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"The next Liaison Group Forum will take place on Monday 23 April between 1.00 – 2.30pm at Bede Hall, Sneaton Castle Centre, Whitby, YO21 3QN.

The Liaison Group Forum will meet quarterly, as a minimum, throughout the construction and post-construction period. Chaired by the Company, its membership will include representatives from the National Park Authority, parish and town councils, local residents and wider community stakeholder representation as appropriate..."


Matters Arising: Local Employment - Sirius has an operational target of 80% local employment.  During construction this is expected to be 35%  and is about 45%.  Local is defined as a one hour commute as is normal industry practice.  New contractors were on site.  Sirius have been instrumental in working alongside the Skills Village and promotes its careers opprotunities on its website along with social media.  A question was raised about career opportunities/prospects being platformed in the Whitby Gazette as this was the most local & trusted media format.


Project Update:  The Woodsmith site is coming along and looking a bit tidy.  Shows two slides one November & one March.  The white buildings (actually grey)  are now green to fit in and blend with the surroundings to keep visual impacts down as much as possible. The drill rig is now off site (last weekend).   

The construction project runs from Woodsmith to Teesport.  

At Woodsmith the diaphragm wall cutters are continuing to 60m around the shafts.  Shows Foreshaft & Sunken Headfames slide.  DMC using more modern technology that is safer & faster.  Shows vertical digger and technology of mechanical cutting.   Most of the groundworks at Woodsmith are complete.  DMC are the main contractors on site.  Activites are also ongoing at Lockwood Beck & Wilton.  

At Wilton end the fences are up, contractors being engaged with power on site.

Strabag to tunnel from Wilton to LWB are mobilising at the moment. Offices on site at Wilton within a couple of weeks. 


At LWB the pad is prepared to start shaft down at the site.   A decision to grout rather than freeze the shaft at LWB is under consideration & a 20m deep hole is being constructed ready for the TBM.   Power utility at LWB over the next few months. 

Q:  At Woodsmith - the concrete bunkers (down to 60m) - are these to be interconnected?  Please explain the VSR's operation?

A:  No they are stand alone. Also the VSR's no men working underneath.  They weigh a lot and will be held up with ropes.  Shifting the earth up as they dig. (See website : https://www.herrenknecht.com/en/products/core-products/mining/shaft-bori...)

Q:  Wilton is flat. How will the tunnel start here?

A:  Dig 20m deep with roadheaders, create a second pillar wall.  The TBMs are between 80m to100m long

Q:  A 45m Winding Tower at LWB? 

Q:  What if the VSR's can't cut through hard rocks? Will they get in the way of the drill & blast?

A:  The drilling (rig) suggests it is very unlikely we find hard rock that the VSR cannot handle.  In the event that we do the VSR is hoisted up whilst drill & blast is carried out.

Q:  How long is the conveyor belt at Wilton? 

A:  The processing is above ground at Wilton.  An outline PA is with R&CBC at the moment.  It is 3km from Wilton to Port for the conveyor belt.

Q:  The Winding Towers at Woodsmith?

A:  The changes in design the headgear is underground,  were only temporary no longer required.

Q:  Will the TBM's remain insitu or underground?

A:  We hope to take these out as they are quite valuable. (There are 3No TBM's 2No SDR's (shaft rolling roundheaders) & 1No VSM, the underwater version)


Planning Conditions

There is a current non-material amendment to the power supply with National Power grid this is to be finalised within a week or two.

Q: Park & Ride?

A:  Did have permission near Sainsbury, that option not taking forward.

The S106 - Briony's Presentation

As before with some updates ..

The S106 money is not for regular or statutory work of the NYMNPA. 

Historic Features - on the Archeological front a PHd Student form Leeds University is working alongside the Authority to enhance this area.  The most exposed geology is Jurassic.

Enhance Tranquility - eg Dark Skies, Coast to Coast Walk,

Landscape - enhance ecology anywhere in the Park or AOI

Work to date includes the defining of the path at Lilla Moor - part of the Lyke Wake Walk, by adding gravel to boggy sections.  Much more work to do eg Lilla Cross (the oldest standing stone in the National Park) and further along the Lyke Wake walk.

At Rosedale - 'The Land of Iron' work started last week with replacing 750m of the five bar fence. Further at Rosedale old mine workings we are creating two attenuation ponds for old mine water discharge interception, all to be eco planted with rushes & reeds.

At Fylingdales the Old St Stephen's Church we have repaired & redecorated all the windows and note there is further work to do here. 

Year One - Other projects include : A bridleway at Boggle Hole; Woodland restoration at Harwood Dale; an information panel at Littlebeck; improve the Pegasus Crossing at A171.

Woodland Creation : We have found some landowners willing to work with us for Woodland Pasture & Dense Woodland preparing for Autumn, with 1ha planted at Danby with 12ha so far in the ground to deliver.

Year I : Tourism Contributions - mainly advertising of the Park and AOI promoting Yorkshire as a visitor destination.  Working with Visit England/Britain to come up with future marketing plans.

Local Tourism Projects supported to date are HM Bark Endeavour & The Grapes.  Other projects are very welcome to apply.  The annual funding runs May to May.

Year II : Projects tabled include:  Maybeck - a circular walk;  Lyke Wake Walk - more path; Cleveland Way - strengthen the bridge at Boggle Hole; Mulgrave Tunnels - engineering & ecology surveys with a possibility of re-opening for visitor recreation;  Harwood Dale - habitat enhancement... (others on the list that fleeted by)

Target Core Policy DL = 30ha.     Also to include a seed collection volunteer scheme with a nursery at Castle Howard.

Q:  Lilla Howe - legend says he threw himself in front of the King's horse ... these are massive benefits directly from the mine?

A:  Yes a lot of good works done with the (s106) money.  These have been calculated as compensation & mitigation as part of the planning approval for the mine.

Response:  Absolutely delighted all these works are getting done.

Q:  A bit dubious about the contribution to Welcome to Yorkshire?

A:  £200K pa over five years to promote the Park & AOI.


Matt Parsons :  The figures - to date £2.5mil has been forwarded to the National Park S106 including £1.5m (NYMNPA), £855k to NYCC (training) £214k to R&CBC (training)

Q:  About this money being wasted on local authority appointed consultants? (eg £400k to consultant for Park & Ride, NYCC road improvements etc etc)

A:  The intention is to spend it to enhance and compensate.  All projects are measured and reviewed.

Q:  Residents of Helredale Road Association - traffic management?  (speed enforcement, safety, narrow footpath at side of Cemetry, pedestrian crossing in worng place, laybys, thumps over the bumps etc etc)

A:   All these concerns will be directed to the Traffic Management Liaison Group.  The volume of traffic in the PP was 126 hgv per day ie 63 each way.  So far an average of 40 each way.


In the last quarter there have been four parish meetings with more scheduled in.  We have visited lots of schools & education outreach is continuing.   The exhibition at Pannet Park Museum continues until the end of May and is free to residents of Whitby.  This project is not just about building a mine but is a significant local contribution to building global food security. 


Q:  Will the exhibition be taken elsewhere?

A:  Possibly ...

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"Our main priority is to ensure that everyone connected with our business returns home safely every day, whether they are a member of staff, a contractor or a member of the public. Safety is our number one objective and we continually do our utmost to make every element of our business safer...."

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