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I was just gonna say how Whitby has to be celebrated as the most tolerant place in Yorkshire.  Then up pops a divisive poll followed by harsh words from Bob and even the local RNLI are all having a pop. 

As Brexit continues to break backs on the back of Aunty Austerity some things bite.  Frankly tis all getting rather rip roaring (boring) other than it is almost a century on from the end of WWI (google it)

Europe must be laughing it's socks off.  

It seems a healthy time to look beyond the borders of Blighty:

"Google the term "millennials are…" and one of the first suggested searches is "millennials are lazy".

But the latest employment data suggests the opposite may actually be the case, with many struggling with exploitation and lack of opportunity .."



Ah, so ...


Oh, OK:


Erm ...


Not quite working is it.


"We are in the midst of a global transformation, the painful construction of a globalised market economy. It is a delicate moment, when growing inequalities and insecurities are threatening long-nurtured enlightenment values...

"As commentators and politicians are learning, the precariat is profoundly different, in experience and outlook, from the proletariat that long dominated their imagery. The outcome of globalisation, a technological revolution and reforms promoting “labour flexibility,” the precariat suffers from pervasive insecurity, which makes it a dangerous class..."





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Clock Watch

"The "Eta Aquariid" meteor shower can be seen between late April and May every year, and is expected to be at peak visibility over the bank holiday weekend.

Meteoroids from Halley's Comet strike the Earth's atmosphere at roughly 150,000 miles per hour (240,000kph) and burn up in the process.

They are named Eta Aquariid because they appear to emerge from the star constellation of Aquarius, which sits above the southern hemisphere."


"The more junk we have in space, the more difficult it will be ultimately to engage in space activities, because once something is in space it's there for a long time, and it's travelling at very fast speeds.

"So even if it's a really tiny object, its kinetic energy is such that if it collides with something it will destroy it."


"At 23:30 local time (15:00 GMT) on Friday the North Korea's clocks moved forward 30 minutes to midnight."

hmmm ...


"... muon tomography, is a geological equivalent of medical X-ray imaging, and an alternative to seismic surveys. Funded by Premier Oil, this technology is of interest in a number of areas including containment monitoring in carbon capture and storage sites, where we could lock away excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to help alleviate climate change.

The mine tunnels extend over 1000 kilometres underground, with 40 kilometres being dug every year. As Boulby is on the coast, some of those tunnels are under the sea. An early demonstrator for this project will involve a muon detector placed in one of those submarine tunnels, to show the technique is capable of tracking the tiny overburden changes due to the ebb and flow of the tides many hundreds of metres above."



Thats a lot of tomatoes...

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Cult Status

"Egyptian authorities have finished their quest to discover a secret chamber in the tomb of Tutankhamun - concluding that it does not exist.

Previously, officials said they were "90% sure" of a hidden room behind the wall of the boy king's famous 3,000-year-old tomb..."


"I just want to settle in, get organised, then deport my parents!"

"you're better than this"

"Sajid, on reflection I think the cartoon is too personal and in poor taste. I have deleted it. I am sorry," Lord Adonis wrote."



"The universe is an egg and the moon isn't real: notes from a Flat Earth conference.."

"He paused for a moment.

“That’s interesting”, he said, “I’ll have to think about that”.






The annoying bit ;-0