Fracking 2017

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A swift update on wots going on in Frackland...

The North Wales police & crime commissioner withdrawing support to the Lancashire police :


Sadly the notorious Ian Crane is still at large.

How not to drive a Truck:

One wonders how they would deal with these people in the good old US of A. ... there are many videos on you tube courtesy of 'Kirby Misperton' anti-fracking activist of folk throwing themselves in the way of vehicles and lying in the road... and ya kinda wonder about their sanity & safety.   Having driven past the KM8  activist site several times (on the road to Flamingoland) and other Ryedale routes you kinda wonder if the activism site is in the wrong place.  Hey ho... that said it is generally quite peaceful .

Anyhoos enough drivel, here is the latest from the local Rake:

"A RYEDALE MP has said he will call for a moratorium on fracking if protections are weakened.

Kevin Hollinrake, MP for Malton & Thirsk, made the comments after meeting with Greg Clark, secretary of state for business, energy and industrial strategy.

Planning permission was granted to Third Energy in May 2016 to frack at Kirby Misperton. The frack is due to start in the next few months.

Mr Hollinrake said: “My concerns had been raised following new proposals in our General Election manifesto to change the planning status and environmental oversight.

“In a discussion with Mr Clark about the government’s future plans for shale gas, I expressed my serious reservations about the proposed changes of policy to designate non-fracking drilling as permitted development and moving the decision making from local authorities to the National Planning Regime without some of the clear guidelines and restrictions on development detailed in the North Yorkshire County Council Draft Minerals and Waste Plan.

“I also raised similar concerns about the establishment of a new Shale Gas Environmental Regulator.

“After the decision to go ahead with fracking was made in Parliament in January 2015, I helped campaign to prohibit fracking from wells that are drilled in the surface of protected areas, such as National Parks.

“My position on this has not changed. Likewise, I will continue to ensure that applications immediately outside of specified protected areas will also be subject to the same restrictions and covered under our planning laws which protect the visual impact of protected areas.

“I remain supportive of shale gas extraction so long as regulations are in place to protect both our environment and our countryside. If this does not happen, then I will call for a moratorium.”

Ooh err.  Good job there is a Mineral & Waste Joint Plan in action eh.  

Meanwhile what does Third Energy have to hide?

Absolutely nothing.   'the Truth will Out'  ...

Indeed, now we get to the exciting bit:-)  The Hydraulic Fracture Plan:

btw would those inconsiderate barstewards low-flying Chinnocks at 4.00 am turn off their blasted lights. 

ps the conservation work at Flamingoland is outstanding.



'it was a Ferrari'

Oh dear.

Oh .. about those Chinnocks.

"The first commercial fracking well in the UK is set to be drilled within weeks in spite of strong opposition from protesters at the site near Blackpool. Lorries brought a drilling rig to the Lancashire site of shale gas explorer Cuadrilla during the early hours of Thursday under police escort, before anti-fracking activists could block the company’s main gate. But in an indication of how protesters are determined to try to disrupt Cuadrilla’s operations, later in the day four activists from environmental group Reclaim the Power locked themselves inside cars at the site entrance and placed their arms in concrete so they could not be moved without being injured. Cuadrilla has had to wait six years to frack again after causing a minor earthquake near Blackpool during a test in 2011. After securing planning permission from the government last year to frack at a different site in Lancashire, Cuadrilla now hopes to start a long-awaited shale gas revolution in the UK similar to that witnessed in the US. Britain has an estimated 1,300tn cubic feet of shale gas reserves, mainly in the north of England and the Midlands, according to the British Geological Survey. If 10 per cent could be extracted, it could satisfy the UK’s total gas needs for 50 years, based on current consumption levels, the government has calculated. Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, involves injecting a mixture of water, sand and chemicals underground at high pressure to crack rock and release gas. Drilling is done horizontally as well as vertically to expose a much greater area of resource-bearing rock. Opponents fear environmental damage, saying the liquid left below ground by fracking could seep into aquifers and enter domestic water supplies, among other things. Maya Watts, one of the protesters blocking the gate leading to Cuadrilla’s site, said: “Stop the fracking industry before it really gets started, as it will be hazardous to health, awful for agriculture and terrible for tourism.” While fracking has unleashed large-scale oil and gas supplies in the US during the past decade, it has proved controversial in Europe. France has banned the activity, while the devolved governments in Scotland and Wales have imposed moratoriums. Since the minor earthquake unleashed by Cuadrilla’s 2011 test, shale explorers have struggled to obtain planning permission in the UK. However, Third Energy secured permission last year and is poised to drill in North Yorkshire, while companies including Ineos, the chemicals group, and IGas, the oil and gas producer, have licences to explore. Cuadrilla hopes to start drilling the first of four horizontal shale gas exploration wells at its site on a farm near the village of Little Plumpton soon. A pilot well will be drilled to approximately 3,500 metres deep. Horizontal wells off it will follow at depths of between 2,000m and 3,500m. Francis Egan, Cuadrilla’s chief executive, said: “Developing an indigenous source of natural gas is critical for UK energy security, our economy, jobs and the environment.” Lancashire county council said the early morning delivery of Cuadrilla’s drilling rig by 30 lorries breached planning conditions and warned the company not to repeat the move. Cuadrilla said it acted on police advice. The latest round of protests against Cuadrilla began in January, when the company started preparing its site near Little Plumpton. Police forces beefed up their presence to around 100 officers this month, in response to increased protests by Reclaim the Power and other groups...

There have been more than 180 arrests at the site since January, said Lancashire police, most for obstructing the highway. Cuadrilla’s site is located off the main trunk road between Preston and Blackpool, which has been blocked regularly by protesters lying in the road or chaining themselves to lorries. Backing Fracking, a group representing local residents in favour of gas exploration, have praised the police. Supporter Paul Tattersall said: “Not everyone that lives nearby is against fracking, but we’re all being affected by the behaviour of the unruly activists from across the country that have descended on us and are constantly engaging in stunts that close the main road between Blackpool and Preston.”

Not quite so blind...

Now about those lawnmowers.



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NYMNP - Trust?

"Boosting the economy of the North York Moors has been set as a priority for the coming years as the national park’s authority looks to build on its public profile.

Chief executive Andy Wilson, setting out the authority’s focus in its annual report, highlighted three key aims – raising the park’s profile, increasing wildlife corridors and involving more young people.

Faced with a 40 per cent loss in central government funding, the authority has in recent times been focused on diversifying sources of income, he said, but added that it had been a successful year despite a “rapidly changing policy framework” and 
concerns about securing the National Park’s protected environment.

“Our main aim is to allow people to enjoy the park in a good way, which doesn’t impact on residents and destroy the environment they come to visit,” said Mr Wilson.

“The moors, as a national park, is a park of refreshment. It’s a peaceful place.

“As the pressures in the rest of the country become greater, the North York Moors becomes more important as a place which is relatively free from that. It’s value to society grows as the rest of the country gets busier.”

The annual report sets out projects which are already under way and details the park authority’s priorities, top of which is to boost its profile, aiding the hundreds of small businesses in the area and the 25,000 people who live here.

“We’ve got three big priorities for the year ahead,” said Mr 
Wilson. “Continuing to increase the profile of the park, so that more people can enjoy it and encouraging more people to visit and to understand the park; increasing the wildlife corridors, and super-highways through the park and involving more young people in the park.”

Park n Hyde .. ;-0

"6:02am 28th July 2017

New regulations to protect fish stocks could spell the end of the fishing industry in Filey.

There's currently seven licences in the town, but under the plans, they won't be renewed beyond 2022.

The idea of the restrictions is to safeguard the levels of salmon, but Filey's fishermen mainly catch sea trout.

Kevin Hollinrake, the MP for Filey, said:

"I think one of the comments we got back recently from the Environment Agency was that the salmon catch in Filey is minuscule. So, for a minuscule change to the current situation, what would happen in 2022 is the complete abolition of fishing in Filey, it's not a proportionate response to the problems.""


Are these people for real?

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Fracking Sparks

"Ineos says it wants to drill at a site at Woodsetts, near Rotherham, after assessing 'existing geological data'.

The proposed site is west of the village and south of Dinnington Road.

An Ineos spokesman said: "The well site is situated in Petroleum Exploration and Development Licence (PEDL) 304 on land to the south of Dinnington Road, located to the west of the settlement of Woodsetts, Rotherham.

"This location has been chosen because it is within an area of interest to us based on existing seismic data.

"We plan to submit a planning application to Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council in the near future."

They added: "Site construction and rig assembly will take up to three months.

"Drilling, coring and testing will take up to five months. Once drilling, coring and testing operations have ceased, establishing the well as Listening Well and suspension will take up to one month with the suspended well in place until restoration .

"There will be periods when traffic activity is high such as site construction, rig and equipment deliveries and subsequent removal with fewer deliveries each day during drilling operations. All deliveries will be carefully planned and closely managed to minimise disruption to local residents.

"We have entered into pre-application discussions with Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council to discuss potential environmental impacts of the Proposed Development which will be subject to consultation with a number of external bodies. During this process we will undertake community consultation to take account of feedback from local residents before submitting a full planning application."

The company submitted planning applications for exploratory drilling at Common Road, Harthill, in Rotherham and Bramleymoor Lane in the village of Marsh Lane, Derbyshire, in March."

About that Joderell Bank ...

"The old have comprehensively shafted the young," added Sir Vince. "And the old have had the last word about Brexit, imposing a world view coloured by nostalgia for an imperial past on a younger generation much more comfortable with modern Europe."

(pwease ... just frack Filey...)

Oh well, blooming marvellous:-)


DYOW ;-0



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Shale Rock - Hype

"The gas reserves in shale rocks in the UK have been "hyped", an academic said.

Professor John Underhill from Heriot-Watt University said the UK's potential shale deposits were likely to have been disrupted by shifts in the earth 55 million years ago.

He said the government would be wise to formulate a Plan B to fracking for future gas supplies.

But the fracking firm Cuadrilla said it would determine how much gas was present from its test drilling...

"This is very different from the US, where big deposits of shale gas were created in the continental heart of America, far from the movement of tectonic plates.

Prof Underhill's comments are based on an unpublished paper on tectonics. He said he deduced the impact on shale formations by chance.

He said: "I'm neutral about fracking, so long as it doesn't cause environmental damage. But the debate is between those who think fracking is dangerous and those who think it will help the economy - and no-one's paying enough attention to the geology...

"Professor Underhill said the UK had been tilted strongly by tectonic movement caused by an upward surge of magma under Iceland.

This subsequently led the shale gas basins to buckle and lift, so areas that were once buried deep with high temperatures which generated oil and gas, were then lifted to levels where they were no longer likely to generate either.

The basins were also broken into compartments by folds which created pathways that have allowed some of the oil and gas to escape, he said.

A spokesman for the BGS said it could not comment formally on Prof Underhill's comments as it had not done the research...

"Professor Richard Davies, from Newcastle University, told BBC News: "It's correct to say geology could yet surprise the companies who are investing. But the bottle neck, I think, is how many wells one can drill economically in a small space in the UK.

"Shale gas wells in the USA produce very small volumes of gas (2-6 billion cubic feet of gas each), and therefore thousands would be needed to impact on our reliance on imports.

"The BGS estimated resources in Northern England of 1,327 trillion cubic feet (2012). I estimated it would require c. 52,000 wells to produce 10% of this."

Oh. 'Tilly And The Time Machine by Adrian Edmondson is published by Puffin, priced £6.99'

not quite the Magic Dragon ;-)

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Shale Sale

"... BHP said on Tuesday that it deemed the shale business "non-core" and was exploring options to offload the assets.

Chief executive Andrew Mackenzie said a number of parties are interested in acquiring its onshore US oil and gas operations, but would not name the price the company is seeking for the assets..."

"The Anglo-Australian firm, like other miners, has benefited from a rebound in industrial metals prices after a slump caused by supply gluts and economic slowdown in China.

China is the world's biggest buyer of commodities."

"It's a time of renewal," said Baldwin, a Navajo woman from Fort Defiance, Arizona. "Kind of like pressing the alt, control, delete button on your computer, resetting everything."

Across the country, American Indian tribes are observing the eclipse in similar and not-so-similar ways. Some tribal members will ignore it, others might watch while praying for an anticipated renewal, and those in prime viewing spots are welcoming visitors with storytelling, food and celebration. For the Crow Tribe in Montana, the eclipse coincides with the Parade Dance at the annual Crow fair, marking the tribe's new year.

Many American Indian tribes revere the sun and moon as cultural deities, great sources of power and giver of life."

Ah, so ... Scorpio.


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Fracking Fantasia

"Fracking for shale gas will start before the end of the year at a North Yorkshire site, the firm behind plans has said.

Confirmation came as around 100 people protested outside a meeting organised by Third Energy to update residents.

It was granted planning permission for the site at Kirby Misperton, between Malton and Pickering in 2016.

The firm still requires final approval from government and protesters said they will continue to try to stop it...

"John Dewar, operations manager, said: "We have developed a hydraulic fracture plan and that has gone to the Oil and Gas Authority (OGA) and the Environment Agency and we need their approval."

After that he said the company would need the government to sign off before moving forward.

When asked directly whether the company would begin hydraulic fracturing before the end of the year, Mr Dewar replied: "Definitely"..."


"A pop-up replica of two Shakespearean theatres with room for almost 1,000 spectators could be built in York's historic centre..."

The temporary structure modelled on the Globe and Rose theatres is planned for York's Castle car park, opposite the 13th Century Clifford's Tower.

"A public meeting will take place to let Kirby Misperton residents know how police activity will work ahead of planned fracking.

Subject to approval from the Government, company Third Energy intends to begin hydraulic fracturing operations for shale gas in the area by the end of the year.

The meeting will take place on Tuesday, September 5 from 5.30pm in the Village Hall..."


Rrr ;-0

Back to that Otto Magic

Ah, so

"The Maritime and Coastguard Agency said the possible causes for the chemical cloud include discharges from a vessel, previously unreported lost cargo, and emissions from known shipwrecks.

In a statement, it said: "We have identified approximately 180 vessels that passed through the English Channel off the coast of Eastbourne on Sunday 27 August.

"We are working with all relevant Environmental and Public Health regulators to conclude these investigations."

Initially, it was believed the haze may have been caused by chemicals drifting over the English Channel."


Yo Ho ... Rio

Oh OK:

One In One Out...


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Shaling About

"An environmental campaigner is challenging the legality of a wide-ranging injunction obtained against protesters by a multinational firm that he criticised as being “draconian, anti-democratic and oppressive”.

Joe Corré accused petrochemical giant Ineos of using “disgusting bully boy tactics” against campaigners who want to protest against the firm’s fracking operations.

He has submitted an application in the high court objecting to the injunction. A hearing is due to be held on Tuesday to dismiss the injunction.

The temporary injunction was granted by a high court judge in July after an unannounced hearing which gave protesters no opportunity to object at the time.

The injunction covers any campaigner who protests against Ineos’s fracking...

"The injunction prohibits campaigners from doing anything that amounts to harassing Ineos employees and contractors, or interfering with their lawful activities. ..

"Ineos secured the injunction after submitting evidence to the court that it says was “extensive and convincing” and showed that unlawful protests were “both imminent and real”.

Campaigners have said the injunction curbs their right to democratic, peaceful protest – an accusation denied by Ineos.

The injunction specifically forbids two tactics used by protesters. One of them is known as “slow walking” in which campaigners delay deliveries to sites by walking slowly in front of lorries. The other is attaching themselves to, for example, lorries with locks.

Protesters who unsuccessfully contest the injunction would be at risk of a sizeable legal bill as they may have pay for the cost of all the lawyers at any hearing.

But on Thursday Corré, the son of fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, announced that he would step forward and challenge what he called an unprecedented injunction."

Oh Dear ...

Pink Flamingos?

"GAS company Third Energy has rejected criticism that its activities at its Kirby Misperton site constitute starting work before planning conditions have been fully discharged.

The accusations were made by anti-fracking group Frack-Free Ryedale after an incident yesterday, September 7, outside the KM8 well-site.

A delivery lorry was dropping off fencing supplies.

According to the county council planning portal, a few planning conditions - including the traffic management plan - have yet to be fully agreed by the authority.

Protestors accused the company of commencing work before these have been agreed.

A Third Energy spokesperson said: "These deliveries do not form part of the KM8 hydraulic fracturing planning application and therefore fall outside the Traffic Management Plan."

In another traffic-related issue, the protestors at the KM8 entrance said that they confronted the delivery driver and asked him not to deliver to the site, and that the lorry had instead then entered the site along a nearby bridleway and private road.

"The local police inspector had expressly asked them not to use this route," they said.

Councillor Karen Garrett, from Brawby, said: “Bridleways are for horse riders and pedestrians, they are not the public highway.

"It is unlikely the police would advise the use of a bridleway."

The Third Energy spokesperson said: "A group of protestors illegally blocked the normal entrance to the well-site so two lorries used a different access route.

"This route was a farm track, across private land and which Third Energy has the owner’s permission to use.

"North Yorkshire Police later facilitated a third lorry to enter the site by the normal route.

"Third Energy respects people’s right to lawful and peaceful protest. We trust that those who object to our plans will also respect our rights, and the rights of Ryedale residents, to go about our business lawfully and peacefully."

Meanwhile ;-)

“I just don’t believe it... as he took the Guardian on a tour to show off his greatest hits"

Oh OK.

“why would I want to live anywhere else when I already live in the best place in the world?” – he is angry that his beloved town keeps being dragged down by negative headlines...."

Mind, there's always room for improvement ;-)

How, Now.... about those natural resources & heritage plants.

"Have two sets of banisters marking two imaginary staircases .... then let the fun begin"

Oh, OK ;-?

"Ayckbourn describes Taking Steps as his only really classic farce. In a collapsing house, relationships are falling apart. Four selfish characters get their just deserts, two deserving characters get theirs. On the night I was there, the clockwork mechanism of the construction seemed to turn just a little too slowly to release the gales of laughter that famously accompanied the first production"


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Rock Steady Eddie

"In addition, energy company Third Energy have filed a 'notice of commencement', indicating that 'pre-stimulation' work will start from Tuesday, September 19.

However, a Third Energy spokesperson said the fracking operation itself requires final signoff from the Environment Agency and the Secretary of State.

They said: "Third Energy is pleased that the final pre-commencement planning conditions have now been discharged.

"This includes the traffic management plan which was approved today by North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) ahead of operations at the existing Kirby Misperton wellsite.

"The consultation response from NYCC highways stated ‘there are no local highway authority objections to the proposed development.’

"We see this not as a victory but as a huge responsibility..."

"In response to the news, protestors are organising a candlit vigil outside the wellsite.

A spokesperson said that at 8pm tomorrow they will gather at the gates of KM8 well site to mark the beginning of the next phase in the campaign.

"All are welcome to join the vigil," they said, "which will include music, prayer and a short ceremony."

Local campaigner, Eddie Thornton added: "The candle lit vigil marks a shift in the focus of the communities’ campaign.

"Democracy has failed us. Now it’s time to take action against this poisonous industry, which will industrialise our countryside for the sake of corporate profit.

"We hope the vigil will set the tone for the coming campaign; peaceful, calm and prayerful."


Anyone got a Canary?


Oh, Ok :