A New Era

Of some interest is that Anglo American were not represented at the 'vote' and have been very quiet on their future for the Woodsmith mine, and indeed Boulby mine.

I guess they have been busy with Effectiveness Efficiency & Delivery : https://www.angloamerican.com/~/media/Files/A/Anglo-American-Group/PLC/m...

With a view that Sirius Minerals is a 'compelling fit and opportunity' with a clear 'strategic fit', 'competitive product' and 'well progressed project' it would seem, to some that Anglo's engagement with the local community since the offer has been accepted is quite 'deafening'. 

It may appear they have some more pressing 'issues'...

“Sea of Mud, Never Again”


It would be rude not to:




Polyhalite Woodsmith Project

Anglo Takeover Complete:


First order of business funding... to:

Secure current contractors & employees 

Testing of technical functions

Tunnel & shaft progress

£1mil into the Community Foundation today

Create more jobs

$300mil investment over the next two years

$3.5bil to complete to production

To work as hard as can to better communicate ...


"We have made an exciting step in our journey to support a cleaner, greener, more sustainable world after securing the Woodsmith Project in North Yorkshire – the world’s largest known high-grade polyhalite deposit.

The Woodsmith Project is a natural fit for our portfolio as it supports our transition towards those metals and minerals that will meet the world’s evolving needs – including infrastructure and food – to support a fast-growing global population.

Polyhalite is used in fertilisers and can be mined through a relatively simple, low-energy, non-chemical production process. POLY4 is the product name of the fertiliser which will continue to be produced at the Project."

About that theme tune... ?


Insert your own ;-))

Sustaining the future:


OOh...  A Sing Along


Exciting, innit.

Real life is about putting food on the table for the next generation.

Long may they Blossom.

'Executive Orders'

"It is unclear whether the president actually thinks the moon is a part of Mars but the two are in fact quite far apart – the moon, which orbits Earth, is around 238,000 miles away from our planet while Mars, which is itself a planet, is an averag of 140m miles away from Earth..."


Oh Dear ...



"Trump claims that the World Health Organization has gotten the pandemic "wrong". The WHO must "get its priorities right", he says, adding that the US is going to do "a study, investigation" to determine if it will continue to fund the agency."



"Trump responds to reports that Turmp's son-in-law Jared Kushner is developing a national coronavirus tracking system for patients who have been diagnosed.

"It doesn't sound like a bad idea, actually, but I haven't heard about it," Trump says. "I have to see it."

"It sounds very scientific... but it also has to do with rights and lots of different constitutional questions."

"I would have known about it," he adds."


"Trump says his administration has begun distributing the drug hydroxychloroquine in "large amounts". He says there are 30 million doses in the national stockpile.

Trump has touted the drug as a potential treatment for the novel coronavirus, though studies are inconclusive. Tablets containing chloroquine have long been used in the treatment of malaria, and there is hope that they can inhibit the virus that causes Covid-19.

"I hope it works," Trump says. "I’m not a doctor but I’m a person with common sense.""


""The daring and determination of our people in this crisis reminds us that no matter how hard it gets, no matter what obstacles we must overcome, Americans will keep on fighting to victory and we will secure the glorious future that our citizens so richly deserve, especially after going through this nightmare, this evil beast.""


Oh ..  is that it?


Trump has left the Podium ...


"Distancing is “the best tool,” Dr. Anthony Fauci said.“We know that this is something that is a strain on the American public,”


Vice President Mike Pence is speaking now...

"Pence is asks whether deaths are being “padded” – whether those who died after having underlying conditions made worse by coronavirus are listed as deaths from coronavirus, which “inflates” the number of deaths...

"Dr. Fauci says “you will always have conspiracy theories when you have challenging [public health crises] he says. They are just distractions.”

“Have somebody write a book about it later. Not now.”


Cabin Fever ...  No visitors allowed, huh?

Anyhoos ... (tis a private 'family' matter, wise head & young shoulders n all that  ;-)



Touch Wood


Anglo Absorbed


"Anglo American chief executive Mark Cutifani said: “Our wide-ranging efforts in response to this pandemic are directed at where support is most needed, very often in terms of basic services at the local community level in remote areas around our mines.

“We also recognise the extraordinary work of so many major charitable and aid organisations. Our employees ask us how they can best contribute financially, beyond the work that so many of them are already doing on the ground."




Almost.. ;-)


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Time Flies

"The next Liaison Group Forum meeting will be on Wednesday 1 July 2020 and will be conducted via web conference.  To register your interest please email cropnutrients.info@angloamerican.com."



Still trying to get my heard around the fundamentals:


Mind Blowing...

Where is the TBM?

Have the shafts moved?

How is the two year review going?

Don't you have a seven year window from approval to completion?

Oh, OK ;-0


"bats are fastidiously clean creatures and have a plan to avoid this sticky situation. When the time comes bats flip round and hang from thumb claws like fluffy trapeze artists."


Wise words:

"This is not an easy time to be making your way in the world so a crash course in positive decision-making, a chastening blast of reality and discovering the value of expanding options rather than shutting them down"

Anglo have $6bil + reserves + revenue


Anyone might think they wood make a long term commitment...

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Polly Wood

"Labour politicians have clashed with Tees Valley Mayor Ben Houchen over the demise of mining firm Sirius.

The row was played out over social media after Stockton South Labour MP Alex Cunningham posted a copy on Twitter of a letter he had written to Mr Houchen, which was also signed by fellow Labour MPs Andy McDonald ( Middlesbrough ) and Mike Hill (Hartlepool).

Sirius had begun work on a major project which aimed to extract the material polyhalite from under the North York Moors near Whitby and then transport it to a processing plant on the Wilton complex at Redcar.

But after failing to secure a financial guarantee from the Government for its stage two funding plans Sirius bosses warned the company faced liquidation.

Sirius eventually accepted a takeover offer from international mining conglomerate Anglo American, but the cut-price deal meant shareholders suffered major losses with small private investors, many from Teesside, hardest hit.

Mr Cunningham asked Mr Houchen what he knew of an alleged conflict of interest involving Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick.

Mr Jenrick was exchequer secretary at the time discussions were being held by the Treasury with Sirius and admitted meeting Israeli businessman Idan Ofer - a family friend who ultimately owns rival firm Cleveland Potash.

Representatives of Mr Jenrick say he alerted Treasury officials to the meeting, which was over a separate matter, and had already left to take up the Housing Secretary role by the point a decision was made.Sirius Minerals shareholders call for inquiry after reports of minister's meeting with rival boss

Mr Cunningham acknowledged Mr Houchen’s support for the project, but added: “Local Teessiders invested in good faith from their life savings or money from their pension pots...some will only receive 25 per cent of their original investment.

“The Government should provide their reason for refusing the funding for Sirius which resulted in this cut price buyout and local people losing a fortune.

“What did you know, or did you know nothing about ministers’ plans and discussions and the Government were simply hanging you out to dry, along with the local investors?

“Teessiders and the thousands of investors deserve answers - you owe them an explanation as to your role in what happened.”

Mr Houchen’s letter of reply - which he also posted on Twitter - said he had called upon the Government to provide a financial guarantee, but claimed that Labour MPs across the region had been “silent” and refused to work with him.

He said: “The lack of support I received from you when I was fighting for Sirius was astonishing given the scale of investment for our region.”


"Mr Houchen said he had no knowledge or understanding of relationships between ministers and any third party.

He added: “I have always taken the view that the people of Teesside, Darlington and Hartlepool want to see investment and jobs.

“Instead of the Labour party continuously complaining about my plan for jobs on the former Redcar steelworks site, or continually calling for the defunding of our amazing local airport so it closes, I would suggest to you that local businesses, people and workers would rather you put petty politics to one side and join me in making our region what I know it can and should be.

“If you had done this last year, so as to demonstrate a cross-party united front, we may have found that the Sirius outcome would have been a different one.”

Mr Cunningham later posted: “Response, but no answers. Evading questions is not the way.

“Did you know what ministers were up to or were they keeping you in the dark?”"

Meanwhile, Mr Houchen was involved in an exchange, again on Twitter, with Councillor Carl Quartermain, the leader of the Labour group on Redcar and Cleveland Council, who accused him of a “complete cop out” and raised further questions over what the mayor knew.

Mr Houchen said: “Your own MPs state I supported Sirius.

“Did I ask for Government to provide a guarantee? Yes I did.

“Did I write to the Prime Minister? Yes I did.

“I also wrote and met with other ministers to fight Sirius’s corner. Keep up!”"

"In May Anglo-American said it was on track with what is now known as the ‘Woodsmith Project’ after it bought the mine and processing plant.

It said work had resumed after a pause due to the coronavirus and its plan to invest about £480m over the next two years was still on course.

About 600 people are currently employed on the project, although that number is expected to increase over the coming months.

:: The Local Democracy Reporting Service has approached the Treasury for comment."





Greatest Hits ;-00

Not on Social Media.

Fact is... tis not our story to tell.


"The monarch is a fan of a gin cocktail, with her favourite tipple said to be gin and Dubonnet. The drink is made with one part gin and two parts of the sweet, fortified wine-based aperitif, ice cubes and a slice of lemon, which she is said to enjoy immediately before lunch."


No Harsh Words Necessary.


Yawwwn ....

"The new entrant is the Atacama Cosmology Telescope in Chile.

It's been studying the "oldest light" on the sky and has concluded the Big Bang occurred 13.77 billion years ago, give or take 40 million years."


"That's almost exactly the same number we got from Europe's flagship Planck space observatory mission, which mapped the ancient light in the early 2010s.

But therein lies the problem because other telescopes using different methods have come out with ages that are a few hundred million years younger.

What they've all been trying to do is measure what's known as the Hubble Constant - the value used by astronomers to describe cosmic expansion.

The further away you look, the faster galaxies are receding from us. Ever since the American astronomer Edwin Hubble first detailed this relationship in 1929, researchers have meticulously tried to put a number on it."


"Simon Clarke added: "We were told, frankly, that the company would close if it didn't get that Government backing and it hasn't, it's restructured its plans, it's continuing to excavate the site, bring out the polyhalite.

"Everyone believes it's a fantastic venture for our area, it has the potential to enormously grow the Tees Valley economy, and obviously a free port would help in terms of the export potential for its product.

"What we can't do is write blank cheques, in the end this is the difference between us and Labour, that we don't believe the state can just subsidise everything willy-nilly.

"What we want it to do is succeed on its own terms as a commercial venture, I'm confident it will do so.""


Captain Qahn's picture

Civil Engineering

"Anglo American has abandoned plans to construct the intermediate shaft for its North Yorkshire polyhalite mine using drill and blast techniques and announced plans to use “blind boring” techniques instead.

In a letter to residents near the shaft at Lockwood Beck seen by NCE, the mining giant said that work on the shaft using the new technique would start immediately and will finish next year.

The Lockwood Beck shaft is 32km from the main mine site at Woodsmith and was originally planned to be the location of an underground cavern for launching and receiving of tunnel boring machines (TBMs). Anglo has confirmed to NCE that the TBM currently driving the material transport system tunnel from Teesside will also be used for the second part of the drive towards Woodsmith.

The firm said that the increased advance rate of the TBM meant that the Lockwood shaft would just be used for ventilation allowing it to use the simpler shaft sinking method."


"Earlier this year, a team of researchers produced a paper on how Europe might avoid the worst impacts of rising seas by building a huge dam across the North Sea.

But Dr Thomas Frederikse doesn't think adding extra barriers would now work."



Hmmm ...


"Yesterday I went to the catch the bus, but it was pulling into the stop while I was still a couple of hundred metres away. I started running to see if I could catch it, and not only did I get to the bus stop before it left, I overtook it, beat it into town and set off three speed cameras.”"

Oh OK:

"In the latest communication with residents, the change in technique for the shaft construction has been driven by the decision to narrow the shaft from 9m to 3.2m. The new technique, which uses rotary drilling techniques to install a steel casing, will also speed the work up from the two to three year period originally forecast.

The first 20m section of the shaft was constructed by piling by Bachy Soletanche in late 2018 and grouting extended the ground treatment to 160m below ground level.

The 45m high headframe for the drill and blast work had already been erected on site and is now being dismantled and 25m drill rig will be used instead to complete the blind boring method to take the shaft to its full 360m depth. Anglo has said that the change of technique will allow a small building to be built over the top of the shaft to minimise the impact of the work.

Anglo told nearby residents that work on site will start with modifications to the existing working platform with further boreholes sunk and grouting undertaken to “enhance the stability of the subsurface area”.

The firm also updated the community on progress at the Woodmsith Mine site and said that the first shaft boring roadheader has been assembled and is currently being lowered into the service shaft to start construction by the end of the year. It also reported that the construction foreshaft is close to completion and excavation of the inner shaft to 120m will be finished by the end of the year in readiness for the second shaft boring roadheader."



"ShareSoc will be writing to the Law Commission and Government making them aware of the judgment and the need to change the law to better protect individuals who invest in shares, particularly those who invest via pooled nominee accounts.

The work on SiriusClaim continues, but we have nothing further to report at present, other than to note that the actions at Redcentric highlight there is potential for redress against companies that offend through a variety of possible measures."




"“It’s like being a hostage,” he says of his abandonment aboard. “It’s terrorist logic: if you arrest the ship, either pay us to mind the ship or let us go.”"

There are no updates on the Anglo Woodsmith site to verify any community liaison and to confirm any of the above.

Somin to do with bags and being a bit slow.

PG Tips are triangular.


This is the Coast ...

“A spectacular programme is being lined up for the 11th Scarborough Science & Engineering Week – as a totally-digital event for the first time.


“”The decision to press ahead with the new mine, Woodhouse colliery, has been made despite protests by climate campaigners including Extinction Rebellion who have argued that the new coalmine, which will reportedly emit 8m tonnes of carbon annually, contradicts the UK’s pledge to be carbon neutral by 2050.

A judicial review brought by campaign groups – after councillors had twice unanimously approved the plans – forced the application to be amended. The £160m mine must now shut by 2049.”


“He will be missed enormously by everyone who worked with him and our condolences go to his friends and family.”

Elvington was an RAF station until 1992, and has become a popular motorsports venue since entering private ownership. It has hosted dozens of world record attempts, and is also used as a filming location.”


“Going by the disaster films we watch back on Earth (Gravity, Deep Impact, the rest), the ultimate human nightmare about space seems to be floating off, adrift, while our air supply runs out. Were you ever trained for such a thing, that slow death?

Peake doesn’t hesitate. Apparently other morbid types have tried this one before. “We don’t dwell on things that are outside of our control. So if that was the scenario, where we’re tumbling off, and there are things we can do about it, then absolutely, we’ll train for it. But if it’s a case of there being no way of recovering the situation, it’s something you accept as a catastrophic malfunction. And that’s not going to be a very pleasant, y’know, day and a half or whatever.”






""It was the grace and peace of flight that had first appealed to this softly spoken man. At the start of his career, he says, “it was all about a passion for flying, the act of flying. And then suddenly I found myself sitting down in America and being taught to be a gun pilot. At which point it was less about flying and more about what you’re flying, why you’re flying it.”"

"The Wolf of Woodsmith..." ;-00


Exciting, innit ;-0



Zoom, moi? 


Short, Back & Sides ..

"Awards of between £500 and £15,000 are to be given to local charities and voluntary groups on the North Yorkshire coast to help them recover from funding shortfalls or organisational issues caused by the economic effects of the pandemic."

"The announcement brings the total amount awarded to community projects by the Foundation to over £1.4m since 2017.  Set up by previous owners of the mine, Sirius Minerals, the Foundation received a substantial increase in funding when Anglo American bought the company in March this year, with the new London-based owners promising to inject £1 million per year into the charity during the mine’s construction period.  Longer term, the Foundation will be funded by a revenue royalty when polyhalite production begins, which could amount to more than £5 million pounds per year.

The organisation recently announced they were looking for a CEO to develop the organisation into one of the top 10 corporate foundations in the country."


"be careful what you wish for..."


Cough ...



Seven Summits Gallery

"Sustainability lives at the very heart of our strategy, not as an adjacent activity, but embedded in how we do our work. Much of what we are driving for, particularly in terms of our energy and water ambitions, will be achieved through the technologies we are implementing - hence the inseparable connection between our technology work and our Sustainable Mining Plan..."

""Tackling climate change is the defining challenge of our times. We have set ourselves an ambitious goal of carbon neutrality across our operations by 2040, with eight of our assets to get there by 2030. Our underlying principle is to reduce carbon going into the atmosphere and we have clear pathways."...

We will update on the delivery of our 2020 water targets early next year and have identified additional water projects to implement in the coming years to drive towards our 2030 targets. For ease of reference, our 2020 water targets are to reduce the abstraction of fresh water by 20% and increase water-recycling levels to 75%; and our 2030 target is to reduce the abstraction of fresh water in water-scarce regions by 50%.""





Keep Busy.

Oh OK:-


""train at least 300 local people in preparation for mining operations and run an undergraduate programme. We have also provided funding of £85,000 to the borough councils of Scarborough and Redcar and Cleveland to prepare local people for employment.   We try to use local suppliers and businesses wherever possible, and work with Local Enterprise Partnerships, councils and business networks to promote opportunities with the project.""

One for the Collection...

And their Rateable Value is ??



'Circadian Rhythms'

"Surrounded by palm trees and wire-sculpture dinosaurs, someone has pitched the tent on the Aquarium Top roundabout....

The tent is pitched on a concrete platform in the middle of the roundabout. It is surrounded by Christmas decorations and other objects such as a wine rack and plastic crate, but it's unclear whether some or all of them were already there.

The area was home to an underground aquarium and entertainment complex, opened in 1877, initially operating as The People's Palace and Aquarium before it became Gala Land in 1925."



"External funding for the project has now been secured and along with ring fenced funds from the Action Eastside Green Spaces Improvement Programme committed by the Council’s Cabinet in March 2016 these constitute the proposed overall budget for the scheme. Todate £150,000 has been secured by the Boxing Club from the Sport England Community Asset Fund and a further £50,000 has been secured from the Sirius Minerals Foundation. The total anticipated projectbudgeting, including funds currently ring fencedby the Council, is £317,135."


"With lives at stake in a multi-million pound lift off, just how important is the weather to getting space travel right?"


"An updated lease between both parties was signed earlier this year, again for a period of 30 years and on a peppercorn basis...

The project also seeks to revitalise a well respected community asset and provide a basis for further development and investment in the future."


I feel a 'Voltaire' consultation coming on ;-)



"Child becomes Man

Man becomes Warrior

Warrior becomes Hero

Hero becomes Myth

Myth becomes Legend

Legend inspires the Child."


""I hope the evening will make people think about how fortunate and precious we are, how strange and wonderful our Universe is, and the limitless future we have to look forward to if we make the right choices over the coming decades.”"

One day Rodders ;-)



Woodsmith Phase 12

"construction phases 11 and 12 have been approved since September 2019."

April 2020:

"... there is a submission relating to the noise assessment which affects both the aboveground constructions and blasting operations. The real impact of blasting is not yet known and relies on trial blasts to ‘get it right’ i.e. to ensure compliance with the noise and vibration limits previously set. Ideally it would have been helpful to attend such trials but in the light of Covid 19 this might not be practicable or appropriate. If it is carried out after lockdown is lifted , I would suggest a condition that such testing is witnessed independently by specialists and accompanied by yourselves or ourselves. Notwithstanding that, a report should be provided to yourselvesfollowing such tests by an independent noise/vibration specialist, which shall specify a vibration management methodology which specifies the type, timings and impact of blasting necessary to comply with the limits previously conditioned."


"View the documents associated with a current or determined application or to make comments on a current application and follow the instructions provided."




Oct 2020:

"...  the focus at the Woodsmith site remains preparing the three shafts for shaft sinking. The first section of the service shaft had been excavated to 120m and over the last few months the Shaft Boring Roadheader (SBR) had been assembled in readiness for the main shaft sinking by the end of the year. He reported that the production foreshaft was close to completion and excavation of the inner shaft to 120m would be finished by the end of the year. TW explained that the temporary winding tower that sits above the mineral transport system shaft had been completed and work was ongoing to fit-out and commission the Galloway, hoist and winch systems before the main shaft sinking later in the year. Elsewhere on the project, TW reported that the tunnel boring machine had made excellent progress from Wilton and had reached 7km on its journey to Lockwood Beck. "



Stella should be at Lockwood ... soon.


Keep busy.


Stella & External Sources

"Strabag started excavation for MTS in early 2019 with launch of the first of two 6m o.d. TBMs in June 2019. The polyhalite resource is located 1,500m beneath the North York Moors National Park and the mineral once extracted will be lifted to an underground cavern to transport to the Teesside processing plant and export shipping harbour via the 37km long 4.9m i.d. x 37km long MTS (Fig 3 and 4). The first TBM, a machine supplied by Herrenknecht, is proceeding on a 3.5 to 0.9% down gradient slope from the portal in Wilton to the intermediate shaft cavern at Lockwood Beck. The same TBM is planned to progress from the Lockwood Beck shaft towards the mine head with a second TBM, on a third drive, progressing from the mine head towards an in-tunnel junction to complete the remaining reach of the MTS tunnel. The second TBM is due to be procured and launched in 2022."

"In a presentation to the virtual Salzburg Geomechanics Colloquium in October 2020, Ernst Gschnitzer, Julian Wenger and Andy Raine of Strabag AG, UK Branch, explained that excavation of the MTS started at Wilton with a 300m long open cut area into a 100m long shotcrete lined SCL heading. Originally the SCL heading was to be 800m long through the upper mixed face geological deposits, but the distance could be shortened to 100m due to slightly better than anticipated rock conditions. The SCL tunnel was completed in April 2019 and in June 2019 the walked in TBM reached the rock face to begin full-face excavation in favourable Redcar Mudstone. By early October 2020, 10km of this first 13km long drive was complete."...

"... with a best excavation day of 52.65m in 24h and the best month of 1,012m in October 2020. With this high performance, the project was 145 days and 2.5km ahead of the programme in November 2020. Nevertheless, some downtime periods have been experienced to manage probe drillings in fault zones, extend cable and the continuous conveyor muck haulage system and clear clogging of the cutterhead."


Hmmm ....


"... there are 200 of the Sirius shareholders signed up with Sharesoc which is not many as Sirius was one of the biggest pi shareholders on the UK stock market outside the footsie 100...  some investors were near to a breakdown ... couldn`t even tell their wives they had lost the families life savings including their pension.."




This is a 3 step process:
1) Log in to your ShareSoc account or Join ShareSoc for free
2) Click ‘Submit’ on the form below
3) Click on the link on the next page to register with Zoom to COMPLETE THE REGISTRATION

Once you have registered fully with Zoom you will receive an email notification, as well as reminders 1 day and 1 hour before the event starts."

"As to buying British chocolate, Terry’s and Cravens are gone and he may remember that a firm named Rowntree now bears the name of founder Henri Nestlé of Vaud in Switzerland. Plus no rolling stock in the UK is British-owned, or the companies running our railways. It is the same with TVs, cars etc."


"Nestle’s factory in Halifax is home to Quality Street, the world’s biggest selling chocolate assortment. Its York factory manufactures iconic brands including KitKat, Aero, Yorkie and Polo mints."

"It is rare, in my experience, to encounter art of any type - literature, music, film, painting etc. - that blows you away; that has the power and immediacy to take you completely by surprise and stir your soul."

Captain Qahn's picture

'The Smell of Water'

"More jobs are to be created as the Woodsmith Mine Project progresses “ahead of expectations”

Anglo American gave an update on the construction of its Woodsmith polyhalite mine on the North Yorkshire coast today, updating investors that the project has continued to progress well during 2020 despite the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Chief Executive, Mark Cutifani, announced that the company will invest £375m in the project in 2021, an increase on the £225m it had previously committed to spending.  The improved funding commitment was, he said, a reflection of the good progress that was “ahead of expectations” and “to ensure that the critical path elements continue to proceed at the optimal pace and sequence.”

Today’s announcement of increased funding is expected to allow the project to recruit an additional 130 construction workers and dozens of additional management and administration roles in the spring, which will increase the size of the workforce to around 1,400. 

It was also revealed that the first drive of the 37km tunnel from Wilton on Teesside was nearing the 12km mark and that good progress was being made on preparing for further mineshaft sinking operations at the Woodsmith Mine site near Whitby, which are expected to begin in the new year.

Simon Carter, Chief Development Officer on the Woodsmith Project said

“It’s been an incredibly challenging and busy time on the project recently, not least because of the adaptations and safety measures we’ve introduced to make sure that we can work safely during Covid-19, But I am incredibly proud that the whole team has pulled together and enabled us to make such good progress.  I’m delighted that we have been able to buck the trend of many businesses and expanded our workforce, providing important opportunities for people in the region in these difficult times.”

Anglo American has hired around 150 new people since it launched a recruitment drive in the autumn, with around 60 more expected to be hired in the coming weeks.  Almost three quarters of these new workers have been hired from areas local to the project in North Yorkshire and Teesside, a trend the company says it is working hard to continue in further recruitment drives scheduled for the new year.

Simon Carter added..

“We are building a project that we want people to be proud of and that provides opportunities for local people for many decades, ensuring local communities prosper and grow is central to how Anglo American does things, and these new jobs are another example of us doing that.”

The project involves the sinking of two mineshafts into the polyhalite ore over a mile beneath the surface near Whitby, and the construction of a 23 mile long tunnel to a new processing and shipping facility on Teesside.  When the mine is complete, extracted polyhalite ore will be hoisted up the mineshaft and transported underground on a conveyor belt, avoiding any impact on the countryside above.  From there, it will be shipped around the world and sold to farmers as a natural low carbon fertiliser, certified for organic use."




"Isn’t Quincunx a wonderful word?

In his 1987 book, Standing Stones and Earthworks on the North York Moors, Stanhope White describes how he surveyed Temple Beeld and sent the results to the Royal Observatory to ascertain whether the site had any astronomical alignments, none were found."


"Manorial perambulations are an ancient practice, the boundaries of the district are walked to confirm ownership and ensure that no territorial infringements have taken place. What is interesting about this route is that it continues to be used as a formal boundary to define at least 13 different regional, county, unitary authority, parliamentary, and parish territories."

Keep Busy.




"The community has pretty much soundly rejected 'old school' conspiracy and fringe-theory kind of stuff. The vast majority of preppers [today] are serious and rational people, and their number is growing exponentially. It's gone mainstream."


"It had intended to spend $300 million on the site next year but said this was now going to be $500 million, which it insisted reflected rapid progress."



Big Ears.

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Sniff A Lot

"On the 8th of December we (ShareSoc and Sirius Claim Group) held a webinar to provide a progress update. The event was very well attended. There were 258 registrants and over 200 attended on the night. Links to the video of the webinar are here and copies of the slides here for those who were unable to attend."








""The bid marks a historical return to polyhalite for Anglo. The miner was a joint owner of the nearby Boulby polyhalite mine for three decades until Israeli Chemicals took over the asset in 2002. The Boulby mine is the world’s only producing polyhalite mine.""



Quite like Mondays..


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Project Titan

"Anglo American, the owners of the Woodsmith polyhalite mining project on the Yorkshire Coast, has donated over £60,000 to three local charities.

The three charities, Yorkshire Air Ambulance, Zoe’s Place Baby Hospice in Middlesbrough and the Rainbow Centre in Scarborough were chosen by staff based around three themes important to the business: safety, care and community, with the money raised from an internal company initiative that encourages safe and responsible practices and behaviours..."


"Musk and others questioned the nature the technology, including what was referred to in reports as a “monocell” battery with lithium iron phosphate chemistry"




""Considering how many geologists, prospectors and collectors have scoured the county over the centuries in search of mineral treasure it's amazing that in 2020 we are adding a new mineral.""

"A mineral is naturally occurring chemical substance formed by geological processes

  • A rock is an object formed of one, or many minerals in combination
  • Many minerals form beautiful crystals, the most prized being those with bright colours, glass-like transparency and attractive crystal forms
  • The gemstone minerals and their varieties, like diamonds, emeralds and rubies have been desirable since ancient times
  • The Natural History Museum's mineral collection is one of the most important and comprehensive collections of its type in the world, containing about 185,000 specimens""

""What we've got is a bit like a little time capsule," Mr Rumsey said.""



"Although there is so far no evidence of life on Titan, its complex chemistry and unique environments are certain to make it a destination for continued exploration."




Oops...  left the tap running.. ;-@

Exciting, innit.

Keep Busy.

CEO 'Razor' swam the English Channel in August 2019 and became a world champ....

The Aquaman.

Any more stoopid questions?

"The next Liaison Group Forum meeting will be on Monday 11 January at 3pm.  It will be conducted via web conference.  To register your interest please email cropnutrients.info@angloamerican.com."


Big Ears...