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The construction of  Area 51 is drawing to a close with a Siromoney on't 27th November heres a twist on da good ole stick a pin on't donkey: -) The 60ft flag pole is on't starboard...


According to 'Review', hundreds of thousands of RNLI supporters are to turn out for a big fanfare for the new Shannon class lifeboat.  The new 'state of the art' lifeboathouse has just been finished with the lifeboat team ready to take up possession. 

The House will be open to the public from 10.00am to 12.30pm with the Plaxton boat expected at 1.15pm ... escorted by a small flotilla of other boats with high tide expected at 3.00pm.  They will be joined by coastguards, a Sikorsky search and rescue helicoptor, emergency services with the show hosted by compere Nick Taylor joined by the local Sea Cadets and local RNLI dignatories.   A Boat blessing service will be held by a Rev during which the old Mersey boat will sent of with 'a pipers lament.'   Fundraising on the day will be in full swing.

The RNLI's traditional Rememberance Sunday, 13th November, will be held on the West Pier at 10.30am.   



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'Lame : TATA - Mistry or Ministry

BBC plays with Magik :
"The ousted chairman of India's Tata Group has lashed out at the way his sudden departure was handled.
In a no-holds-barred email to the board seen by the BBC, Cyrus Mistry says he had become a "lame duck" chairman and alleges constant interference, including being asked to sign off on deals he knew little about.
He also warned the company risks huge writedowns across the business.
Tata said it currently had no response to the allegations.
The Bombay Stock Exchange has sought clarification from Tata on the contents of Mr Mistry's letter.
Karishma Vaswani: It's the stuff Bollywood blockbusters are made of
Tata Sons, the holding company of Tata Group, unexpectedly replace Mr Mistry with his predecessor Ratan Tata on Monday, giving no explanation or details about its decision.
But analysts say there was a clash over strategy, with the Tata family unhappy at Mr Mistry's policy of looking to sell off parts of the business - including Tata's European steel business - rather than holding on to assets and extending the firm's global reach.
Brutal assessment
Whatever the reasons, Mr Mistry has come out fighting. In his blistering five-page attack, he wrote that the board had "not covered itself with glory" and that the nature of his dismissal had done "immeasurable harm" to both his own reputation and that of the firm.
And he said that when he moved from being a non-executive director to chairman in 2012, he did "not have a clear grasp of the gravity" of problems he had inherited.
While saying that he did not want to "air a laundry list", Mr Mistry went on to unleash a brutal assessment of many aspects of the business, warning the firm may face 1.18 trillion rupees ($18bn) in writedowns because because of five unprofitable businesses he inherited.
Issues he raised included:

  • Huge debts from many of its foreign investments including hotels, its chemicals business in the UK and Kenya, and steel operations in Europe.
  • A telecoms business that is "continuously haemorrhaging" money as well as facing a fine of at least $1bn
  • Tata Power struggling because of underestimating coal prices, and getting into clashes with local landowners

Mr Mistry said there was no sign of profitability on the Tata Nano project - which had been launched as the world's cheapest car - and criticised a failure to face up to the reality of its consistently losing money...."
"Any turnaround strategy for the company requires to shut it down. Emotional reasons alone have kept us away from that crucial decision," he said.
Tata's foray into the aviation sector was also criticised, with Mr Mistry suggesting he signed up to joint ventures under pressure from the former chairman.
He claimed he was asked by Ratan Tata to sign off quickly on a tie-up with Malaysia's Air Asia to create Air Asia India and that "my pushback was hard but futile".
And he wrote that Tata's 51% stake in Vistara - a venture between Tata and Singapore Airlines - was also foisted upon on him "without the benefit of time and experience to fully evaluate the proposal".
"Long association
Cyrus Mistry had been hand-picked as a successor to Ratan Tata as the second chairman from outside the Tata family and with high hopes that he would be the right man to steer the company.
He was the sixth chairman in Tata's 148-year history and the first chairman in nearly 80 years to come from outside the Tata family.
But Mr Mistry did not come into the job cold. His family has been a major Tata investor since the 1930s and controls companies holding 18% of Tata Sons.
And he knows the family well, not least because of his sister's marriage to Ratan Tata's half-brother, Noel."

Ah, so ... a chip off the old block.
Namaste X

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Turners Turnover

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Constitutional Odds
"...  It is therefore disappointing to see another large corporation – Whitbread this time – come along with another damaging proposal and then for our planners to revert to their default position of rolling onto their backs and waggling their legs in the air.
People come to visit Scarborough for the same reason they go to places like York and Beverley - to enjoy a well cared for tourist environment featuring shops and restaurants housed in buildings like those on Huntriss Row – built with some style and panache in another era.
This street stands out with an eclectic mix of Victorian and Edwardian buildings and is unusual (until now) in not having the jarring insertion of a bland red-brick wall plotted on a computer to house a Tesco Express - or Premier Inn.
Perhaps nothing should be allowed to stand in the way of development. However, development means different things to different people: to the philistines in planning and the nodding donkeys on the council it seems always to be a positive thing; for lots of us it involves seeing something nice getting spoiled...."

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YCR : On the Coast

"Investigations are underway to look into the level of water quality in the South Bay of Scarborough.

Lat month we told you that the water quality in the South Bay has been officially rated as 'poor' in a report from the Environment Agency.

In the two years prior to 2016, the South Bay was classified as 'sufficient.' 

The investigation currently underway will now try and determine what species is responsible for the pollution in the bay, which in turn will give a clear idea of how the problem can be solved.

In a statement, Councillor Mike Cockerill said:

"The recently published bathing water quality results for Scarborough South Bay and  Filey have, understandably, been a cause of concern for elected members, officers  and other interested parties.

"This briefing note includes more information about the work, alluded to in the  statement released by the Yorkshire Bathing Water Partnership earlier this month,    which has been ongoing in recent years regarding the quality of the bathing water at  some of our bathing beaches.

"I must emphasise that this work is not new and is not in direct response to the  results published on 7 November.

"During the last couple of years there have been nearly 70 actions instigated in  regard to identifying and controlling potential sources of pollution along our  coastline.

"Although the Environment Agency is responsible for monitoring water quality, there  are other organisations working closely with them, as part of the Yorkshire Bathing  Water Partnership, in efforts to improve the current situation.

"These include Yorkshire Water and Scarborough Borough Council with support      from Welcome to Yorkshire.

"I attend partnership working group meetings and receive updates from  representatives of the Environment Agency and Yorkshire Water and council  officers. At appropriate times, representatives from other companies or groups also  attend."

The investigation will take place on the stretch of coastline from Jackson's Bay to Cayton Bay. The results of the survey is expected by March next year."


Fingers in pies ...

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Global Weirding

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Rip it Up

"The dress worn by Marilyn Monroe as she sang "Happy Birthday Mr President" to John F Kennedy has been sold at auction for $4.8m (£3.9m).

The figure-hugging Jean Louis gown, with 2,500 crystals, was bought by the Ripley's Believe It or Not museum chain."


""The problem with getting into any saga with courts is you can't predict the outcome," he said, adding that uncertainty over Brexit was damaging for the economy.

"My concern is that we deliver on what the people wanted.... There was this huge vote to leave, it has to be delivered. If it is not delivered there will be the most shattering damage to the integrity of the establishment.""

And todays 'stupid question'?

added 20/11/16

In English :-)

Un point Trump.

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Hounds n Harriers

One is not amused ...
Jet Art Aviation
"... As well as overseeing the restoration, Chris has also pieced together a detailed history of the Harrier and the men who flew in it, including Captain Ching. “Captain isn’t an RAF rank and I always wondered who he was. It turns out he was in the United States Air Force and he flew the plane in the 1980s during the Cold War. Those little details are what people love, but best of all is you can now turn the engine on.
“When we started it the first time there was a big cloud of smoke, but it fired straight away. We knew it was going to be loud and we had warned the neighbours, but I don’t think any of us were quite prepared for just how loud it was. Even the fence shook. If I’m honest I think it’s probably the best day I’ve had at work in the last 10 years. We’d taken something which hadn’t worked for 25 years and brought it back to life.”
The plane is now up for sale but with Chris happy to bide his time until the right buyer comes along he won’t reveal the exact asking price. What he will say is that it won’t be moving from Selby unless someone comes up with a six-figure bid.
“Whoever the new owner is will be getting a complete plane, albeit without the weapons system. There is a huge amount of interest in the history of British aviation and we’ve sold planes to customers in Australia, Canada and Greece. For a lot of people it’s an investment and one which will give a better return than a bank.”

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Space Junkies

"Japan has launched a cargo ship which will use a half mile- (700m)-long tether to remove some of the vast amount of debris from Earth's orbit.

The tether, made of aluminium strands and steel wire, is designed to slow the debris, pulling it out of orbit.

The innovative device was made with the help of a fishing net company.

There is estimated to be more than 100 million pieces of space junk in orbit, including discarded equipment from old satellites, tools and bits of rocket.

Many of these objects are moving at high velocity around the Earth at speeds of up to 28,000km/h (17,500mph) and could cause catastrophic accidents and damage to the world's orbital telecommunications network...."

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Cuberiders ... Oysters?

“Step 1. Get to space. Then in the future the world’s our oyster right? We can do what we want. We can go where we want.”


"IN THE early hours of Saturday morning a rocket blasted off from Japan’s Tanegashima Space Centre carrying Australia’s first mission to the International Space Station.

The midnight lift-off carried experiments designed by 1000 students and is the culmination of an innovative year-long project for Aussie start-up Cuberider...

"Originally Cuberider had hoped to launch in June this year but takeoff has been delayed three times.

“The last delay was because of the SpaceX explosion,” Cunin said.

“We’re bounded by the school year so NASA moved mountains to make sure our launch happened,” she said.

"Projects include tracking temperature and light on board the space station, levels of radiation and whether the conditions would be a suitable environment for endangered species..."

Awwe Bless... crawls back into cave.



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Village People

"An abandoned military village in Germany is getting a new lease of life as a hippy commune fit for the 21st Century.

Patrick Henry Village, near the German city of Heidelberg, was not born to hippy ideals.

In fact, it was opened by the US Army as a military base after World War Two, and was described by those who lived and worked there as a tiny slice of 1950s American transported to Europe.

It was closed in 2013, and since then the German government has pondered what to do with it..."

"... Emissions from wetlands are almost certainly a significant part of this story as well. But so too could be the role played by the chemical reactions that normally remove methane from the atmosphere.

One of the most important of these is the destruction process involving the so-called hydroxyl radical.

The concentration of this chemical species in the atmosphere might also be changing in some way.

According to the ERL editorial, there needs to be a particular push on understanding such methane "sinks"...."

Oh.   I just imagined the Earth as the greatest Star ship (community) ever built and then someone found a plug ... to let some waste of space or gas out ... would it move faster?  Bubbles.

Ah, so ... wot thought did : -?

Pug :-))

Dear Japan ...

Ah, a hydroxyl radical 'moment'. 

Skates on ;-0


Win, whine,  work ...

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Work, Whine, Win ...

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Highways - One Way Systems

"... I have written to my county councillor to express my concerns over this waste of the crew’s time bearing in mind the road is in great need of resurfacing first. It is almost repetitive of a recent situation in the Queen’s Parade area, when road markings for parking bays were painted and then the road was resurfaced to look nice for the Tour de Yorkshire. The crew had to consequently return to paint the bays and lines again..."

Interestingly, the TdY route down St Thomas Street, St Nicholas Street  (into town rather than out of town)  may yet prompt a review of the Town's One Way System....

One quiet day...

Hmmm ....