Woodsmith & 'The Triffids'

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"When a day that you happen to know is a Wednesday starts off sounding like a Sunday, there is something seriously wrong somewhere."  Wyndham P1, 1951

"The Day of the Triffids is a post-apocalyptic genre piece pure and simple. Written in 1951 by British author John Wyndham the book tells the story of Bill Masen who, after waking up blindfolded in hospital and discovering everyone in the hospital has been blinded after viewing a spectacular meteor shower the night before, stumbles out of his room and into London."



"Trying to navigate safely through the chaos of this “Groping City” and come to terms with the radically-changed circumstances Masen encounters Josella, a woman who can see and is being forced to act as a seeing-guide for a sadistic newly-blind man. After rescuing her they attempt to safely navigate the new world they woke up too and face an emerging threat: nine-foot tall venomous, carnivorous plants that can walk named “triffids”, who are taking advantage of the paradigm shift and are beginning to actively hunt the blind populace"

A welcome return to  Tom Chadwick?


Updates: Details for Application - NYM/2017/0505/MEIA



Oh, OK.   Yes there are three cranes now on the Woodsmith landscape.

Anyone got some bells....








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Blind Mans Bluff

Ah, so .... 


"The company behind Woodsmith Mine has joined forces with the North York Moors National Park Authority to make improvements to a popular walking route.

Ten staff from Sirius Minerals joined a team of park rangers and volunteers to carry out a variety of access works along the famous ‘coast-to-coast’ path, including the construction of a new boardwalk and replacement of steps.

The enhancements to the footpath cover a four kilometre stretch between Little Beck and Maybeck near Whitby, and are fully funded by Sirius Minerals as part of their section 106 planning permission contributions, which include commitments to landscaping and ecology in the local area.

“It’s really exciting that local businesses like Sirius are working with the NYMNPA to enhance the National Park and we’d like to encourage others to get involved too,” said Briony Fox, Director of Polyhalite Projects."


“From the outset, the company has been committed to ensuring that the local community benefits from the project, including through promotion of the region and improvement of access and infrastructure,” said Gareth Edmunds, External Affairs Director for Sirius. “Working closely with the North York Moors National Park Authority allows us to do this, whether it’s through direct financial assistance, or practical help such as the maintenance of access paths like this one.”

Meanwhile :





“There are permitted seasons for frog collection, and some frog species should not be collected at all because they are endangered, vulnerable or their statuses are unknown. There are also many endemic frog species in that region, the trade of which is restricted.”

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Woodsmith & 'The Dipsticks'


“While Sirius is currently at development stage and still some years from becoming a cash flow-generating company, an investment in Sirius should become progressively de-risked and enjoy significant value uplift as it advances towards production, we believe,” Low said in a note.

The analyst highlighted that Sirius last month guided that the project was “on time and on budget”, and he added that he is “hopeful that the site visit will yield insights on progress” regarding key deliverables for the December 2017 quarter...

"Specifically, Low noted that the ‘key deliverables’ for the remainder of the year include on site operations such as geotechnical drilling and diaphragm walling (or D-walling).

On the commercial front, the group is understood to be working on a ‘take-or-pay’ offtake deal with potential major customers for the mine’s fertiliser product.

“Having previously declined to set target dates, Sirius said during August 2017’s earnings call that it was working to have ‘some new offtake agreements or some incremental volume in place’ by the end of 2017,” Low explained.

“Based on comments made by Chief Marketing Officer J.T. Starzecki during our site visit in mid-May 2017, we are hopeful that significant volumes will be announced at higher prices than before – if so, this should be very positive for the share price (less take-or-pay volumes would be required to support the Stage 2 financing; average received prices could be expected to be higher due to the discounts required to secure take-or-pay agreements; NPV would therefore be significantly boosted).

“If no new agreements/incremental volumes have been announced by then, we will be seeking more timing guidance.”

Shore Capital has a ‘buy’ rating for Sirius Minerals and it estimates a risked valuation range between 65p and 82.5p per share (post-Stage 2 debt commitment) which would suggest upside of 148% to 217% from Monday’s closing price."

via The Legend(s) :

"If they secure TorP at above the existing av of $145/t that will be a very strong endorsement of Poly4 and demonstrate that Stage 2 is going to be a 'breeze'."

"Simon Carter said that water will not be an issue in the headgear chamber and foreshaft because of the D-walling. The wall is 1.2m thick !! Very little was said about the rockshaft borehole except that it was passed 1000m. I do not think that anything was said about water and the drilling.

Look out for a short video which was shot at the beginning of the month when the minutes are issued. Very interesting.

Section 73 application will be dealt with at the Nov 16th NYMNP planning meeting. It should have been at the Oct meeting, but the MoD failed to vibrate in time, apparently"



"it may well be that someone has leaked some news such as somebody pulling out of tomorrows meeting"




"Next NPA Planning Committee meeting is on Thurs 16/11. I am told this is where space is presently scheduled for determining the Sirius S73 PA."


Erm .. Permafrost?

Ah, so ...

"a pumpkin full of fish"



'those who achieve the greatest things, face the greatest obstacles.'

Some one said that once ...



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"Sirius Minerals: romancing the stone

The romantic interpretation of London’s role in financing highly speculative holes in the ground is that its brokers and salespeople are in the business of trying to make dreams come true. Take Sirius Minerals, worth £1.2bn on the hope and expectation it can build a 23-mile tunnel under one of the most beautiful bits of the British Isles, to suck out a novel mineral fertiliser not mined outside Yorkshire.

That valuation was 6 per cent higher on Thursday, after the company announced a deal to sell some of the mine’s eventual output to Wilmar, a Singapore-listed palm oil grower and trader. Unlike similar large agreements, the future customer is both identified and already engaged in substantial agricultural business.

Yet the deal is also a reminder of the many numbers, targets and assumptions which investors take on faith. Wilmar will pay an undisclosed price to take an undisclosed amount of polyhalite (pictured) when production begins, in 2021 if all goes to plan. The volumes will ramp up at an undisclosed rate, reaching 750,000 tonnes in year seven.

More immediately, Sirius requires other customers to agree to purchase its product in a decade’s time. Firm commitments are needed in order to raise $1.8bn of debt to round out the $3bn (£2.3bn) of financing the company says the project will cost.

In addition to building the UK’s first deep mine shaft in 30 years, Sirius plans in 2019 to start boring a 4.3m diameter tunnel running for 37km. The cost of the tunnel alone will run to £1bn, on current estimates, in an industry where bringing complex infrastructure in on budget is rare.

Then there is the matter of predicting costs and prices far into the 2020s. Sirius thinks it will eventually extract 10m tonnes of polyhalite a year, at an operational cost of about $30 per tonne. Fertiliser prices are volatile. Since 2004 the price of potash has gone from $100 a tonne, to more than $500, and back to around $200. Investors must be dreamers too, but this one seems likely to prompt a cold sweat."


The One that got away.



"Sirius Minerals' new company headquarters at Prospect House, the former Scarborough Building Society building, have been refurbished.

Saracen Interiors completed the fit out and refurbishment of the fertilizer development company's new Scarborough headquarters.

The project, which began in March this year, comprised of a complete redesign to allow for Sirius’s plans for major expansion.

The 55,000 sq ft fit out covered three floors and included the complete strip out of old mechanical, electrical and HVAC systems and the installation of new facilities throughout.

Work also included the installation of suspended ceilings, flooring, furniture, a kitchen and breakout areas and collaborative working spaces.

Michael Page, director of Saracen Interiors, said: "This is our largest project in the North to-date and we are delighted to prove that we can confidently carry work of this scale and of such a high profile.

"We pitched against some of the UK’s leading main contractors to win this contract, which was awarded in light of our dedication and commitment to the project and the suitability of our designs, and we hope that the final results will achieve a positive response from those who are familiar with the original interiors, as well as the building’s end-users."


" ... The deal is also good news for local projects. Profits amounting to 0.5 per cent of sales from the mine are donated to the charity Sirius Minerals Foundations, set up to share revenue from the mine at Sneaton near Whitby. The charity was set up to ensure local people benefit directly from the success of the mine.

A further percentage of profits go those who own mineral rights to the land where the mine is situation.

The “offtake” deal to sell large volumes of the fertiliser product has been agreed with the Wilmar Group, Asia’s leading agribusiness group which has its headquarters in Singapore.

A spokesman for Sirius Minerals said Wilmar International’s distribution network covers 50 countries. The South-East Asia countries it will be reselling to have a fast-growing population and the fertiliser will help improve food yields.

"We are delighted to be partnering with one of the largest and most established fertilizer buyers and distributors in South East Asia,” said Chris Fraser, Sirius managing director.

“Wilmar is a partner with the capacity to reach a diverse customer base through well established, trusted relationships.

“South East Asia is a fast-growing market which provides Sirius with an attractive opportunity to further diversify and grow our current portfolio of customers.".."


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The Wrong Number ...


"2:06pm 1st November 2017

Sirius Minerals has reiterated its commitment to maintaining a strong local supply chain as it welcomed suppliers on a tour of its Woodsmith Mine site, near Whitby, last week.

Representatives from various companies in the North Yorkshire and Teesside region who have worked with the FTSE 250 company toured the site to learn more about the £3 billion project and the opportunities available for local businesses.

The project involves sinking two 1.5km deep shafts to mine polyhalite, a multi-nutrient fertilizer. This will be hoisted to a level of 360m, where it will be transported to Teesside for processing via a 37km tunnel conveyor system.

The scheme could deliver up to £2.5bn of exports annually and 2,500 direct and indirect jobs, with numerous opportunities for local businesses along the way. The firm has already spent over £20m with local companies, including over £5m since construction began in April this year, on everything from civil engineering and construction works on site, to general corporate office support and maintenance of its Scarborough headquarters building.

Gareth Edmunds, External Affairs Director for Sirius, said:

"The company has always been committed to ensuring that the local community benefits from the project. Working with local businesses and developing a strong local supply chain is an important way we can do that. Clearly, some of the specialist construction work and knowledge we need requires us to look further afield. But wherever we can work with a local company, we look to do that."

During the tour, guests viewed progress on the construction of the service mineshaft, where a
diaphragm wall is currently being constructed, and also spent time at the newly developed
Resolution House offices in Scarborough, where they received a safety briefing and a presentation
from Sirius’ CEO, Chris Fraser.

Woodland Paving and Groundworks Ltd. is a Scarborough based business who has worked with Sirius
Minerals for a number of years.

Director Paul Douthwaite said:

"The event was a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the company and its work with the community, and to view the progress it is making. It’s an exciting project that will bring major benefits to the local area. We are thrilled to be a part of it and look forward to working together in the future”.


The company and its contractors continue to expand their base of local suppliers.

Gareth Edmunds said:

“Our major contractors are keen to make opportunities available to businesses from the area and there will be a number of supply chain events and workshops during the construction period."

If you’d like to register as a supplier or a contractor for Sirius Minerals, please visit


Ah, so ...



About that sticky tape ...





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"... In July 2017 an application was submitted for minor material amendments to the existing planning permission for the development at the Woodsmith Mine site.  This application is currently under consideration, with consultation taking place on additional information submitted by the applicant.  A decision on the application is  now expected at the Planning Committee meeting in December 2017.  In summary, the amendments proposed include revisions to the: design of foreshafts and shaft construction methodology; building layout and shaft access arrangements; construction and operational shaft platform levels; location and layout of surface water attenuation ponds; groundwater management arrangements and amendments to internal access road arrangements. Further details about the application can be viewed here by searching using reference number NYM/2017/0505/MEIA."


Oh. OK ;-)


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NYMNPA & SXX: Officer Recommendation



"Officer conclusion on the significance of changes in other material plans and strategies since the grant of permission in October 2015

4.16.1 Whilst there have been some changes to other relevant plans and strategies sinceOctober 2015, it is concluded that these do not materially alter the strategic context to the development."


10.1 That, taking into consideration the environmental information submitted with the application, and subject first to the completion of deeds of variation to secure the continuance of all existing obligations between the applicant and the National Park Authority and the applicant and North Yorkshire County Council, contained in the separate Section 106 legal agreements between the applicant and each of those parties (as remain relevant) dated 19 October 2015:

1)Planning permission be granted for the variation of condition 5 of planning permission NYM/2014/0676/MEIA dated 19 October 2015 by substituting a new schedule of approved plans and drawings as set out in Appendix One to this report;

2) The permission be subject to the schedule of terms and abbreviations, conditions and informatives as set out in Appendix Two to this report."




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Sirius Splashes Out


"1:12pm 11th December 2017

Sirius Minerals has completed the purchase of the Bran Sands site on Teesside that lies adjacent to the former Redcar steelworks site.

The land will be home to its harbour facilities and a conveyor system as part of its £2.2bn Woodsmith mine development to extract polyhalite, a multi-nutrient fertilizer near Whitby...

"Chris Fraser, CEO of Sirius Minerals, said:

“The acquisition of Bran Sands represents another important step forward in the ongoing development of our project. Having exclusive access to our own deep water port is a huge part of the proposition for our project, giving us access to a global distribution network.  The life of the mine is expected to be over multiple generations, so the facilities that we will build here will provide jobs in and attract investment to Teesside for many years to come.”

This news represents a tremendous vote of confidence in Teesside and the development potential of the neighbouring South Tees Development Corporation site,” said Ben Houchen, the Tees Valley Mayor.  “Sirius is exactly the kind of company that we aim to attract here – one with a global vision that will grow with the local area, demonstrating the value and investment potential of South Tees.”..."








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NYMNPA & Stunned Fish



best not mention Gold Fish Bowls.

Anyone want a Cat?




Thou must not scratch ...

Creative Control.  

Yup there's a big fat mouse under the fridge...

Dolph... The Mouse.


... Elvis has left the building.