'Test You're Chest'

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"They think that economic success is created by a tiny number of people at the top and that everybody else has very little to contribute."


"“It is high risk, for sure, but we knew that when we got into this game,” said a senior research fellow at the Open University."


"Next week, the government is introducing the offshore petroleum licensing bill in the House of Commons, which would allow for more licences to extract fossil fuel from the North Sea. The latest IPCC report makes it clear no new fossil fuel projects can be opened, so doing so goes against the recommendations of most of the world’s leading climate scientists."


"The feasibility study will not only consider the Tees Tunnel but also the possibility of a bridge over the river. Mr Houchen said: "I personally don’t think a bridge is the right idea as it could limit the size of ships that you get down the river."



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'Train You're Products'

"“Because copyright today covers virtually every sort of human expression – including blogposts, photographs, forum posts, scraps of software code, and government documents – it would be impossible to train today’s leading AI models without using copyrighted materials,” said Pen AI in its submission, first reported by the Telegraph."


"“Limiting training data to public domain books and drawings created more than a century ago might yield an interesting experiment, but would not provide AI systems that meet the needs of today’s citizens.”"


"The deep sea hosts potato-sized rocks called nodules and crusts which contain minerals such as lithium, scandium and cobalt, critical for clean technologies, including in batteries."



"A Treasury spokesperson said: "We've kept maximum tuition fees frozen to deliver better value for students and taxpayers while also taking the difficult decisions necessary to more than halve inflation this year, including by resisting calls for higher spending and borrowing."





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'Inverse Square Law'

"The mayor said the investment could reindustrialise the north and make the nation a “clean energy superpower”, adding: “That is about building future prosperity. This is not spending; this is investment in the future, investment in new industry, investment in better homes for our residents, better transport.”"


"Labour promised in 2021 to invest £28bn a year until 2030 in green projects if it came to power. But last year the shadow chancellor, Rachel Reeves, said it would instead be a target to work towards in the second half of a first parliament, should Labour win an election."


Fact checking ....

"Fundamentally, the agency still doesn't have a craft to put astronauts on the Moon or spacesuits they can wear."

The Green Race...

"The strength of gravity is strongest on the side of Earth closest to the Moon, and weakest on the side farthest from the Moon."

Synchronus Rotation.

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'Plots & Plans'

"“In line with the longstanding process set out in the cabinet manual, the prime minister has authorised access talks between the official opposition and civil service.”"


""Please think about the consequences of your actions before wild camping in rural areas."



"Meanwhile, across England and Wales, The Ramblers - Britain's walking charity - say they are coming across similar problems - but the true scale of blocked and obstructed footpaths has so far remained unknown."


"“This will be the ninth Dark Skies Festival since we organised the first event back in February 2016 and it is safe to say it has now become a popular annual fixture for so many people because of the broad range of events that appeal to all ages.”"



‘Less Talk, more Action’

"Although engineers were able to stabilise the situation, the loss of oxidiser meant a safe touch-down on the lunar surface could never be attempted.

Pittsburgh-based Astrobotic has decided to dispose of the craft, rather let it wander aimlessly through space, posing a collision hazard."


"The company hasn't indicated precisely where and when Peregrine will come down, but independent analysis of its trajectory suggests the re-entry will occur over the Pacific Ocean, somewhere east of Australia."



"It’s sometimes called the twilight zone, because it marks where the sun is either rising or setting, putting the moon’s landscape there in a twilight state."



"Any planet and satellite with an external source of light, such as the sun, can display a terminator."


"The panel report identifies a 'need to strengthen governance and increase transparency which can be done with limited impact on pace of delivery', and makes recommendations as to how to address these by strengthening scrutiny and improving public accountability to the residents of Teesside," Mr Gove said in a letter to the mayor."



"Levelling Up Secretary Michael Gove has asked Mr Houchen to report back to him in March on how he will respond to the inquiry's findings."


""The issue has always been one of value for money, and on that, the report shows that taxpayers' money was not being spent in the way the public should expect," Mr Madders said."


"All I’m asking for is for an in on a deal like the Teesside development. Imagine being able to buy an acre of land for £1 and to make £124m in two years without investing a penny of your own money. And it’s not even corrupt!!! Fancy that! That’s definitely my kind of work.”"


'Shadow Ministers'

""At present in the UK it would be difficult to give some a very precise diagnosis of any particular kind of digital addiction, but most medics and psychologists and psychiatrists would recognise someone is having an issue," he said."


"The Chiefs may be aiming to cement their dynasty with a third Super Bowl win in five years - the first was against the 49ers in 2020 - but San Francisco are considered slight favourites because of their star-studded roster.

They are ready to take the stage and shine on the Strip, although 'Mr Irrelevant' is not the standard name for a headline act."


""The dishes would be piled up for weeks and weeks," she said."


"Both the security of our planet for future generations and the UK's future prosperity is dependent on greening our economy and that requires large scale investment."






"Cllr Cunliffe-Lister won her seat on North Yorkshire Council from the Conservatives a year ago. She added: "The Conservatives are in complete disarray and they’ve run out of ideas. Under years of failed Tory governance, the region has been left behind. Now is the time for change."

Light Bulbs.