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"The bizarre space object Oumuamua has scientists completely baffled. It’s possible we may have just missed first contact with aliens."

"It may be an asteroid. It could be a comet. Perhaps it is … something else. But ever since humanity spotted it last year, I/2017 U1 ‘Oumuamua — the elongated chunk of something shiny spinning through our Solar System — has managed to give us the slip.   'Oumuamua means “scout” or “messenger” from the past, in Hawaiian.  It may be a very appropriate name.  There’s reason to suspect it could have an alien origin.

It’s behaving weirdly: flying through our Solar System on an open-ended parabola, proving it must have come from deep interstellar space. Its eerie red hue is shinier than a typical comet.  It’s accelerating: admittedly by only a tiny amount, but something is giving 'Oumuamua a push. It could be comet-like ‘outgassing’. But at no point has the mysterious object been seen to have a comet’s tail.

It has a weird shape. Based on its erratic flashing, astronomers have inferred 'Oumuamua must be long and thin. Few known asteroids and comets are like that.  But … for it to be an alien artefact would be extraordinary. And to prove that would require some extraordinary evidence.  However, our chances of learning anything more from our first known interstellar visitor are very slim. It’s racing away — back into deep space — at some 95,000km/h. There are, however, other possible — and more probable — alternatives..."

"The Spitzer Space Telescope — despite not seeing 'Oumuamua — reveals it is small enough for such acceleration to take place. “That determination was dependent on 'Oumuamua being relatively smaller than typical solar system comets,”..

"After crunching the probabilities, the researchers found that there should be at least 66 other interstellar objects, ranging in diameter from roughly 100 meters to 10 kilometres in size, captured in the Sun’s gravitational well. “We find that there should be hundreds of 'Oumuamua-size interstellar objects identifiable by Centaur-like orbits,” the study reports. A Centaur a small body that orbits the Sun between Jupiter and Neptune, but cuts across the path of one or more of the giant planets.

"“A more exotic scenario is that 'Oumuamua may be a fully operational probe sent intentionally to Earth vicinity by an alien civilisation,”...  But this was pure speculation, based solely on the object’s surprising speed and course. That it was so reflective could, however, add fuel to the ‘alien space probe’ idea. Light sails work in a similar way wind sails do — harnessing the energy of solar winds by reflecting them in another direction to generate thrust.

"“No scientist has claimed 'Oumuamua is alien in this discussion — they have just raised questions and explored answers. There is no point in shying away from a proper discussion on the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, or in being personally critical of colleagues … If aliens are claimed, direct and robust evidence is required — not a conclusion based on a few observations that are difficult to explain, plus a bunch of assumptions.”

What has been seen makes it most likely that 'Oumuamua is, in fact, a dirty interstellar comet, crusted by deposits and turned red by thousands of years of exposure to cosmic rays in interstellar space. Once close enough to the Sun to boil this away, the shiny inner core was exposed — changing its characteristics in such a way as to alter its orbit."




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Third Time Ducky

"Halo said it had taken a “huge step” in the implementation of its strategic focus on lower risk, natural gas development and appraisal opportunities in the southern North Sea.

The acquisition, first announced in September, gives Halo stakes in a number of southern North Sea fields, including 45% of the Greater Pegasus Area and the high-impact Andromeda prospect.

Halo agreed to exchange 19.25% of the post-completion share capital as part of a deal which has now been sanctioned by the Oil and Gas Authority.

Operator Spirit Energy submitted development plans for the Pegasus West field in November.

The asset lies 66 miles off the North Yorkshire coast and could be tied back to the Cygnus Alpha complex.

Halo said it would now look to fund its share of the project, paving the way for a final investment decision early next year.

Andromeda should be drilled in 2019.

Third Energy Offshore, which is controlled by Cayman registered Third Energy holdings, also has onshore fields in Yorkshire.

Halo interim chief executive Andrew Cochran said: “We wish to sincerely thank the UK’s Oil & Gas Authority for its consent of Halo’s acquisition of Third Energy Offshore by maintaining title to its offshore licences in the UK sector of the southern North Sea after the change of control.

“This is a new country entry and a material expansion of our portfolio with respect to reserves, resources and, eventually, production; all of which fully complement our existing natural gas operations in the Dutch sector.

“Virtually all conditions of the transaction have now been met or waived to conclude the acquisition of Third Energy.

“Halo can now turn its attentions to other, corporate, matters and will formally close the acquisition, organise a shareholder meeting and seek to fund the development of Pegasus West in anticipation of project sanction in the first half of 2019.

Halo has 2P reserves in excess of 10 million barrels of oil equivalent (boe), more than 20 mboe in contingent resource, with interests in 17 different licenses offshore Netherlands as well as associated pipelines and infrastructure.

The company was formed in 2014 through a combination of Hague and London Oil BV, and Wessex Exploration, which became Hague and London Oil Plc afterwards."

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Spark Life

"“It’s about embracing the future, not the past. Cities like Greater Manchester need to join the group of leading cities on the world stage that are driving fast towards carbon neutrality,” Burnham told the Guardian...

"London is finalising a similar scheme and Manchester’s announcement, which comes into force on Monday, comes amid a wave of discontent among local councils – ...

Energy industry analysts havebegun to question the economic feasibility of fracking in the UK. Since 2013, gas prices have fallen sharply and there is no shortage of supply in Europe or around the world. German import prices – the standard European benchmark – are half their 2013 level."


"Drones, trained elephants and traps with live bait are being used to search for a leopard which has escaped from a safari park in India.

Four-year-old Sachin, who has always lived in captivity, broke free from Bengal Safari Park in the foothills of the Himalayas on New Year's Day.

Pugmarks have since been spotted in three locations near a forest, spreading fear among local people.

According to official estimates, there are between 12,000 and 14,000 leopards in India, and experts say they kill hundreds of humans each year.

Sachin was spotted briefly in a tree near the rhino enclosure in the herbivore section of the park on Tuesday night before vanishing from sight.

Officials hope he will approach his enclosure when he gets hungry.

"All his life he has lived in captivity and has never preyed on any animal - he has always been fed by foresters," said Vinod Kumar Yadav from the West Bengal Zoo Authority.

"Two camera-fitted drones, four trained elephants and nearly 100 foresters have been deployed to track the leopard.

"Foresters have also laid 10 traps with live bait but the leopard did not fall prey to (them)."

The park, which is spread over 297 acres near the town of Siliguri, opened to the public only last year.

According to government figures, 431 leopards were killed in India in 2017, mostly by poachers for their hides and other body parts."

Ooh I feel a Mexican wave coming on ...

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The 'Thought Police'

"The initial take has been cautiously optimistic, but then again a sugar-hit is often far more palatable for markets than dealing with the heartburn of stacking on more debt.

The People's Bank of China (PBOC) injected a net 560 billion yuan ($140 billion) into the economy last Wednesday, and roughly 1.1 trillion yuan ($230 billion) for the week.

Authorities have been loosening restrictions on how much reserve capital banks need to hold, which in turn frees up more money to lend...

"It was just the latest move in series of policy tweaks — including tax cuts and more public spending — announced in recent weeks.

So far it has been a cheaper, more "under-the-radar" tweaking, but things can escalate quickly if activity doesn't pick up in key sectors and jobs are shed.

Social stability is never too far away from such decisions.

"In our view, it will prompt policymakers to further roll out easing measures to buffer the negative growth shocks," the big investment bank told clients.

"The recent Central Economic Work Conference confirmed top policymakers fully recognised the need to prioritise growth stability with more countercyclical easing measures.

"Going forward, faster credit expansion and property policy easing would be crucial to economic cycle rebooting in the coming months."

Given the massive size of the Chinese economy, it won't be an easy, quick or cheap fix to turn things around.

If the central planners hear the echoes of the 2015 "hard landing", the floodgates may again be opened and a massive new wave of indebtedness could be unleashed."

Erm .. thats obviously good news depending whatside of the fence your sitting on :-)

"This, the 30th anniversary (of the release of the first star wars film), will witness the largest Imperial invasion of Whitby to date."

"Members of the Garrison are immensely proud of the fact the 501st is the only group in the UK which is approved by Lucasfilm. All the costumes are 100% authentic."

"due to privacy and secrecy reasons, we are unable to comment on the tax affairs of individuals or entities".

Baldrick!!!  They have a cunning plan ...

"a marketplace where entropy reigns supreme"


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The Mice Times