The Big Issue

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Scarborough Borough Council is voting to merge Yorkshire Coast Homes with Country Housing Association Ltd:

Details of which can be found on the Borough's website:

The Leader of the Opposition ?

Erm ...

1.  Why was there no wider public consultation?

2.  The transference of assets is the Borough's social housing stock

3.  Mistakes have been made in the past.


Wax Work Models?




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Gambling Policy Consultation


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Pirate FM

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""Bar" - as she is known in preference to Babs - retains a special place in many hearts. At 65, she is a last living link to the age of seaside postcard humour, the traditions of the music hall, and the days before sauciness was overrun by smut. The most famous piece of acting she ever did was 33 years ago, in Carry on Camping, when, during an outdoor keep-fit session, she inhales too deeply and catapults her bra into the lower stratosphere.

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Meanwhile on good authority the Zenith Projector is currently under Restoration.

Oh go on then ...


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Inward Investment

"A crisis of cosmic proportions is brewing: the universe is expanding 9% faster than it ought to be and scientists are not sure why..."

"The proposed Commercial Strategy seeks to build upon the firm foundation of success already achieved by the Council and,importantly, to provide a framework under which all corporate commercial activity can be drawn together and managed, with a consistent 'One Council' approach."


“This is a temple of intelligence and I am its high priest,” said Unamuno. “You are profaning its sacred precincts. You will win because you have an abundance of brute force, but you will not convince. To convince, you need to persuade, and to persuade you need something you lack: reason and right in the struggle. It seems to me to be useless to ask you to think of Spain"

"I’m taking delivery of my painting"


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YCH Merger ...

"A report, that went before the authority’s Overview and Scrutiny Board, last month, noted: “The council’s ongoing strategic support is important for YCH to ensure that the aims and ambitions of the new entity (for example the development of new homes along with investment in services) are achieved. They have therefore requested that the council gives its backing to the merger and specifically gives its approval for the constitution of the new organisation.”

Iain Sim, chief executive of Coast & Country, said that it would not be a case of people from this area being housed in Redcar and vice versa and that YCH would have offices in Whitby and Scarborough should the merger go ahead.

He told councillors: “You have your housing list, we have ours and we are happy for it to stay that way.”

Should the merger go ahead then the new joint board would have no council representatives on it, though a councillor nominee could attend meetings.

Among the proposals from YCH going forward would be for the charity to build its own homes for general sale."

“It was surrounded by barriers when I saw it so I couldn’t see how deep it was, but I could hear water running under it.”


"Tomorrow there will be one council worky with a shovel pouring dirt down the hole whilst eleven council managers, supervisors, highways staff, safety officers, diversity awareness officers, ethnic support officers, pscyhologists in case the staff are traumatised by having to work. and of course a shop steward."