An Invasion of Privacy

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Back to 'it' :

Of interest :

Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dumb? @16.43

Q1:  How many task Group Meetings did the Chairman (Deputy Leader of the Labour Group) attend?  "Job descriptions may change ..."

Q : "Cllr. Siddons were you involved?" 

A:  "No."

Thorough etc etc. "complete with regard to every detail; not superficial or partial."

Mind, at the Overview & Scrutiny Board Meeting, (at two minutes notice) Cllr. Siddons (Labour Group Leader) silenced the Minority Report & presentation as prepared by a Task Group member as requested by Chair of Task Group"  as reported by Officer "it would over power the group report, therefore the Minority Report cannot be heard".  

Minutes :

"if you go for expert advice (the Report) ... you would be stupid not to support its recommendations"  Oh.

The ADAS Report?

Commercial activities?  (as sanctioned by Dillys)

Mind the Gaps.

Meeting of the Stakeholders? ' rigorous, in-depth, exhaustive, thoroughgoing, minute, detailed, close, meticulous, scrupulous, assiduous, conscientious, painstaking, methodical, careful, sedulous, complete, comprehensive, elaborate, full, intensive, extensive, widespread, sweeping, searching, all-embracing, all-inclusive"


The 'wiped...'

Not quite the truth reported by SBC .. is it?

TBC ... (to be continued)

PS:  Do the Math & learn to read ;-))

PSS:  About that 'handle' 

Not a chance.

Ports ....

How Now.

The Middle 'finger'.


The fast & the Furious ;-)






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The Spa & Shape Shifting

"7:20am 8th September 2017

Work to stabilise cliffs at Scarborough's South Bay has taken another step forward.

The project has been given the go-ahead by the borough council's planning committee.

If the spending gets approval by the council itself later in the year, it's hoped the work to the area at the Spa and South Cliff could start early next year and be finished some time in 2019.

It involves driving nails into the soil and putting vertical sheet piling to strengthen the sides of the cliffs.

It will involve some disturbance to the South Cliff and Italian Gardens..."

Stoopidity is no excuse ...


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An Alternative Reality?

"6:02am 11th September 2017

Scarborough's Manor Road plant nursery is to close and be sold off by the council.

A final decision on the plans announced earlier this year was confirmed last week at a full council meeting.

Instead, plants will be bought in from outside, which is expected to save around £120,000 a year.

Councillor Mike Cockerill said:

"I'm very pleased that the skills of the current staff have been recognised, they'll be redeployed still within that basic area. The intention is that we will market the Manor Road site, and we will merge the operations from the Manor Road site into those at Dean Road.

We referred this to the Overview and Scrutiny Board and they organised a task group which did a tremendous job, but we also brought independent people in with relevant experience. They've proved to us that we can buy plants in and do just as good a job."

Listen to an interview with Councillor Mike Cockerill here... "

No. Thanx.


In the potting shed.

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The Cinder Track

"(Updated 7:10am 14th September 2017)

A task group will be set up to doscuss the future of the Whitby Cinder Track.

Plans for the redevelopment were heard at an Overview and Scrutiny Board meeting yesterday, during which nine members of the public had their say.

The group will be made up of councillors, as it was felt that there was too much information lacking in the plans and no proper funding in place.

Councillor Hazel Lynskey chaired the meeting.

She said:

"We need the officers to give us a report, rather than 500 pages of information. We need to know what they're actually doing, not what they might do.

So many people came and were so passionate about it and I believe we should listen to them. We should include them in the negotiations before we move forward.""

to do 'nothing' is always a strategic option ;-)



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The 'Blooming Marvellous'

Times a wasting ...

"6:01am 14th September 2017
(Updated 7:12am 14th September 2017)

There were gold awards aplenty for the Yorkshire Coast in the recent 'Yorkshire in Bloom.'

The most notable award was for Filey, who claimed gold in Coastal Towns with a population of under 12,000. 

There were plenty of awards for the Yorkshire Coast in the Open Spaces Category. Friends of Filey Parks claimed Platinum whilst there were gold awards for Pannett park in Whitby, Friends of Dean Road & Manor Road Cemeteries in Scarborough, Friends of South Cliff Gardens in Scarborough and Peasholm Park Friends in Scarborough.

There was also a silver gilt for Friends of Falsgrave in Scarborough. 

Proudfoots in Newby was named as joint category winner for Large Business Premises, Basin Howe Farm Cottages in Sawdon claimed gold in the guest houses, holiday cottages and small hotels category while Raithwaite Estate in Whitby was awarded a silver gilt in the large hotels category.

And there was a silver gilt for Friarage School garden in Scarborough in the Harrogate Flower Show Young People's Award. 

Marion Wright is the Chairman of the Filey in Bloom Group. She said:

"There's an awful lot of people that Filey gets left out, that the Scarborough Borough doesn't give enough to Filey.

But we feel it's very, very important that we keep going and visitors always say to us what a lovely town we have and how nice and tidy it is. 

We try to keep the town the best we can and we're always looking for people to help us with extra bits of work.

They can come along and do a few hours work. We're all getting older you see, sow e need other people to help out."

Yawwwnnn ...

Three belts .. one road.

On track.