Standing in the Shadows

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Tin Hats at the ready?

"Corprotocracy ... social licence... universal disgust ... Poll Tax ... rough calculations ... 20% of the UK population in a Sacrifice Zone ... go swivel ... threats put to NYCC due to legal teams ... a defacto fascist state... blah blah ... Strasbourg ... access to European Courts ... enshrined in British Law.

Ah, so  :  "Tinpot Cowboy outfit as Thrid Energy as nobodies ever heard of ..."  Barking mad.   "Abomination.  Saturday 2nd December ... materialistic Christmas ...  Barking Mad ... hopefully will screw up. Kick the can down the road a little bit further.   Strangely silent here.  Strangely silent.  The frack crew will be holed up. ... somewhere .. an absolute travesty.. if housed the frack crew in Lorraine Allinson's holiday cottages .. because she has been the sole mouthpeice for this industry in North Yorkshire (@8.20) but maybe she would be getting her benefitz in some other way. (sniggers)..."   

Easy target, the undersurface of a person's foot.  Ian Crane mincing his words. Rather, me thinks Ian Crane is back to his true **** form.   Beavers?

Flat caps:

Drop the pilot?

"INEOS is facing widespread illegal action by hardcore anti-fracking activists, including dangerous direct action and death threats"

The Bark Knight ... 

"Hardcore activists have made threats against INEOS by email and on social media. Examples of these threats include:

  • I will go and blow them up – just you watch
  • Kick the hell out of the driver and force chemicals down his throat
  • This is war so expect casualties
  • Kill their children
  • Can’t somebody kill the owner of INEOS?

Tom Pickering said: “These threats are vile, abusive and frightening. They demonstrate the sort of people we are facing.”



"Theatre lovers also have an equal right to fight for their own interest in theatre, ballet and performing arts and to have the same access to facilities to enjoy their choice of entertainment too."

I'll be back...



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Productivity Watchdog

"Trade unions called for the government to ensure that workers were represented on the watchdog, which Clark has said will be modelled on the Office for Budget Responsiblity, the body that provides economic forecasts for the Treasury.

Labour said the white paper was made up of re-announced policies and old spending commitments, while Michael Heseltine, the former Conservative business secretary, said the best industrial strategy would be to call a halt to Brexit.."

“If the industrial strategy council is to have real teeth then it needs to have clear measurements and metrics to judge the success or failure of the strategy.”

Yet more spoonfed mush.

Yawwwn ...



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Beagles About ..

"The former Deputy Prime Minister deserves credit for making a persuasive case in the House of Lords for a bespoke industrial strategy to be drawn up for the Humber Estuary to rival the investment being poured into areas like the Tees Valley.

Green energy is transforming the fortunes of Hull, and the surrounding area, and there’s clearly potential to create even more jobs and investment on the back of the Siemens wind turbine plant which was opened by the Queen last month.

The challenge is whether Hull and the East Riding should have their own political arrangements – or come under the auspices of the One Yorkshire umbrella which advocates a single mayor for the whole county."

Hmmm ...