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"The bizarre space object Oumuamua has scientists completely baffled. It’s possible we may have just missed first contact with aliens."

"It may be an asteroid. It could be a comet. Perhaps it is … something else. But ever since humanity spotted it last year, I/2017 U1 ‘Oumuamua — the elongated chunk of something shiny spinning through our Solar System — has managed to give us the slip.   'Oumuamua means “scout” or “messenger” from the past, in Hawaiian.  It may be a very appropriate name.  There’s reason to suspect it could have an alien origin.

It’s behaving weirdly: flying through our Solar System on an open-ended parabola, proving it must have come from deep interstellar space. Its eerie red hue is shinier than a typical comet.  It’s accelerating: admittedly by only a tiny amount, but something is giving 'Oumuamua a push. It could be comet-like ‘outgassing’. But at no point has the mysterious object been seen to have a comet’s tail.

It has a weird shape. Based on its erratic flashing, astronomers have inferred 'Oumuamua must be long and thin. Few known asteroids and comets are like that.  But … for it to be an alien artefact would be extraordinary. And to prove that would require some extraordinary evidence.  However, our chances of learning anything more from our first known interstellar visitor are very slim. It’s racing away — back into deep space — at some 95,000km/h. There are, however, other possible — and more probable — alternatives..."

"The Spitzer Space Telescope — despite not seeing 'Oumuamua — reveals it is small enough for such acceleration to take place. “That determination was dependent on 'Oumuamua being relatively smaller than typical solar system comets,”..

"After crunching the probabilities, the researchers found that there should be at least 66 other interstellar objects, ranging in diameter from roughly 100 meters to 10 kilometres in size, captured in the Sun’s gravitational well. “We find that there should be hundreds of 'Oumuamua-size interstellar objects identifiable by Centaur-like orbits,” the study reports. A Centaur a small body that orbits the Sun between Jupiter and Neptune, but cuts across the path of one or more of the giant planets.

"“A more exotic scenario is that 'Oumuamua may be a fully operational probe sent intentionally to Earth vicinity by an alien civilisation,”...  But this was pure speculation, based solely on the object’s surprising speed and course. That it was so reflective could, however, add fuel to the ‘alien space probe’ idea. Light sails work in a similar way wind sails do — harnessing the energy of solar winds by reflecting them in another direction to generate thrust.

"“No scientist has claimed 'Oumuamua is alien in this discussion — they have just raised questions and explored answers. There is no point in shying away from a proper discussion on the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, or in being personally critical of colleagues … If aliens are claimed, direct and robust evidence is required — not a conclusion based on a few observations that are difficult to explain, plus a bunch of assumptions.”

What has been seen makes it most likely that 'Oumuamua is, in fact, a dirty interstellar comet, crusted by deposits and turned red by thousands of years of exposure to cosmic rays in interstellar space. Once close enough to the Sun to boil this away, the shiny inner core was exposed — changing its characteristics in such a way as to alter its orbit."




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Darcy's Law

"THE energy firm Third Energy Holdings Limited has sold its Knapton-based onshore company, it has revealed.

In a statement, Third Energy said it has signed a sale and purchase agreement with York Energy (UK) Holdings Ltd to "divest the entire share capital of Third Energy Onshore Limited".

This sale includes the onshore gas exploration, appraisal and production company Third Energy UK Gas Limited, and Third Energy Trading Limited, which owns the power generating station at East Knapton.

Tom Reed, CEO of a firm called Alpha Energy, said: “We are pleased to be working with the Third Energy team to develop the group’s energy and generation business, and look forward to constructive engagement with all stakeholders in Third Energy’s next stage of development.”

York Energy (UK) Holdings Ltd is an affiliated company of Alpha Energy, a US-based energy company focused on acquiring and operating oil and gas assets.

Closing of the sale is subject to satisfaction of agreed conditions precedent, including regulatory review.

A Third Energy spokesperson confirmed that the sale wouldn't affect jobs at Knapton; as a company and not an asset sale, the people, contracts and responsibilities associated with the business are an integral part of the transaction, they said.

Third Energy is the company that grew close to fracking a site at Kirby Misperton in 2017 but, following large protests and calls for a financial resilience review by the Government, eventually withdrew the bulk of its fracking equipment."

"Darcy's law is the equation that defines the ability of a fluid to flow through a porous media such as rock. ... Put another way, Darcy's law is a simple proportional relationship between the instantaneous discharge rate through a porous medium and the pressure drop over a given distance."

"Eoin, 54, said: “The object appeared on the surface before submerging. It was gone for five seconds – then up again going in another direction, turning about and leaving a wake and splashes.

“It then then submerged and disappeared. To see Nessie once is unbelievable but twice in a month is fantastic.

“It’s the luck of the Irish, I suppose. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It had some power underneath it.”"

"“It’s clear that community pressure and the record-setting number of objections are having an effect on Flamingo Land and Scottish Enterprise.

“You can’t expect to hand public land at Loch Lomond over to a private company to profit from without intense public scrutiny.

“The frustration many residents feel and which I share is that the exclusivity agreement can be used to prevent any discussion of a community buyout, an idea which has been gaining momentum as opposition to Flamingo Land grows.

“We need a proper public consideration of how Loch Lomond should be showcased in a way that puts the local environment and community first, not constrained by backroom deals and exclusivity agreements.”"

Oh Dear ...


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Fracking in Parliament?

"In her resignation letter to Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Greg Clark, Ms Engel said government was "pandering to what we know to be myths and scare stories" about shale gas extraction.

A spokesman for the department said the government supported the development of the shale industry in the UK "because we believe it could have the potential to be a new domestic energy source, and create thousands of well paid, quality jobs".

"Ms Engel said the result of the over-strict regulations would be difficulty in making those CO2 reductions, lower economic growth, and less energy security - as the UK would need to import gas rather than produce its own.

She continued: "These points have been made repeatedly but ministers ignore them and instead allow campaign groups to drive policy.

"So many local businesses face collapse. They have invested vast amounts to 'get ready for shale' as the government had told them to. There is, therefore, no purpose in this role."

She pointed out that 49 geoscientists had recently called on the government to relax what they called the over-zealous regulations."

"More fundamentally, they said it was madness for the UK to be seeking more gas when firms have already discovered far more fossil fuel than scientists say can be burned without wrecking the climate."

"Also this week, the Teeside MP Simon Clark said the time for fracking in Parliament had come and gone."

Baldrick !!!

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A Call for Calm

"Two weeks ago, just a couple of days before the Nanas celebrated 1,000 days of activism at Preston New Road, Cuadrilla announced that it would engage in no further fracking activity on the site before its licence expires at the end of November..."

"We’ve been here for more than 960 days now, and everything we’ve done has included humour, but there’s a ball of rage inside me. Every Wednesday, when we do the call for calm, I generally put down the anger and think of it as a fresh start. We started Nana Samba as a kind of anger management for the Nanas. I took a drum and two sticks and I beat the hell out of it and I thought, “I like this!” Then I realised that when I’m drumming I’m harder to arrest. If I’m walking in front of a truck with a drum, you can’t really get a grip on me. I’m getting quite good with the rhythms, too."


"In a statement, Cuadrilla's chief executive Francis Egan said that, "in the next few weeks", his company would start testing the flow of gas at a second well that had been partially fractured in August."

Hmmm ...

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The Great Escape

"EU and UK officials will resume Brexit talks this morning in the hopes of reaching a deal that can be agreed by leaders at a key summit on Thursday.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to update the cabinet on the progress of the negotiations, which continued through the night..."

"As the Channel Tunnel celebrates its 25th anniversary, the BBC was given unprecedented access to life behind the scenes and beneath the sea bed..."

Rattle Snakes "Wednesday 9 October at 19:30 on BBC Two"

Toot Hoot

"the Slovak Wildlife Society, is coming to the Whitby Goth Weekend - which runs from October 25 to 27 - with the Carpathian Wolf Watch team to present the work they are doing on wolves in the spectacular Carpathian Mountains."

Ah, So ..

"Mount Paektu, an active volcano, is said to be the birthplace of Dangun, the founder of the first Korean kingdom more than 4,000 years ago.

The mountain is hundreds of kilometres from the capital Pyongyang, and sits right on the border between North Korea and China."

Spose they do Glamping?

"Holidays correspondent, Simon Williams, said, “Obviously, Mr Fankhauser is a very wealthy man, but even he can’t afford a simple week away during the school holidays as travel operators ramp up prices to cover the rest of the year when you can get all-inclusive at that 7-star place in Dubai for a fiver.

“He wouldn’t have been able to go, of course, if he didn’t get his staff discount, which took it down to a very reasonable £499,999.99.

“Obviously, that didn’t include any excursions or Cocktails of the Day."

“It is well known that Mr Fankhauser also received £250,000 worth of shares in his bonus, that are now worthless. Unless, of course, he cashed them in during the 6-week holidays, in which case they would have made him close to £100bn.”"

Never Mind.

“As such, Prince Charles announces that, when the moment comes, he will step aside and let someone else read idiotic promises to expel all foreigners.

“He feels he will be more useful to the country making posh jams and biscuits to flog to Chinese tourists as that looks like the only economic sector that has any sort of future.”


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