Defying 'Gravity'

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"They think it stands for diversity, inclusion and openness. It opposes nationalism and racism. It is about people “coming together” and peacefully cooperating. It is a shining example of how enemies can become partners and how diversity can be reconciled with unity."

"The room is lit with gold, a beaming lamp serving as a sun that Wright moves around. He reads at a rapid pace off egg-yellow sheets, inviting audience members to read other roles. He is generous with those of us who help, the telling of the story full of sweet exchanges. Through it all, Grainger’s lo-fi melodies lull us into Phaeton’s days, the breathy chords sounding like little rays of light. The show’s approach is so soft that its wider purpose is sometimes lost along the winding country roads, but with quiet intimacy and boyhood wonder, Helios is a tender tale sweetly told, the ancient strands of story shining through."

" ... people from all over the world know the lyrics when he plays the Song on street corners."



'The Collections'

"Deep craters provide a haven for unending darkness. Some of these areas have been shielded from sunlight for billions of years. In these regions, temperatures plummet to astonishing lows of -414F (-248C) - because the Moon has no atmosphere to warm up the surface. No human has set foot in this completely unexplored world. The Moon's south pole, according to Nasa, is full of "mystery, science and intrigue"."

"Transporting equipment from Earth to the Moon involves overcoming the Earth's gravitational pull. The larger the equipment, the more rocket and fuel load would be needed to achieve a successful landing on the Moon."

"Museums need a policy or a system in place that can listen to people's concerns, because most of the time human behaviour is one of the best detectors of some sort of problem," she says."

"“Hotels and visitor attractions working together is how we are going to survive,” said Campbell, as the Highlands continue to reel from the combined impact of Brexit, depopulation and the cost of living crisis."

'Sprite Castle'

"It will apply to large and small operators, but the rules are tiered, with the toughest obligations applying to 17 companies including Facebook and Amazon that have been designated as “very large online platforms”, and two “very large online search engines”: Google and Bing."

"Its clock tower only has three faces, with the side facing Sutherland Estate blank because the duchess did not want to give her former in-laws the time of day."

'Why a little later ?'

"These untamed enclaves are full of nature’s drama, but another kind of drama is playing out among residents who feel that rewilding in the city’s backyard has gone too far."

"There weren’t just Russians and Americans in that marriage. This was, and remains, the largest and most ambitious collaboration in space ever. Altogether, there are five space agencies involved, including Esa, which represents 22 countries. Built into their contracts is a provision allowing any agency to exit the station with a year’s notice."

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Status Day

"Ms Dorries said she was delaying her exit to investigate why she was refused a seat in the House of Lords.  In the letter she said her "investigations focused on the political assassination of Boris Johnson" but as they continued a "dark story emerged which grew ever more disturbing with each person I spoke to".  She claimed that she felt "remaining as a backbencher was incompatible with publishing a book which exposes how the democratic process at the heart of our party has been corrupted". As such she wanted to keep her parliamentary privilege until today."

"“I’ll take issue issue with anybody who slams the English seaside for being bad because it’s tacky. That’s one of the great things about it – it is tacky. We want to go there for a bit of tacky, and then go to a hotel. It’s got a decent ensuite, and a couple of decent restaurants around.”"

Go sort yoursens out.

Global Amusement ...

""Wool is so odour resistant," she said."

"More than 5,000 people are recorded as homeless across the region and people have taken shelter in the shelters along coastline, in particular at South Cliff Gardens."

A 'Feathered First'

"Original plans for a rollercoaster-type ride into the caverns have been dropped but a proposal on a “significantly reduced scale” is still being fiercely fought over."

"The proposals include a plan for a “challenging, stimulating and unique” cavern explorer experience using zip wires to get people to various viewpoints."

"The plan would be for a series of steel staircases and platforms and “gravity driven routes” which would allow visitors to “slowly traverse” the caverns..."

'Hear yourself, Think'

"If you already have a broadband connection, the switch should be fairly straightforward.""

"The analogue network dates back to the 19th century - and in some cases relies on infrastructure dating back that far.  It's becoming harder and more expensive to maintain, so it needs to be replaced.  Switching to digital brings the phone network in line with other advances in the digital world."

'Long short-termism'

"It sets out with brilliant clarity the range of problems that awaits the Labour leader should he reach Downing Street – housing, policing, poverty, crime, inequality – and grapples with the eternal dilemma of the left: is change best secured through radicalism, inspirational and impatient, or pragmatism, cautious and gradual? All that in nine gripping episodes."

"It now emerges that the Conservatives didn’t fix the roof when they knew it was crumbling."

""The job isn't so bad. You sit, suffer a bit and in the evening you go out.""

'A Welcome Shift'

"First, it’s just deeply, fascinatingly odd. There is also something perverse about how the internet has become the delivery mechanism for so much that is anti-rational."

"Each climbdown confirms hardline Eurosceptic suspicion that their dream is being betrayed."

"“In this generation I believe that being delusional is one of the key factors to being happy. It's thought there is titanium, lithium, silicon, iron, and many other minerals which are used for all sorts of 21st Century technologies.""

"The long-awaited change of Labour's top team coincides with MPs returning to Westminster from their summer break."

The Infra 'Red' Universe

"One possibility is that these objects grew out of regions in the nebula where the density of material was insufficient to make fully fledged stars. Another possibility is that they were made around stars and were then kicked out into interstellar space through various interactions.

"The ejection hypothesis is the favoured one at the moment," said Prof Mark McCaughrean. "Gas physics suggests you shouldn't be able to make objects with the mass of Jupiter on their own, and we know single planets can get kicked out from star systems. But how do you kick out pairs of these things together? Right now, we don't have an answer. It's one for the theoreticians," the European Space Agency's (Esa) senior science adviser told BBC News."

"An east-west line is really important for north of England, as well as north-south. Why is it always that people here are forced to choose? That we can't have everything, 'you can have this or you can have that but you can't have everything'?"

Just give us an East to West Line ... ;-0

"Notice the fingertips are tinged with green - a marker for gaseous iron."

"“The goodwill attached to the Trump name has significant value that has not been reflected in the preparation of this financial statement.”"

"Over 2.9 million people in the United Kingdom have had to rely on a food bank this year and supplies across Scarborough and Ryedale Districts are running low. With this huge wave of need, community fridges and similar services are struggling to help individuals and families at a time they need it most."


Bring A Tin To Work Week.

'Social & Transformational'

"The prime minister is making his way on foot,.."

"Conservative Tees Valley mayor Ben Houchen is in favour of axing the project. He says dispersing the money saved across the country could deliver Northern Powerhouse Rail, another line which aims to improve connections between Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool.

He told a conference fringe event that the "indecision" on HS2 was a "distraction".  "I think that money could be better spent on other things," he said."

"The eurozone economy ended the third quarter with another contraction, according to the latest survey of purchasing managers."

""These people will erase all the things we have achieved," she tells the packed conference room.

She finishes her speech telling the room to "stand up and fight", and walks off the stage to a long applause."

"He says the country is at a "crossroads", and is "yearning to be won over". He says it doesn't want a Labour government, but instead wants a "change that works for them".  Acknowledging that the Tories have been in government for 13 years, he says everyone wants a change after a while."

"UK general elections - where all 650 MPs are elected to the House of Commons - have to be held no more than five years apart. The next election is therefore due by January 2025. This represents five years from the day the current Parliament first met (17 December 2019), plus the time required to run an election campaign."

'Time to Enable'

"This wasn’t quite like that, but it wasn’t far off. Joining the queue for security I felt wary, even a little frightened. I despair of people who profess no interest in politics, but equally I find the truly politically committed a bit of a worry. Activists feel like extremists to me, a bit too one-eyed and wild-eyed to sensibly engage with. A peculiar breed. Unfair I know. My bad."

"Do You Hear The People Sing? is often described as being about a revolutionary call to action."

How Ironic.

"A market cross represents a town’s right to hold a market. It also symbolises “the sanctity of the bargain”, its presence a reminder of the need for fair dealing."

'A Kingdom for a Horse'

"You also can’t miss the crowds. Unlike the Tory conference last week, which often felt like a dead zone, Labour’s is rammed. The exhibition hall is full of both well-known corporates, like Barclays and Mastercard, and windfarm and hydrogen-car manufacturers, while the main hall is twice the size of the Conservatives’ in Manchester. What’s more, it’s at least three-quarters full for most sessions. Even for the members’ composites. Especially for the members’ composites. Keir Starmer hasn’t yet managed to turn the Labour Liverpool experience into a cheerleading rally. Though he’s working on it."

"The proposals include updating all national policy statements and detailing what types of projects the country needs, within the first six months of Labour entering office. Some have not been revised for over a decade. Planning applications would be fast-tracked for battery factories, laboratories and 5G infrastructure - and 300 new planning officers would be appointed."

OOh some catching up to do ...;-

"The conventional wisdom is that there is a tension at the top of the Labour Party between being cautious enough not to give the Conservatives targets to attack, and being bold enough to give party activists - and the country - something to get excited about."


Somin to do with Salmon.

Well it was either that or The Lost Boys and Level 42.

'Smooth Talking'

"“An economy that works for the whole country is what the British people want. The Tories know that. They stood at this crossroads before. They called it levelling up. But as soon as they counted their votes, they turned back.”"

"Then she got stuck in with a few of the conference slogans. We will get Britain its future back. We will work to rebuild Britain."

"“We are really trying to get the debate started around the monarchy and republicanism,” he tells me as he hands out leaflets to bleary-eyed conference-goers."

“We know that we can not ask anybody to get rid of the monarchy at this stage.”"

"You have rotation, you have high altitudes. You have propulsion, right? I don't know. I don't know what it is, frankly.”"

""You have to sell your house to be able to afford a real Dalek, but he's built this one so lovingly," she added."


'Merrie England'

"If you’ve got solar panels sitting atop your home, you might be looking at your rising electricity bills and wondering if your panels are underperforming."

"Everyone knew that the man was a chaotic halfwit who needed to be spoon-fed everything. And even then he’d change his mind several times over the course of a day."

"This matters because the dark matters. Not only does darkness offer unique physical and mental benefits to humans, it is vital to plants, mammals, birds, reptiles and insects – and not just the ones that are active at night."

"Contrary to the popular misconception that Bronte Beach was named after... "

Next Year, Rodders.


'Pauseable Hypotheses'

"If anyone finds themselves lost for words - a rare affliction around here, it must be said - the gap is instantly filled by asking "when do you reckon the election will be?""

"Plenty of potential signs of when it might happen probably tell us nothing definitive whatsoever, other than providing evidence for whatever your hunch was in the first place.

What we can be pretty certain of is come January things will notch up."

The Ides ...

Acts of Kindness.

'People Profit Planet'

""Expressing "cautious optimism", the UAE negotiating team believes COP28 is gearing up to commit to phasing down fossil fuels over coming decades.  Maybe even ditching them altogether.

Hosting a climate conference in a petrostate sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, but there are signs that it could deliver real progress on climate."

"Confused? Here's my own crack at a translation:

"I've spoken to representatives of all the world's countries and urged them to agree in COP28's final text to phasing out the use of fossil fuels, or at least phasing them down."

Mr Jaber has repeatedly promised this summit will "take a new road", do "unprecedented" things and be "transformational"."

Sounds like a Plan.

"In the modern world, we are increasingly dependent on technological infrastructure such as power grids, communication systems, and satellites. However, this dependency makes us increasingly vulnerable to the effects of large geomagnetic storms."

Mebbe if they all stopped 'killing' each other we might take it a bit more seriously.

Wiser heads than mine...

'Remain Vigilant'

"It’s been a challenging centenary year for Disney, and the world’s largest and most prominent entertainment company is having to end it with an emotional “so long!” to its oldest friend, Mickey Mouse."

That'll be the Ides then...

"Despite having his laptop confiscated, Kurtaj, carried out his cyber attack using an Amazon Firestick, his hotel television and a mobile phone. He broke into the company’s internal Slack messaging system to declare: “If Rockstar does not contact me on Telegram within 24 hours I will start releasing the source code.”"

Spose if I just fell asleep on a Train ..

"They took a whole canon of fairytales that were centuries old and established what a definitive story was."

Now that would be quite Ironic.

'Town's Fund'

"Mr Sunak was visiting the Construction Skills Village (CSV), in Scarborough, where he chatted to apprentices over a cup of tea after trying his hand at plastering in one of the workshops and before moving on to the electricians' section.

After one of the apprentices helped him wire up part of the main fuse box, there was a tense moment as he refitted the front plate of the box and waited for the power to be restored, saying: "This could be embarrassing."

"Originally intended as a short-term tech demo, Ingenuity logged 72 flights over three years on Mars. It accumulated more than two hours of flight time, traveling 11 miles (18km)."

'Building Societies'

"Whether it's repaired roads, or refurbished train and bus stations - it will be local leaders who decide what transport projects to invest in based on local needs."

"Salem was also known for her science fiction roles in Blakes 7, The Tripods and Into the Labyrinth. She reprised her role as Doctor Who character Prof Rachel Jensen, seen in 1988’s Remembrance of the Daleks episodes with Sylvester McCoy’s seventh Doctor, and in the spin-off audio drama series Counter-Measures."

“We can’t afford to have an education system that was essentially set in the 19th century.”

'Silver Town'

"That political parallel universe in which everything and nothing happens. You can take your pick. The news schedules are busier than ever but are forgotten within hours. Because nothing really matters. We are now on a rinse, spin and repeat cycle that will only end in a general election."

"Just count the days. Breathe deeply. Squeeze in an extra pilates session. Anything to distract yourself. Be of good comfort. The end is getting ever closer."

"To date this Government has served up 25 tax increases on the British public, a record in itself, but rather than these increases funding a stronger welfare state and good quality public services, we know they are filling the hole created by dodgy PPE contracts and failure to invest in raising productivity."

"Mr Hunt will announce his 2024 spring Budget at 12.30pm on Wednesday 6 March. It is not known how long his spring Budget will take to deliver."

"Does this look like Jackanory to you?!"

Eds or Tales?

The Despatch Box.

"And the VAT registration threshold will go up form £85,000 to £250,000, he should have said."

Creative Industries?

Astro Zeneca.

"And he levers in another forced joke – referring to Rachel Reeves’s thespian talents, because she acts like a Tory."

Collatoral Damage.

"They were very strange because they weren’t the scratches you’d expect from use. I thought maybe I was just a bit too tired, but more kept coming out.”"

A Conflict of Interests, Moi?

'Crystal Chandeliers'

"“It happens in third world countries,” he said. “And in some ways, we’re a third world country. We live in a third world country with no borders … We need a fair and free press. The press has not been fair nor has it been free … The press used to police our country. Now nobody has confidence in them.”"

"The room of bejewelled, permatanned partygoers was silent."

“But it’s not for horses,” he growled impatiently."

"The prosecution had to prove that Sollitt had no “good reason” for carrying the Samurai, machete, axe and crossbow, otherwise they couldn’t be classed as offensive weapons in the eyes of the law."

""With the current one-armed machine scheme a patient is required to do too much work in order for a robot to assist them, moving their arm up in the air or bending it in ways that they might not be able to do," Dr Zhu said."


'Hailing Inflation'

"The more conspiratorially minded reading is that the government sought to nip in the bud a potentially dangerous coalition of young people who lived outside the system – but it backfired."

"“All the stuff that’s become mainstream in the UK in the last five years was being discussed earnestly around campfires 30 years ago.”


I'll be Bach.


'Pyjamas to Pick'

""We're all letting our hair down today and I think it will be a fab night - fab day, I mean," Ms Phillips said.

Ms Perkins added that she would be "up and ready for football practice" on Sunday morning."

"You don’t need to show photo ID to apply to vote by post."

"The informal drop-in sessions will be held on Wednesday, May 8 in the Dorothy Morley Room at Helmsley Arts Centre between 10am-12noon, 1pm-4pm and 4.30pm-7pm."

"Generally, by inventing facts to suit themselves. The political wing of the Flat Earth Society."


"Residents of Helmsley and the wider community who have not yet viewed plans to convert the Old Vicarage in Helmsley into residential dwellings are invited to attend two public drop-in sessions held on Wednesday 10 and Thursday 11 July. The sessions will take place from 4pm – 6pm in the Committee Room of the National Park Authority Headquarters on Bondgate, with staff available to discuss the proposals and answer questions during that time."

The report of the Woodland Team Leader...


"While it is not part of the main project, there was enthusiasm from residents for a creative use of the signal box, pulling together part of Helmsley’s late 19th century
and 20th century history."

The Tree on the Left.

Safe & Sound.