'Model with Enhancements'

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"Councils in the area have until September to submit their proposals for what the future unitary authority could look like.

Steve Siddons, Leader of Scarborough Borough Council, said: "We would support that. I would certainly support that and I think that makes far more sense than the complex system that we have in place. The services would still be provided locally. It would bring more money into the local economy, it means that we'll have more control over economic regeneration, transport and over infrastructure."


"The timetable is still to be set for York and North Yorkshire to make decisions about its own devolution, aiming to take place between 2020 and 2022.

The leaders from each of the local authorities are now at the stage where they are considering a set of “asks” which are laid out in the devolution proposal. 

At meetings taking place throughout July, each local authority is being asked to agree to begin the process of negotiating a devolution deal by agreeing the “asks”. 

If conversations between the Councils and Government progress well, a governance review will be required to take place, including a full consultation, which will provide residents, communities and businesses a full opportunity to share their views before decisions are made."

The Temple of Doom, moi?


There are actually three tiers of Local Democracy.

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Darned Newts...

“Anything that leads to more openness and transparency should be welcomed but we really need to see the details of the plans and whether it is the best course of action for residents."

Ah, Well ....

Every area should have a 'parish' with each electing a member to sit on the Unitary.

The Complicated Version:

"The Leaders of the Councils of York andNorth Yorkshire have previously written on the 13th February 2020 to Government to open up a dialogue with Government to be able to negotiate a devolution deal for the region to increase funding and provide additional flexibilities for the benefit of the region. (copy of the letter is attached at Appendix 1)...


Enjoy ;-0



'Agreed Devolution Deal announced in Autumn around a ‘fiscal event’ - Nov 2020'

'Mayor Elections - May 2022'

As If...





"But I think, moving forward, people should know that freedom of speech is accepted, but the audience should know what they're getting into.

"I don't believe in censorship."

Stay Informed.


Obviously, I'll be voting for Britney Spears.



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Mind the Gaps

"Robert Goodwill says if North Yorkshire devolution happens and Scarborough Borough Council is scrapped, a Scarborough town council would be the way forward.

“My view is that we have to have that lower tier of local government that can respond to people’s concerns,” he said.

“We need to fill that gap by having a Scarborough town council..."

"Mr Goodwill said people in Newby and Seamer would have to be asked if they wanted to keep their parish councils or be included under a new town council.

He added he has raised the idea of a Scarborough town council with Mr Clarke."



"What we can't do is write blank cheques, in the end this is the difference between us and Labour, that we don't believe the state can just subsidise everything willy-nilly."



"If the devolution plan moves forward, the county council elections scheduled for next year would be cancelled, as likely would be the elections for the Police, Crime and Fire Commissioner as those responsibilities are presumed to rest with the new elected Mayor."


Simon 'Stilts' Clarke shouldn't be allowed to run a bath let alone a North Yorkshire devolution deal.

After much 'thought' ... the answer should ironically be No.

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The Rationale

How to quantify North Yorkshire as a sum of all its parts? 

"Affordable housing, wildlife crime, planning decisions, accessible wifi, the world’s largest polyhalite mine, the impact of leaving the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) as the UK exits the EU, and, of course, the economic ravages caused by the coronavirus lockdown will be just some of the items on the agenda for the new chief executive of the North York Moors National Park. It almost makes you wonder why he’d want to throw his hat into the ring.

“The more I read about the role, the more it sort of spoke to me, that this was something that I really wanted to do,” he told The Yorkshire Post."





Assuming that our regional devolution is one of the last to be 'resolved' ... erm why should we?



So, the big Ask is that we dissolve our district councils in return for a fixed future sum from Whitehall... for apparatus that is already pledged.


Mebbe tis just 'Doris' throwing his weight around..


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The A Team

Positioning, Moi?

"the ultimate in Not My Job. My desk is cleared."

"Robert Goodwill says moving the House of Commons to York - as has been suggested by Boris Johnson - is impractical and could damage York's tourism industry.

"If it’s going to be in the North, it might as well be in Scarborough!” he said...

""I think it's important that Parliament is based in the capital of the country.

"I'm not sure it’s going to be a runner.”"



Sleep Tight.

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"Okay, wait a minute. What!?"

"When a recession hits the UK, the government’s budget deficit rises automatically as benefits flow disproportionately towards the most affected regions. The beauty of such a proper fiscal union is that no politician can decide which region gets which transfer. Imagine the sheer awfulness if parliament had to debate how much would be transferred to Cumbria, to Norfolk or to north Wales from Surrey, Sussex and west London. Britain would be wrecked by divisions that make Brexit look like an amicable affair. And yet this divisiveness has been baked into the EU recovery fund, complete with country allocations drawn up even before we know the effects of the recession on each region. It is almost as if the whole thing were designed by a cunning Eurosceptic."


"Instead of the judicious muesli of ideas we used to get, we now have a solid brick of Weetabix: rough, ugly, easy to serve but hard to digest."


But now, in the wake of Brexit, Covid-19 and other issues, two real bogeymen have come to the table. Happily for the hapless newsrooms, we can now choose whether Revenue or Capital is the worse villain, yet both will be top of the menu until something tastier, more immediately frightening comes along."