Voice Your Choice 2015

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Not to be missed, and a high-light on the calender year is tomorrows:   'Central Urban Area Committee - Voice Your Choice 2015 - Decision-making event'

Residents in Scarborough will once again be given the chance to vote for their favourite community projects when local groups and organisations compete for their share of £12,000 of Scarborough Borough Council funding. 

The Scarborough Urban Area Forum will be hosting its fifth Voice Your Choice Decision-Making event.  Residents of the Central Urban Area of Scarborough (local authority wards of Castle, Central, Ramshill, Weaponess, Falsgrave Park, Stepney, Woodlands, Northstead and North Bay) aged 11 years and over are invited to come along to see a display of 18 community projects.  This year’s projects will be based around four themes:

  • Loneliness and social isolation
  • Peer support groups / networks
  • Setting up new clubs and groups
  • Intergenerational work

Applicants will have to demonstrate how their project links with one of the four themes.

The event will take place on Wednesday 4 February at Scarborough Library, Vernon Road and will be an open “drop-in” between 5:00pm and 7:30pm.  Each display will have information about the group’s proposed project and a member of the group available to answer any questions.  Residents are asked to view all project displays giving every project a score between one and five.  The projects with the most votes will be awarded funding.  The voting process should take no longer than 30 minutes to complete and it will be a very informal evening with refreshments available.  Residents are welcome to stay at the event for the results to be announced at approximately 8:00pm. 

Further information about the decision-making event can be found in the Voice Your Choice newsletter.

The fund is being financed by Scarborough Borough Council’s Central Urban Area Committee.

If you have any questions about Voice your Choice 2015, please contact Scarborough Borough Council’s Community & Regeneration Support Officer, Kerry Lee on 01723 232472 or kerry.lee@scarborough.gov.uk

This is one of Scarborough Council's more brilliant schemes and brings together not only diverse action groups within the local community but allows ordinary members of the public, including young people to get involved in the democratic process in a fun, sociable and worthwhile way.    Not only that, the results are usually fairly quick, and sadly while there may be some (few)  losers many of the community projects are successful in their bids - if you haven't been to one before do go along - not only is this event informative about what locals are 'getting up to' but your 'vote' actually makes a huge difference in getting local community projects off the ground.

Its fun, its fast and its furiously brilliant.    

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wc3GyfAnnGg&index=4&list=PLVuATlSkP_5SM_... ;-)







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Voice Your Choice

Though the results were announced on the nite finding published confirmation is proving remarkably rather difficult, meanwhile:

"The organisations that received funding from the Voice your Choice. In order of popularity....Maritime Heritage, Alzheimers Society, Mencap, Goal Ball, Community Cycling, South Cliff Community Group, Blueberry Training, Breast Friends, Castle Community Group, Gallows Close, YMCA, and Future Works got the last bit which was about 60% of their bid. Maritime got a vote of 850 votes and Breast Friends got 706."

Cheers - will publish further when found.

Also the Chair of the Central Urban Area Forum was up for grabs at the same event .... most convenient, cough.