickers in a twist, again, I need to know ..... so as I approached Scarborough I turned into Forge Valley in a bid to enjoy the scenerery and calm down. A long and windy road I noticed the river was high up against the bank, it hadn't been raining that much had it?  Along the riverside the wooden footpath (slippery when wet) was deserted and I pondered about the times I had relaxed there meandering along the path whilst my hound had enjoyed swimming, more like being carried along by the currents, as she alternated between the splashing of the fresh water and being knee deep in blackened bog. Those happy days of dog enjoying doggy wilderness were over.   And just as I turned the sharp, blind right towards Raincliffe Woods I saw fear.   Low and behold three of the Town's most prominent Tory Twonks were out on their bikes.   And the rage returned.   Yep. I thought about it, but being a citizen I smiled sweetly and pulled aside.    Inside I was seething, why the fuck am I worried about fracking when the Town's decision makers are riding around on a Friday afternoon enjoying the countryside.  

My facebook account reads ...  "who the fuck is cycling along behind J*** S***** the fucking Tory Twonks that should be concerned about effing fracking, God help me I don't know how I didn't run em over and mow em down., do they honestly think cycling among a few trees is gonna help them save the fucking planet or this town from a fracking nightmare. !!!!!!! aaaarrggghhhh !!!!! - even though it goes over a public right of way - look how close it is to those animals at the zoo!!! think I will bang off some emails to Viking Gas, apparently the well ran dry but its listed on the Friends of Earth Website as down for fracking - boooooo!!!!!

"Yeah so if you live out at Eastfield or Cayton you can look forward to save on your heating bills by setting fire to your water, maybe, cough." 

Perhaps that is all a bit too real and a bit fresh.  But lets look at what EXACTLY our Town's Council have said about 'fracking' :  From the Minutes of the last full Council Meeting here is Scarborough Councils reaction to a Motion put forward by the Labour Party  : 

  Motion to Scarborough Borough Council Meeting on 28 February 2014
This Council acknowledges a high level of public concern regarding the issue of fracking; notes that this concern relates to possibilities of pollution, damage to the environment, uncontrolled seismic activity and impacts on climate change; Council therefore resolves to obtain independent scientific information, to include geological and other relevant empirical evidence, as well as economic assessments including those relating to the opportunity costs of fracking in the context of climate change prior to any consideration of any definite proposal for fracking within the Borough. In pursuit of this policy the Council further resolves to make representations to government and other bodies as appropriate and including North Yorkshire County Council’s minerals and waste strategy review. As an indication of the kind of information the Council seeks, consideration of the following issues, powers and standards are relevant:
1. Ensuring that the most sensitive lands, including watersheds, and the national park, are completely off limits to fracking;
2. Preventing leaky systems by setting clean air standards that ensure potential methane leaks are mitigated to reduce climate change impacts, and requiring green completions and other techniques to reduce air pollution;
3. Mandating sound well drilling and construction standards by requiring the strongest well siting, casing and cementing and other drilling best practices;
4. Protecting the landscape, by reducing toxic waste, and holding toxic oil and gas waste to the same standards as other types of hazardous waste, funding robust inspection and enforcement programs, and disclosing fully all chemicals;
5. Implementing mercury, sulphur and other clean air standards, and setting strong power plant carbon pollution standards;
6. Ensuring communities can protect themselves and their future by restricting fracking through comprehensive zoning and planning;
7. Establishing a legal framework for liability claims for damages incurred e.g. by earthquakes, water pollution etc;
8. Ensuring that a robust regulatory framework is in place with sufficiently funded resources to enforce it, independent of the industry;
9. Providing a full opportunity costs analysis of fracking to establish its impact on climate change – including its impact on investment streams into carbon free energy, including CCS.
Council therefore resolves to refer this matter to the Environment and Economy
Scrutiny Committee for its consideration.
Proposed by Cllr Colin Challen

And thats what really gets my goat, passing the buck.  Referred to the Environment and Economy Scrutiny Committee for its consideration.  Rather a self conflicting 'committee' me thinks.  When will that be?

This article will be added, amended and edited at will.   Have no doubt I will be developing a very 'special' relationship with John Blaymires and continue to research on Viking Gas.

mmm now yes I remember "Mine enemies enemy is not necessarily my best friend" 

'fusion' always hated that word, time to think and time out: